Will Trump Get Blamed For The Vaccine Failure?

It’s not like I think it was Trump who planned this whole thing, but he does take credit for it, to the point that nobody else in the world took as much credit for it as he did.

You can’t really argue that, you can try to say he was lied to, like most people were, and most of them fell for it, but most of his own supporters booed him when he talks about the vaccine and he tries to say it’s a very tiny group over there.

I’m in over a hundred different groups on different alternative social media sites and I see an endless stream of deaths and injuries and anger about the vaccines, and for some insane reason, an almost religious support for the father of the vaccine, in those same groups.

Biden is worse, so you have to support Trump, even though both of them are corporate criminal puppets accused of all sorts of corruption, and so freaking old it’s lucky they can even walk.

I been telling people the US government is evil, skull and bones, brotherhood of death, headquarters called the tomb, the order, the new world order, and all of that for years.

I been saying you have to kill them, because you can’t vote them out, and it’s going to destroy you if they just keep doing what they have been doing, and nobody listened, but they’re starting to work it out now.

I can point out that their foreign policy is actually worse than that of China, and their domestic policy is starting to look like China, but they got caught in this two party illusion where that’s only ever the other side’s fault.

The streets are full of homeless people and crime, it’s already clear they’ve destroyed America, and it’s fallen, it’s not going to happen, it already happened.

The corruption is so bad, you pretty much need a revolution, and most people don’t want to hear that, because it’s too hard.

Things are hard, you need to hear certain things, and some of them might be hard to swallow and require hard work, an uphill battle, perhaps an actual war.

For example, I been thinking recently about the root cause of where all these problems seemed to come from, other than the obvious blame the government deserves.

You can look at statistics, and most of the crime and poverty, (other than high end government and corporate crime), seems to come from broken homes.

Single parents in poor neighborhoods, which is also related to being single in a world that now has many two income households and matching rent and cost of living.

People aren’t getting married as much as they used to, and why is that? They threw out no sex before marriage and marriage for life as a religious idea that they used to stick to fairly hard in virtually all cultures, all through history, not that you should mandate it again, just saying.

They started doing that when they raised the age of consent to the point that almost everyone was having sex years before they were even allowed to get married, which was increasingly expensive with all the hype for diamond rings and big cakes and all that.

Wages fell dramatically for the average worker, and marriage was hard work before feminism made it harder, so marriage rates fell and divorce rates rose, and that had real consequences if you look at the stats.

But if I say raising the age of consent actually caused of all these problems in society, because they didn’t account for marriage decline, feminism is cancer, and a eugenics program, from the same people who trained Hitler, nobody will listen even though it’s a fairly true statement.

They’ll say I’m a pedophile for even suggesting it even though I’m not even looking for a one night stand anymore and that concept based on that age of the early teens is simply an invention that wasn’t really there before that time when they were forcibly sterilizing 150,000 people a year in the USA.

It wasn’t a coincidence, they would take people they deemed feeble minded and forcibly sterilize them, or kill them, in America, just like Hitler was doing, and you could argue they were starving in the depression, but it was a very harsh approach, clearly.

I’m just trying to explain why society seems to be falling apart, because the family was the foundation of society, and it’s actively being destroyed by both sides of politics, from different angles, by people who think they’re helping.

You can lead them down the chain of causality, show that it was in fact eugenicists who came up with that idea, at about the same time as feminism, it was part of the eugenics movement, obvious population control, but because of the intense propaganda, because there’s always girls and women who get raped, they can’t accept it.

It’s wrong because it’s wrong, because that’s the cultural norm of today, and it would be hurting “children” to go back to the way they always did things in all cultures all through history which was to marry when they had gone through puberty to a slightly older man with a job and a home.

You really have to wonder if it’s working if you constantly have to threaten people with death, it’s like something out of the dark ages.

Even though this society is obviously falling apart and beyond the pale and it’s one of the main things you’re complaining about, because they couldn’t stop it anyway, they just made it worse, or made it seem worse.

Even if they changed the law back, even if they got preachers to tell parents to teach their kids to get married for life in their teens again, the change they made is so ingrained in our minds, it will never go away, and they probably wouldn’t let that happen, they’d just dismiss the problems I mentioned completely.

That’s kind of what happened with vaccines, they told people they saved kids from death, and it’s entirely possible and probable they are responsible for making them much sicker than they would have been if they didn’t take them, most of the time, not just for this one.

They don’t look for the increased rate of SIDS, autism, cancer, immune disorders, etc, they don’t listen to studies that show a five or ten times higher infant mortality rate for vaccines like DTP.

Like I said, you have to kill them, they’re just going to keep doing the same thing, possibly even worse and until they see consequences, they won’t stop, because they’re criminals.

They only look to see if they got the illness, and if they didn’t, case closed, problem solved, trillions of dollars made, despite the higher rate of death in the studies, and you can’t even refuse it, or they’ll try to take your kids away from you, or not let them go to school anyway.

This at a time when vaccine derived polio is back in the West again, and even smallpox seems like it could be unleashed by these terrorist bastards, like Bill Gates was warning about, like he warned you about covid in the pre planning meeting.

They could have eradicated it, with the more expensive injection, but if they did that, they couldn’t sell the cheaper oral polio vaccine that gives you polio, for half a century and beyond.

This is the problem with the herd mentality. The herd are blithering idiots who can’t see their nose in front of their face, you could tell them the moon was made out of cheese and they’d believe it and even when people see the problem, they don’t ever really do anything about it.

Even with many of my own readers, they can’t see incredibly obvious things like the shot didn’t work, everyone admits it didn’t work, and Trump won’t admit it because he’s a pig headed narcissistic arrogant bastard who takes credit for rushing it through the already inadequate safety protocols.

You still have a situation where the Bin Laden family can own shares in US weapons corporations, along with the Bush family who were in charge of the decision to go to war.

Anyone in the world can own shares in it, and they all profit from the endless war that killed millions to give trillions to these foreign investors, and what comes out of most people’s mouths is you have to support the troops.

Euthanasia is now the sixth leading cause of death in Canada, and the leading cause is unknown cause of death or vaccine injury, and many of the other things like heart disease could also be blamed on the shot. I’m hearing as many as 16 doctors took the covid vaccine and dropped dead in Canada alone which isn’t counting degenerative conditions like myocarditis. I’d say it’s clear they’re almost at the same point they were at before world war two with the Malthusian eugenics programs.

Support the troops in another manufactured war that isn’t even helping the USA, but bankrupting it, isn’t even killing an enemy that’s a threat, isn’t gaining resources that you couldn’t buy for a much lower price than the cost of the war, and all you can say is support the troops and tell them they’re heroes?

No, you should tell them the truth, tell them that they’re going to make up a large percentage of the homeless on the streets, they’re going to be told they should be euthanized for PTSD after they took part in bankrupting the country to murder people for a bunch of scum.

You have to tell the truth, no matter what people think about it, no matter what the propaganda on one side or the other is telling you to say.

Even if they’re threatening you with death, you have to tell the truth, because if you’re not living in reality, you’re living a very dangerous manufactured lie.

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One thought on “Will Trump Get Blamed For The Vaccine Failure?

  1. In ten years when all the vaxed Woketopians have gone to the big N95 mask in the sky, the remnants will marvel at how big DJT’s 🍒s had to be to push the vax and know the left would literally extinct themselves to prove how much they hated America.

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