The Destruction Of Democracy

Trump was there because he was bought and blackmailed by the Rothschilds, they bailed him out of bankruptcy. He was used to pacify the most fervent opposition while they started the communist takeover with lockdowns, censorship, mandatory vaccines, and all of that. The trick was to say he was fighting the deep state, and people are still waiting for him to do it.

I’ve always had the position that I’m not a Republican, and I’m not a Democrat either.

I’m not even in America and I don’t really believe you can vote anyway, or it makes far less difference than people think.

The thing is, whether it was an illusion that you could vote the scum out, that was the only thing that made it acceptable to the majority of people.

They killed millions of people saying they were bringing democracy and freedom to Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, Libya, Yemen, Ukraine, etc, and they didn’t.

They just destroyed those countries to steal resources from them, and from taxpayers at the same time because even if they don’t ever pay off the national debt, just printing the money made your money worth less and wages have been falling for decades.

It is my opinion you are blind if you don’t see they’re all the same people, funded by the same people, even all around the world.

People are realizing that now, they’re realizing that it didn’t even help America, it helped psychopathic banking cartels that now want to further destroy the living standards of the West to further cement their own power and wealth.

They want to take away freedom of speech, the ability to provide for a family, the ability to travel, privacy, democracy, bodily autonomy and even our lives.

They just attacked the whole world with biological and chemical weapons.

I will admit I have been saying you have to kill them all, but I’ve been saying that for over a decade, and I don’t think you should try that without a good plan, you probably need some drones or something, but it’s a reasonable response to mass genocide of the entire world.

It’s probably more dependent on the armed forces refusing to follow orders or doing a coup against the small number of evil men at the top because they also see all the things I’m talking about.

They are seeing it, a majority of people, and they may still be caught in the two party illusion, they might think Trump will drain the swamp, even as he pushes big pharma products while his own supporters boo him.

They might be on the other side, thinking it’s the evil right wingers who are the fascists, against equal rights for minorities and poor people, however everyone sees that there is a big problem and somebody is to blame.

If they direct their righteous anger at the top, even above the politicians, that could actually achieve a result, but it won’t work if people are divided into two groups fighting each other, and that’s the entire purpose of “democracy”, to divide and conquer.

That’s what the propaganda of division is all about, and it happens on both sides, and I don’t even blame them because it’s gotten so bad, but to take down the evil scum doing all of this, you have to try to focus on the real bad guys.

It’s funny that they call Trump supporters Nazis when the entire US government literally voted for funding literal Nazis save for as many people as you could count on one hand, and it was Republicans in the so called fascist MAGA movement.

Sure, it’s bad that there are leftist freaks trying to groom your kids to be gay or trans, or to try to have sex with them, it’s bad that they’re burning down cities and all that, but these ideologies didn’t just happen, it was planned and funded.

Some of it was always there, but the reason it’s become a major thing is the media, owned by the corporations, owned by the bankers are pushing it, to try to start a civil war, between these two sides of the people, rather than the people against them.

I was left wing, I was calling myself democratic socialist, even calling myself a Satanist, (I used to play in a metal band), just a few years ago, and I saw through this evil crap almost immediately.

I used to say things like Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, are the happiest countries in the world, and maybe they still are, but any version of socialism only works if the people running your country aren’t mass murdering psychopaths trying to kill and enslave you.

It’s good to share and help people, but the establishment in America in particular are monsters beyond comprehension, you have to get rid of them completely, and then you can try to give people free health care.

I briefly fell for Bernie Sander’s rhetoric, and even more briefly for Trump’s rhetoric, because you have to say you’re fighting the evil rich to have any popularity among regular people, it’s like fighting the evil dead, but the truth is, they’re not, and they just lied.

It is the partisan nature of politics that makes people blame it on the other side, but if they stopped blaming the other side and blamed the individuals and held them personally accountable for their actions, they could join together and win this war, and it is a war.

The fact is, people have woken up and seen through the whole idea of democracy. They can see who is getting dramatically poorer to facilitate the upward transfer of wealth, and when there’s only a few thousand billionaires at the top, it’s actually very easy to win that war if you have the numbers and a little help from within.

You might not share anything in common with the “other side” of politics, but if you pay attention to what they’re angry about, it’s pretty much the same sorts of things, and they been lied to by the media, but we’re all starting to understand that.

This speech by Biden shows you that they’re trying to demonize the people, on one side of politics, but who are as a majority just normal family type of people who are as upset about tyrannical psychopaths as the other side are, but they don’t get there’s only one side.

If you listen to what Antifa people are often saying, it’s that they’re fed up, they hate the system, they might even be aware that it’s both sides of the government, but the mistake they make is taking out their anger on the people, not the elites.

While I actually agree there are too many people in the world, that doesn’t help your argument for why we should keep people like you around, does it, you transhumanist eugenicist psychopath? You elitist totalitarian murdering communist Satanist scum? The reason to kill these people isn’t that you disagree with them, it’s that governments killed about half a billion of their own people last century through wars they started, and direct genocide.

It is partially the fault of the people for believing the propaganda on either side, and they should have taken action a long time ago before it got this bad, but if both sides directed their anger upwards, not at each other, it is possible you could cut the head off the snake.

Any amount of civil war between Antifa and MAGA citizens isn’t going to achieve anything at all, and it might cause a further crackdown if you start killing the real culprits, but I see no other way to end this war.

There are many people saying they’re baiting you to start something so they can crack down harder, but how much harder could they crack down on people without causing more people to fight against them, including in the armed forces?

It’s not so much communism versus capitalism, it’s power mad psychopaths versus the people. It was literally the same bankers responsible for all of it, the whole damn thing.

They took January 6th as a reason to call half of America domestic terrorists, and used it as a justification to censor everyone and even threaten citizens with F15s and nukes if they rose up in revolution, and they planned the whole thing with their FBI and psy op alternative media.

The thing is, it’s actually a majority, even on both sides who know that a revolution needs to happen, and it’s a growing number.

They can threaten people with F15s but what happens if the pilots are fighting for the people because none of them fell for this crap?

It needs to happen because somewhere at the top, there’s a bunch of evil psychopathic monsters who are killing us all by the millions right now, regardless of whether we fight back, or not.

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