CDC Admits They Botched The Pandemic

You would think I’d be happy with all these scum coming out and saying we always knew the vaccine wouldn’t stop transmission, we botched the pandemic response, and we have new guidance, like anyone trusts them with anything.

I can say I told you so, but I have been saying that, for literally years now, and at no point do these retards who wore a mask admit they were wrong, in fact they’re still wearing cloth masks, which they already admitted don’t work and never did.

I see these people walking around and I’m thinking, how are you so ignorant? Did they scare you that much with a flu that was literally as bad as the flu, or not as deadly as many other viruses?

When SARS was around in Australia, there was a $110,000 fine for corporations who told people masks worked to stop you getting SARS, because it didn’t, and they knew it didn’t, and it was reported in a major newspaper at the time.

So, they completely destroyed our lives to make things worse than it ever was, not even counting the sudden adult death syndrome. I was saying from the first month they made the biological weapon in the lab, released it on purpose and told you they did, too many times to count, but in a way that won’t ever be enough for ridiculous gullible fools with cognitive dissonance.

I told this to one of these morons and he said I don’t believe that, as if you could just dismiss a fact that was verifiable and proven like that, it takes five seconds to google it, and mainstream enough it appears on the first page.

I’m sick right now, and maybe I have covid, but the flu disappeared to zero deaths in Australia, at the same time as covid increased to the same number flu deaths used to be, which were actually 90% pneumonia deaths, bundled together like they were the same thing, so they pulled this scam before.

It’s the flu, or it might as well be, it went up to more than that after the death shot, and that’s more “covid deaths” plus unexplained deaths, the new largest cause of death, meaning there’s no part of this whole thing that was beneficial in any way whatsoever, except to the elites.

You can try to explain it to these idiots, they tried wearing masks, they enforced wearing masks, they slammed people to the ground and cracked their skulls for not wearing masks, and it didn’t work, it never worked, and they always knew it didn’t.

But it didn’t even have to work, vitamin d was almost 90% effective by itself, but it was mostly just not being 80 years old and about to die anyway that saved you, not being given poison that they also admitted didn’t work, the Remdesivir.

Every single part of this scam has been thoroughly debunked and now they’ve admitted almost all of it was wrong themselves, but it wasn’t just wrong.

It was lies, vicious murderous lies that still persist to this day even after they admitted what we proved in the first year.

It was forcible censorship of the obvious truth which has been proven in almost every case, and I said this to Facebook in an appeal to my latest ban.

I said something like you are murdering people by covering up the truth, you are murderers, and if you keep it up, at some point they have a right to kill you in self defense of humanity.

This is a one in two hundred year catastrophe, according to a life insurance report, and that was not caused by a flu with the same death rate as the flu, working age people were not even dying from covid, they were 80 or obese.

It was largely caused by you Facebook, (among others), you are complicit in covering up what is nearly the worst genocide in the history of the world, or at least this century, the covid vaccine.

Talking about that, the father of the vaccine seems to be getting more popular again because the FBI raided him, as if that’s a logical reason to support him.

Just because the people you hate on one side seem to hate the leader of the other doesn’t mean he didn’t take credit for a one in two hundred year catastrophe and say it saved millions, could have been like the Spanish flu and all that crap.

Has he changed his mind after the CDC admits it botched the pandemic response?

When even the Victorian health minister says the vaccine doesn’t work after three or four shots and the studies clearly show far more people are dying who took it?

I’d like to see that, but it’s too late for me to forgive him. To me, anyone who participated in the tyranny and treason of this evil attack on the world should be executed, including Trump, not that that’s likely to happen.

The pandemic supposedly killed a few million people, but if it even exists they made it and released it on purpose and basically told you they did, many times, but that was an increase in excess deaths by about ten percent, and they were almost all around eighty years old.

I’m not even going to try to calculate how many people were killed from the shot, dropping like flies on the soccer field, healthy young people clutching their chest, but I’m going to say there hasn’t been anything like it since world war two.

It’s got to be millions globally, they admit to about 80,000 adverse events in Australia on the news, (it’s over 130,000 reports on the official government site), but with the disgusting censorship and cover up tactics they often employ for most cases of sudden death in healthy people, we just don’t know.

They don’t admit it’s a vaccine death when they have a heart attack, even when it’s children, so that isn’t part of those numbers, and numbers are just numbers.

It’s more the general theme of betrayal, because it’s very obviously worse than covid, which the same people attacked us with, like I said, they’re psychopaths .

Bill Gates actually bragged he was with underage girls provided by Epstein, as reported in the New York Times. Blackmailed by Mossad or the CIA to do all this stuff, but he’s a psychopath anyway.

