Did They Fake The Moon Landing?

This video by JP Sears lays out some of the evidence.

For most of my life, it seemed like a crazy conspiracy theory, and then I saw a few things that made me realize they faked the moon landing, definitely.

They said multiple times they couldn’t make it past the Van Allen belt, a high radiation zone just above the earth’s atmosphere.

Buzz Aldrin basically came out and said it himself, we didn’t go there, not a bad lie, he said it on two different occasions.

There’s multiple other technical things that people have studied for years, but you either believe NASA, or you believe that they lied, and it’s obvious they did in my opinion.

I can’t even be bothered going into it more than that, they are launching a rocket to the moon now that will have fake people in it with sensors to track how well humans would do if they made it that far.

They would have died if they did it at the time, (or they’re still saying it’s a problem), and they didn’t lose the technology, they didn’t erase the original tapes.

People tried to tell me that interview was a hoax, but it’s pretty easy to say that, and my inclination is always to believe the government are liars, because they usually are.

They just lied, and Stanley Kubrick admitted he filmed the moon landing for NASA if that’s a legit video.

It’s like how they lie to start wars that don’t do anything for anyone, except make corporations extremely rich by sucking money out of the government.

They try to say it’s for the economy, war is an essential part of the economy, but as this shows, they could just fly a rocket ship to nowhere and it would have a similar effect, without killing millions of people to steal their resources.

Obviously they can go into space, into low earth orbit, but high earth orbit has issues, because of the radiation, and they’ve said they’re working on it, meaning they haven’t worked it out yet.

This is the scale of the lying machine of the media that told you almost everything you know. Almost everything you think you know is a lie and they will kill to protect some of their lies.

I would say about half of everything is a lie, or extremely skewed towards one point of view, and it goes really deep.

I don’t like to attack people for believing stupid stuff, but when I was five, and they told me the story of Adam and Eve, I was like that’s not literally true, it can’t be. Santa Claus isn’t real, and neither is the tooth fairy.

I can try to debate that with Christians, Jews, Muslims, or Hindus all day long, but it almost seems cruel to try to debunk people’s religion even though it’s not a scientific debate about facts, obviously.

I came to my own understanding of God, I don’t necessarily debunk the idea of a creator, but the bulk of all religious texts is myth and legend, and the people at the top of all these cults are liars and thieves, almost certainly.

The reason I can’t debunk it completely is I call the universe God, because it’s eternal energy and it definitely “created” everything whether it knew what it was doing or not and many intelligent people have expressed that view.

There’s some good advice in there, like one of the best ideas was get married, and stay married, raise a family, and they just threw that part out because it didn’t make them feel good or something.

There’s zombies walking the streets, in large part due to these changes, and these religious people will tell you that they’re following the word of God, when there is none, and they’re not following it anyway.

The manipulation of minds is so insidious, so extensive, I’ve almost given up trying to do anything about it. I think we’re basically screwed.

People are waking up, and to some extent you can’t fool people if they see it coming. If they know they’re proven liars, many won’t fall for it again, but they still got money as a weapon, and many other serious weapons.

I think people are generally good, or they think they’re good, they try to be good, and so long as they’re not completely retarded that might save the day, but to be honest, they’re completely retarded as a majority and that’s what these con artists count on.

The fact most people will still believe the moon landing story when they literally told you themselves they still can’t get past the Van Allen belt and didn’t land on the moon is just further proof of that.

Sorry for going off on a tangent, but statism is a cult, the people who saw the same things I saw and believe they didn’t fake the moon landing, didn’t attack the world with biological weapons, that society is functioning properly as it is anyway, are mind controlled zombies, one way or the other.

They been brainwashed and indoctrinated from birth with a whole bunch of ideas that you aren’t allowed to question, even though they make no sense, and it’s virtually all of it.

With the amount of money they spent on this Artemis moon project, 93 billion, (if they’re even going there), they could end homelessness in the USA four or five times over, and that would be much better than spending money on anything else.

They mostly spend money that they print out of thin air, theft on top of robbery, the money goes to the corporations regardless, and the streets would be cleared of tent people if they spent it on houses.

It would help the environment, help poor people, reduce crime, but it doesn’t seem like they’re trying to help, if anything they’re trying to destroy everything and kill everyone and few understand just how evil they really are.

The kind of arguments against that is people would get jealous and say why are you giving them money for free, they aren’t working for it, I pay my taxes and you just give it away to freeloaders.

Yeah, that’s what always happens anyway, the elites are freeloaders, they print money and give it to themselves, trillions, not billions, and then they pay other people to work.

You pay your taxes, they give it to themselves based on lies, and you can either push to send a rocket to the moon that might not even be going there at all, or you can push for ending homelessness because it’s dangerous if you don’t.

It makes no difference to these corporations one way or another, it’s better for them to have ongoing income straight from the government, and sure it’s possible that system might be abused, by citizens and by the government.

Everyone might want free rent, but maybe everyone deserves food, water and shelter because in the past, they could just take it for free and build their own house from trees that nobody owned.

Buy some canned food or check out the prepping page for more.

They’re trying to take everything, and we basically have to take it back from them, and that could lead to war, but it’s already endless war. They’re not just liars, they’re psychopath criminals killing millions as we speak.

My opinion is still that we have to kill them, because I’ve tried to think of anything else that might work, and even that doesn’t seem to be one of the things that would.

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