Will Poverty Cause A Revolution?

On this episode of the High Wire there was another discussion with Professor Desmet about the psychology of mass formation and resistance, and I found it entertaining, but I’m not entirely sure I agree.

With the massive cost increase and limits on energy bills and people’s growing understanding that sanctions didn’t hurt Putin or Russia barely at all, nor did they even need to, I think it’s a majority in the West who are now very upset with the government, and for many reasons.

It’s not one particular government, it’s practically all of them, particularly in Europe, the UK and the USA, because that’s where they’re starting to see real pain which was predicted was coming before they caused it.

It’s not about climate change either, I just saw a guy who makes carbon neutral gas out of carbon molecules he sucked out of the air that burns without modification in regular cars and costs the same as regular gas to produce.

So, they’ve already worked out a way to solve that problem, there are no shortages of hydrocarbons, there may be other issues with overpopulation and resource use, and pollution in particular, but it’s mostly caused by the elites, and this is just to cement their power and wealth.

When many people heard the phrase you will own nothing and be happy, they didn’t really imagine a situation as bad or worse than Mao’s Great Leap Forward, because of normalcy bias, but that is what they meant and we can already see it.

They want to turn the world into China so that they have absolute power over every aspect of everything, because they’re psychopath control freaks who want communism, but communism where everyone owns nothing except them.

That was China’s version of communism, the pigs from Animal Farm, although it wasn’t the original idea of workers from the world unite and we’ll just share everything, that’s just how it was sold.

I believe workers from the world need to unite, against the pigs, because it’s entirely clear they’re attacking us on purpose, taking away our rights, our businesses, our resources, our money, our freedom, and lying through their teeth about the reasons for it.

I wouldn’t mind if they came to the public and said we got a pollution problem, the Atrazine is getting into the water and turning the frogs gay and that might turn the birds gay, and the fish, and it will destroy all life on earth.

That is happening to some degree, and maybe it’s pthalates in plastics which also turn up in oceans and fish which are also absorbed in our bodies, turning as many as a fifth of young people transgender, or at least believing they are now in some places.

The good news about the media is nobody trusts them anymore, barely anyone watches them anymore, or the top rated shows are Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson, who are saying some good things.

What you should do in that situation is ban toxic products which poison us, phase out the ones that couldn’t be banned immediately, and subsidize the cost if necessary through government to make sure we’re not going to be poisoned to death as a species.

Consumers would pay more anyway to avoid being poisoned, but they’re not even focusing on that at all, they’re worrying about far less serious environmental concerns with the main one, Co2, already having many solutions that could be implemented immediately.

These people shoot presidents in the head, but the thing about that is, it only took one guy with a gun to shoot the president, regardless of who it was and why they did it.

It’s also not even a problem anyway, far as I can tell, so people see through the lies, they see that this is an attack, and if enough of them see how bad the attack really is, they may rise up in revolution.

Mattias Desmet makes some points like if we rose up to fight them now with conventional weapons, in a conventional way, we’d get crushed, assuming that the armed forces would do that to their own people.

If you ask me, these guys should be scared, because somebody always knows where they are or where they’re going to be, and it isn’t just civilians who don’t like them. The elites are annoying damn near everybody and that’s only getting worse.

He also made the point that if we didn’t change our mindset substantially, someone else would just take their place and do the same thing again, ruthlessly seeking profits and power at the expense of the public.

This is true, the capitalist system as it is has brutality written into it’s framework, competition causes suffering because the bottom line is the main objective and the regulatory agencies have been captured and can be captured again.

There was a time when the kind of corruption we’re seeing would get you kicked out immediately, impeached or forced to resign, even sent to jail, but now it’s just openly criminal.

It’s always been my view that we need some competition to give incentives to do a better job than the other guy, but once you have a monopoly, that’s nothing but evil greed and it has to have limitations.

The monopoly the investment firms like Blackrock and Vanguard have is such that there’s no point making the argument they don’t already have that monopoly, and it’s such a monopoly, it has to be broken, perhaps by force.

The government should limit their profits, force them to adhere to strict regulations that protect the public, but the government is simply one arm of the corporations whose job it is to suck money out of the public and give it to the monopoly.

What Trump did can only be considered slightly better than other US presidents on some issues and worse on others. You shouldn’t be comparing him to Biden, you shouldn’t be making excuses for a long list of failures, you should demand better or get rid of him and there are other options, including brute force.

That shouldn’t be the way it works, they’re meant to be representatives of the people, they’re meant to be working for us, but they’re not, and they won’t be, unless there’s a revolution or unless they fear us more than the elites.

It’s moving too fast in my opinion for getting active in politics to have a sufficient effect, and the damage they are causing on purpose right now is so bad I believe people will eventually realize they have to kill them, or jail them, or we will be utterly destroyed.

As far as the covid thing, the number of boosters people are getting shows that the covid vaccine passport thing fell flat, is unworkable, they’re no longer a majority, in fact it’s less than a third who are dumb enough to be following all the so called rules. When they get hit with the financial pain of standing with Ukraine and climate change action, they will be a tiny minority, although that still doesn’t mean they’ll fight back. We’ll see.

I say that because it’s happened before, it happened last century, and all indications are that this will be the same basic thing as in Stalin’s Russia, or Mao’s China, possibly worse.

I don’t see a majority going along with that, too many people are already onto them, and the internet, much as they tried to censor it, has already woken up countless millions to their evil plans.

As the plan becomes more obvious, so called conspiracy theorists will be proven right, undeniably, and then it just becomes a matter of whether the people have the guts to do what has to be done to take down their oppressors.

The Antifa side of the USA has been told by whatever media they’re watching that it’s evil white people, or the fascist right wingers, but that isn’t even a successful narrative in America, enough to produce a majority opinion.

It is evil white people, or actually largely Jewish bankers and their corporations for the most part, but if everyone realizes that, and focuses on them specifically, they’re done.

It’s important in my opinion not to get caught up with blaming Democrats, drug users, gays, black people or Jews as a whole race, because they’re all divisive psy ops designed to take your focus away from the top of the pyramid which is definitely responsible.

Buy some freeze dried beef

The main attack is coming from the top, all those other things are happening, but if you’re fighting each other, you’re not fighting them, and that’s how they get you, and how they managed to escape justice for their crimes for so long.

Of course, when most people see it first hand, it will be from the poverty stricken people who can’t afford to live, thanks to the prices of food and energy, among other things, but if you know where any of these evil billionaires are, let it be known, because they are to blame, for that, and so much more.

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