Two Wings Of The Same Bird

I kind of got attacked a bit recently for posting a short clip of Trump appearing to say he wanted more internet censorship, and that we need to listen to Bill Gates because he really understands what’s happening.

Somebody said they saw the whole speech and it was taken out of context, and maybe it was.

However I can’t see how he didn’t say what he said, and it it’s just another of many things that make me doubt that he’s on the side of the people.

Anyone remember those signs on the other 32 uses of the defense production act? It’s Freemason symbology, and they won’t even tell you that’s what they are, because they’re liars.

Russell Brand for example does those same hand signs very obviously, his latest video has him wearing a shirt with 33 embroidered on it, which obviously looks very suspicious considering how many other times he flashes those symbols, even while appearing to say all the “right” things.

Controlled opposition doesn’t even begin to describe the depth of the deception, if it’s as bad as I think it is, because it becomes clear you can’t trust anyone, even if you know them personally.

Yet another WEF globalist piece of scum to kill, if you possibly can.

I’ve mentioned the hand signs before, and by itself you could write it off as a coincidence, but like all US politicians Trump pledges 100% support for Israel, because it’s the Jewish bankers who own practically everything in the world.

They’re the Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs, Blackrock, Vanguard, they own the media, big pharma, the military industrial complex, the governments, and apparently they bailed Trump out of bankruptcy, so they kind of own him.

That’s not to single him out, he is just one of many, because like I said, they own a majority share in just about everything important in the world, and they can rewrite history to suit their agenda, they make and break countries for going against them.

All the US presidents except one can be traced back to an English king, they’re all blood relatives, fairly closely related and sharing an elite philosophy that can only be described as Satanism. Not the trendy hippy version of Satanism, the kind where they sacrifice children to Moloch and kill millions, and if you thought it wasn’t like that back in the old days, does anyone remember slavery?

This is however dependent on the people going along with it, it’s mostly dependent on the money that they print out of thin air, and if you knew half the things they did and do, you’d be demanding they be executed along with all their puppets.

What I’m saying is not that you should vote for Biden instead, or even DeSantis, although he does say better things on paper, it’s that the entire system has to be overhauled and it looks like there’s going to be war, whether we choose it or not.

The deliberate destruction of family, prosperity, health, freedom and democracy has never been more obvious than it is now, and it didn’t just start happening, living standards have been falling in the west for many decades.

An average wage used to give you enough to buy a house, and raise a family on that one income, it used to be enough, and now it isn’t for most people, and it’s not hard to see who stole that money, and how they did it.

They’re doing it in Europe as well, massively raising the cost of energy bills while blaming Putin, for the sanctions they imposed, which hurt them, not Russia, in fact the ruble has had more growth than any other currency this year due to the higher oil prices.

You have the German foreign minister saying she will stand with Ukraine, no matter what her voters think, as they’re told they need to turn off the traffic lights at night and take cold showers, while it did absolutely nothing to help win the war, she should be executed for treason.

The effect it will have if this kind of thing continues is the same as what they have been doing already, but the largest upward transfer of wealth in history, reducing the masses to poverty stricken peasants, the end of abundance as Macron put it.

What happens when you put citizens under massive financial pressure while treating them like dirt?

Well, either they kill the government, or the government kills them, because they usually don’t put up with it for long, they can’t if there’s no food.

It’s hard to imagine the world can survive the kind of attacks these bastards are hitting us with, although like I said, the people actually doing it are a tiny minority, but in powerful positions.

It wasn’t that many times in history the people actually managed to kill the government, because of the armed forces, who have to actually turn on their evil masters in order for a revolution to succeed, in most cases, depending on how the war is fought.

It takes a lot for an army to mutiny because they’re usually fed a lot of propaganda about serving their country and being loyal and following orders without question, as though they didn’t know who was giving the orders.

It helps if you have a majority of the people on your side who oppose the scum, but most of them simply aren’t capable of fighting in a war, at least not yet. It needs to be a majority of the armed forces, otherwise it’s going to be nasty.

It is this mind control in particular that needs to be broken, and things like Biden calling the opposition party extremists who threaten democracy, while placing marines behind him as though he was about to use them to attack half the country, that actually helps.

I don’t think the army realizes that they’re always being used in a way that only helps the 1% at the expense of the majority of people in the USA, as well as at the expense of any country they invade.

Maybe if they realized that they been lied to and risked their lives and had their limbs blown off to help destroy America, not to serve it’s interests, maybe they might switch on them, but that brainwashing is powerful.

It’s hard to say where you should draw a line as to who is directly responsible for all of this devastation, but if you follow orders to kill, even indirectly, you are a murderer and self defense is warranted.

I understand that war is hell, that if they did manage to start a violent revolution with different factions of left against right, black against white, or preferably the people against the elite ruling class of parasites, it would probably be terrible, like it is in any war.

The thing is, it’s already terrible, it’s more dangerous in some American cities than it is in places like Kabul, it’s approaching some of the most dangerous places on earth as it is.

If the trend continues, if the uprisings in places like Sri Lanka come to the West, there will be war, but the important thing is that people know who is attacking them, and who they should be fighting against and stay focused on that.

It’s actually possible to live on a vegan diet, if you get enough protein and vitamins, but they’re trying to force you to eat bugs because they’re psychopaths, they’re evil, and they like to dominate and torture people. Nobody likes eating bugs.

I don’t really believe there’s any legitimate reason for why they’re attacking the food supply, attacking freedom and democracy, trying to cut the balls off children, and attacking the world with biological and chemical weapons.

I can see that there is a lot of people in the world, there might be some limits on resources, we might need to stop wasting food, like half of it is just thrown out, and we could move towards more sustainable practices, there’s logic to that.

However, they’re obviously lying through their teeth, it was those elite criminals who caused all of these problems in their ruthless pursuit of wealth, and if anyone needs to die, it’s them first, but it won’t be them first, unless people make it happen.

Totally manufactured war, like all the rest of them were, they’re indiscriminately blowing the limbs off the children in their own country with petal mines. Another bunch of corrupt scum in that government who seriously need to die.

The obstacles to that happening are having an almost religious support for your political party and hatred for the other side, because that causes you to defend them as if they weren’t guilty of the exact same things as the other side.

Another is patriotism, and the almost religious brainwashing of serving your country without question, by following orders from criminal Satanist scum who call themselves the brotherhood of death, murdering millions while claiming to be a good Christian.

Religion, patriotism, partisanship, the divine right of kings, zionism, political correctness and trusting “the science” are just some of the methods they use to control the minds of the masses, and they’ve been doing it a long time, and it’s very hard to break that hold they have.

The good news is, if things get much worse, people will reach a breaking point at some stage, and they pretty much know who is to blame.

The WEF and the bankers take credit for the great reset, they brag about their global influence, and people already hate them as a majority, if they even heard about them yet, so they’re walking on thin ice.

Like I said, they killed half a billion people last century, and yes it was them, they were behind all the wars in the world, and all the genocide, pretty much, and if we can’t recognize that and meet the challenge of ridding the world of their murderous evil, we’re all toast.

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