Enemies Of The State

So, the UN and the WEF announced a team of over a hundred thousand “information warriors” to combat “misinformation” on social media, on top of what they’re already doing.

So far, we’ve recruited 110,000 information volunteers, and we equip these information volunteers with the kind of knowledge about how misinformation spreads and ask them to serve as kind of ‘digital first-responders’ in those spaces where misinformation travels.”

World Economic Forum
For all I know, the pushback is part of the plan, but if it actually works, they’re dead, and I don’t think they planned on that.

This is on top of the thousands of “journalists” they been training since 2017 in the Facebook journalism project, which is basically the fact checkers, partnered with Poynter International Fact Checking Network.

I’ve mentioned this before, and you probably know, but when it’s George Soros, Google, Facebook, big pharma, Bill Gates and the WEF funding “fact checks” you basically know everything they’re saying is a lie.

They mentioned that they would be fact checking misinformation about a coronavirus that took over the world using Bill Gates funded fact checkers at event 201, the pre planning meeting for the plandemic.

That Twitter account was suspended that had the video on that previous post, but you can find Jane Halton saying it if you look hard enough, they still have the whole meeting up on YouTube and if they took that down, it would look too suspicious.

That’s not the whole story, they been paying billions of dollars to CIA operation Mockingbird media propagandists for decades, and it’s become so obvious, they’re trying to shut down all free speech to control their narrative of bullshit.

There’s one of two things that happened, they attacked the world with biological weapons and let it slip out that they funded the Wuhan lab through Eco Health Alliance.

The same people who took part in the pre planning exercises, which included a similar one for monkey pox, mentioning the exact date the attack would happen.

Or, the virus doesn’t even exist, and a key driver is the media, we need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues, investors will respond if they see profit at the end of the process.

Fake virus, fake test, bought media, penetrating the cabinets, muzzling doctors, one step away from a complete domination of the entire planet, but still relying entirely on the minds of the people, at least until they get their robot army operational.

Simplistic I know, but it’s not about race, it’s about mind control, which is what all religion is anyway, if you didn’t catch on.

I don’t really know which it is, and I don’t know which is worse, an actual attack with a biological weapon, or a simulation of a deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen. That requires even more liars, I guess.

Point is, they did it and they told you they did, and it’s probably a combination of the two things.

Regardless, the response that they admit they planned, was what actually caused the most damage, by far.

You have New Zealand MSM show The Project saying they’re 7 times sicker than before the “pandemic” and in the same breath saying we know what works to stop these pesky viruses, we’ll do what we just did again, and maybe it will be 49 times worse.

Whether it’s the death shot destroying their immune systems, (which it does do), or what they said, their immune systems weren’t primed because they stopped transmission and the flu disappeared for a while, either way, it made them 7 times sicker, and they’re still trying to say it worked.

Trump is one of them, far as I can tell, but he also kind of represents populism and resistance to the new world order, which is good, as long as they don’t count on him to fix it, which he won’t, at all, because he’s controlled opposition. That’s not what this guy is thinking though.

So you have these psychopath murdering scum who enjoy human hunts and drinking the blood of children, doubling down on their evil plot which at least half the people are aware of by now, which they actually admitted was an evil plot before they did it.

I can’t prove all of it, like I can’t prove they’re all Satanists and pedophiles and cannibals, but some of them are, and it might be the Luciferian Freemasons, it might be the Sabbatean Frankists, it might be the CCP, or a combination of all of them in this evil mafia gang.

These bastards already took over the world a long time ago, people just didn’t notice they did or they would have fought back more.

It’s basically about money, they create money out of thin air to loan it out, and it’s a scam, it’s collapsing because it’s mathematically impossible to sustain, but they still have almost all of the money which doesn’t even mean anything unless you agree it does.

They’re thieves and liars, psychopaths and murderers, they’re attacking us like they always attacked everyone in the world, but now people in the West get to see what it’s like to be destroyed, like a large amount of them still support doing in foreign wars.

Wars for oil profits, weapons profits, heroin profits, and all these self righteous mind controlled idiots pretending to be heroes. You’re not heroes, kill the scum, kill the bankers you morons, or it will never end, and America will be next, it already is.

Saying I served in Iraq or Afghanistan, like that makes you a hero when it killed millions to give trillions to Jewish banking cartels who just attacked the whole world and are now trying to collapse the West after sucking it dry, mostly from that exact thing, the endless wars.

You brainwashed fools, you idiotic order following pieces of crap. You child killing scum. You are who the blame really falls on, the people who swallowed the propaganda and failed to think about it for even a second, even now.

I get that most of these army people are kids, some only in their teens, but they need to wake up, because if they don’t, they will be used to implement the new world order plan, which looks worse than the sci fi dystopia of 1984.

They’re a few steps removed from the mass murder, but if you want to know who’s doing it, you only need to follow the money.

It looks worse than that right now, they are just controlling the propaganda, hiding the truth, fact checking the obvious, and those are the kind of people who follow orders to kill innocent people, like the Milgram experiment showed.

OK, follow this order from the people, kill the goddamn bankers, don’t kill for them, they killed a hundred million people easy, the Rothschilds and all their friends at the top.

They’re a foreign enemy, no allegiance to anyone but themselves, a national security threat and the politicians are all controlled by them. Blackmailed, bribed, and threatened with death.

If anyone has bought any of these things, let me know because I think eBay is trying to scam me. 200 clicks, no sales. What’s up with that?

They hate you with a religious fervor, maybe because they’re Jewish (or actually Satanists), and you’re Christian, or because the US helped cause the collapse of the British empire, or because they tried to escape from the clutches of the central banking system and did, briefly, or they’re just ruthless and evil.

That was the reason why the USA managed to be so successful, and then they got captured again, shot guys like JFK in the head for trying to expose the global conspiracy, and these parasites sucked it dry, and it’s already basically too late, unless you wake up and kill them and take it back.

I realize that if they don’t all do it at the same time, it will just be used as more propaganda to crack down harder on domestic terrorists, but a majority aren’t swallowing the propaganda anymore, and when they lose people’s minds, they lose everything.

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