Should you forgive anyone who knowingly lied and covered up that kind of atrocity of literally tens of millions dead or injured, even potentially hundreds of millions with some issues, not even counting the issues caused by lockdowns and all that?

It’s kind of retarded to think Trump isn’t one of them, just because he says he isn’t. Does anyone get that? He’s a proven liar. Halfway fooled me for like six months, but he’s one of them, obviously.

Should you vote for the goddamn father of the vaccine who still hasn’t even admitted any wrongdoing in this whole catastrophe, who was best friends with Epstein for fifteen years and said he was a terrific guy?

Well, you know that RINO they’re talking about at the moment, Liz Cheney? She was beaten in Wyoming, and the winner won by 66.33% exactly.

66 and 33, two numbers I’ve been talking about often, that have come up over and over again, which are coding that represents Satanism and Freemasons. Luciferian Freemasons.

One in ten thousand chance it was that number exactly, and I’ve seen it too many times now, it keeps coming up.

I will admit it could be a coincidence, (how likely is that really though), and she appears to be saying the “right” things, like Trump seemed to as well.

But, if it isn’t a coincidence, the election was completely fixed to give that exact number just to rub it in your face, and she’s in the big club.

What that means if true is you can’t vote at all, so there’s no point in having this whole discussion at all, except to put pressure on them, which can actually only be achieved through direct physical threat or blackmail, to compete with who they’re dealing with.

There’s a reason it keeps coming up.

You have to kill them, or threaten to kill them, you can’t vote them out. Even if you could vote, the same interest groups fund both parties, so the only thing left to do is gain the numbers and force to threaten them to do what we say, or else, like they do.

That actually can be achieved with a majority of the population, because the majority possibly includes the armed forces, and guess who has the majority in the covid debate now. It’s a confused bunch still, but they do get the gist of it.

It’s hard to say Trump is the worst of them, but he wouldn’t even be there if he wasn’t a degenerate pedo puppet billionaire, and it’s not funny, they’re completely compromised and mentally ill and messing around with nukes and shit.

The CDC might have switched their position so it’s no longer such a war against their lies, however they put us all through absolute hell that is equivalent to an attack with an actual army, worse than the attack on Iraq, but on every country in the world.

We were right, they were lying, they basically admitted it, and everyone, absolutely everyone should be livid as hell, and seeking revenge, in some cases for the deaths of their children at the hands of these scum.

These evil, psychopathic murdering monsters at the top, and cowardly, willfully ignorant or knowingly complicit order following murderers on the lower levels who did know because we told them, constantly.

It’s an identified hand sign of the Luciferian Freemasons but what you can prove is more than enough to make you worry.

I can try to make my own judgements on who should get the death penalty for these crimes against humanity, but the point is somebody has to judge them, they need to face justice, and if they don’t, it’s only because the human race is weak and pathetic.

Weak and pathetic enough that they will do this all again and know they can get away with it, without ever even needing to fret for a moment that they might die for inflicting this hell on the world.

It’s kind of a personal thing what “the devil” means to you, but there’s also a real secret society that has rules and rituals.

I wonder how the US hasn’t been nuked yet by one of the many nuclear powers, I really do, but it was basically almost every government in the world that was part of this attack on their own people, and they haven’t finished attacking yet.

Next is the climate crisis, social credit scores, eating bugs, cutting off your children’s genitals without your permission, flooding the west with “refugees” and all of that could actually be worse than what we just experienced.

Buy a book or check out the product pages for more.

My instinct was always kill them, kill them all, don’t stop killing them until they’re all dead, because it’s self defense if it’s the right people, because they’re truly evil, and it’s dangerous not to kill them as well.

Not that I ever killed anyone, but if enough people did, then they would be dead, and we could start building back better, without these Satanic scum destroying life on earth as we know it completely.

You can see what their plans are, it’s a foregone conclusion that something has to give somewhere, it’s going to be interesting to see what happens.

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One thought on “CDC Admits They Botched The Pandemic

  1. First, an excellent article, especially the Links to supporting documentation.

    I don’t see the CDC as “admitting” much of anything. What is being said is much more nuanced. At times having to read between the proverbial lines, the message is more along the lines of, “Our mistake was we didn’t go far enough. And we won’t make that mistake next time.”

    I haven’t had the time yet to tear apart corporate media coverage, where the headline says one thing, the content is filled with spin, and the reality is, as The Carpenters sang, “We’ve Only Just Begun”.

    A couple Postings you might find of interest:

    The Fall Campaign To Finish The Job (Or Just The Next Stage)
    (Largely a recap of a Post by Mark Crispin Miller, who I give full credit to)

    The Task Is To Force America Further To Its Knees
    (Puppet Biden’s “Task Force”)

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