The Confusion Of The New Age

When I first started watching Brendon O’Connell’s videos, it was a bit of a shock, it didn’t sound like what the rest were saying.

He said most of the people I’d been watching like Alex Jones were shills and controlled opposition, and laid out a ton of information that made it seem like he knew what he was talking about.

Then I saw more stuff that seemed to confirm it by people like Hugo Talks who pointed out the new age Freemasonic themes coming up in so called “alternative media” videos, along with open support of Zionism, so it was hard to deny, even though I really didn’t want to believe it.

Pyramid in the “star of David” which kind of speaks for itself. It’s creepy, because it sounds like a cult, they’re mostly talking about vaccines and conspiracy theories, but it sounds exactly like a weird new age cult and that becomes evident the more you look into it. Possibly the same UN who declared war on conspiracy theories.

The other problem I had when I looked into what they believe is it was actually similar to what I believe, and I was wondering where I got it from, but I guess I was listening to too much modern music or something.

Del Bigtree had some of his family on the show, and it turns out they’re all in the same new age church, and they believe that Jesus wasn’t the only Christ, but that everyone has the ability to develop their own Christ nature.

Which is kind of like Buddha nature, but which is very similar to the new age philosophy of the new world order, and freemasonry, minus a few other things.

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Parallels to the Theosophical society, Helena Blavatsky, which is heavily connected to Luciferian Freemason philosophy, same cult as Lucius Trust who work with the UN doing weird rituals, and when you look deeply into it, they basically worship Lucifer.

It sounds ridiculous, and it is in fact ridiculous if you believe all of these weird ideas, but the reason I found it interesting years ago was the pantheist nature of it, the Satanical viewpoint is I am God.

God is the universe, eternal energy, therefore anyone or anything can be “gods” and it isn’t a new idea, it goes back to Hinduism and Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, all kinds of isms, but it’s the “cosmic religion” that Einstein was talking about.

All things are one, therefore there’s no separation between God and man, it’s all the same thing, or that’s the general idea anyway.

Stalin was a Freemason, did the hidden hand, it was Jews who were behind the Russian revolution, but they’re not the type of Jews most people imagine when they think of Jews. Hard to say religion is the opiate of the masses if you’re all that religious.

I was drawn to these Eastern philosophies because I couldn’t believe in the literal truth of the bible, and it was basically the only thing I could believe in, but it didn’t really achieve much, so I kind of forgot about it.

However, when you look into it a bit further, some of these people believe in angels, demons, astrology, numerology, psychics, and all sorts of weird magical nonsense.

Satanism means opposition to Christianity, which really depends on whether you think that whole Jewish tradition was actually evil from the start as to whether you think it’s good or bad. I don’t believe in the devil, or God, in the way it’s described. I really just try my best not to be in any sort of cult.

I guess it has a long history, and it didn’t just come out of nowhere, but when you get right down to it, they’re potentially as mad as any cult, and potentially far worse, because they are literally Satanists, regardless of how they spin it.

I called myself a Satanist at one point, but the version I believed in was very basic, and without any of the supernatural mumbo jumbo, it was more like Zen Buddhism what I believed, and I guess I still believe it, but there’s not much to it.

Bit hard to see this as a protest to the Vietnam war.

I’ve since realized I was half indoctrinated into a cult without even knowing that I was, through subliminal messages or things my favorite rock stars had been talking about, I think it was when I was into the Beatles or something.

Are The Beatles Satanists? Well they do the hand signs, it’s hard to say for sure, but the Rolling Stones used to hang out with Anton La Vey, I saw Mick Jagger with one of those red strings around his wrist which represents studying the Kabbalah, it’s all very strange and secretive.

From Think about a polio vaccine or a vaccination against whooping cough or any other dreaded disease. When you receive an inoculation against a particular illness, a weakened strain of the actual disease is integrated into the vaccine. Spiritual immunizations work in much the same way. The color red injected into the wool string is a diluted strain of negative energy. Thus, it vaccinates you from the destructive negative forces of the Evil Eye.

The thing is, it doesn’t matter what you think about their weird cult, it’s what they think about it, and due to the secrecy, I don’t even know what they think about it, and it’s potentially anything really.

I knew I was seeing various signs of the illuminati or something, it’s a lot bigger than people think, but very hard to put your finger on where it starts, and where it ends, because it’s thoroughly saturated popular culture through things like music.

There was a time when fighting against the power of the church was very important, like there was a time when fighting for the rights of women and minorities was important, but there’s also a time when it became a method of gaining power for elites through division and hate, and it’s like a war that never ends, and I don’t even want to take sides, I don’t want to be right or left, Christian or Satanist, I just want freedom and peace.

I was doing it myself, making music videos repeating the things I’d seen, and people have actually commented that I should stop doing it, because it’s a weird creepy cult and part of a general change in society that had terrible consequences.

I basically agree, but I’m kind of torn, because it’s so much a part of who I am and what I was raised to believe, I don’t think I can be a different person.

On the one hand, I don’t want to be a part of Satanism or radical liberal new age woke idiocy, but I also can’t see myself as part of fundamentalist Christian traditionalism, so to me, you don’t need a one world religion, or any religion at all.

Religion is stupid, and so is politics, and that’s why people used to try to avoid talking about it at dinner parties. The problem is, there’s always people trying to ram their beliefs down your throat, whatever they are.

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