The War Of Terror

Some people claim there’s evidence that no planes were involved in the attack at all, and I don’t know about that, but the buildings were brought down by planted explosives, that’s obvious.

With the 21st anniversary of 9/11, many documentaries are being shared again, detailing the horrific lies of the inside job, the false flag, or series of false flags surrounding that event.

People are now calling it the war of terror, rather than the war on terror, because it was a calculated plot that came from Israel, America and the Saudis who were in fact allies, working together to achieve shared goals.

The Bin Laden family were at a Carlyle weapons/intelligence shareholders meeting hosted by George Bush in New York, the day before the attack, and flown out in a no fly zone, they all had money in the outcome.

It’s really obvious if you look into the dancing Israelis in particular that they knew it was going to happen, Bill Cooper predicted it, the Simpsons predicted it, and they practically admitted it, it’s just a matter of whether you want to accept it.

Israel had sent the dancing Israelis who actually admitted they were sent there to observe, which isn’t exactly a complete admission, but they were arrested after being seen dancing as they watched.

The horrific evil of these people knows no bounds, and they often say it openly, they needed a new Pearl Harbor to justify an endless war of aggression by claiming they were hit first, and even that event in WW2 was provoked by them.

The covid scam showed that when people believe in utter nonsense, they will throw themselves into it like they were worshiping a God of science or something, and many of these are the same people who go on and on about the evil white men who run the world.

Having seen just a hint of this deceit and evil it didn’t take me long to accuse this evil group of attacking the world with biological weapons and lying through their teeth about every aspect of covid.

It keeps repeating, again and again, such as in the Ukraine war, used as justification for sanctions which are now crippling Europe, along with much of the rest of the world, and not Russia as they claimed.

It took a bit longer for me to understand the climate change scam, but it’s just another of those catch all emergency justifications that can be used to force farmers off their land so it can be bought up by the monopoly, and that’s already happening.

Small businesses around the world are being taken over by the cabal, through devastating attacks by their own governments who have been turned on their people with justifications that a child could see through.

At least, a child could see through it if they weren’t religiously brainwashed to believe their government could do no wrong and must be trying to help people.

Masks don’t work, they knew they didn’t work, they admitted they don’t work, they admit they’re causing delayed development of speech in children, and yet there are places where a majority still wear them, simply because a majority still wear them.

Questions get asked like how could so many people go along with a plan that would destroy the lives of so many people, they can’t all be that evil, can they?

They don’t all have to be that evil, they just have to accept flimsy excuses like that, and ignore the mountain of evidence that at the top, they are indeed that evil.

Take the royal family, with evidence that they were good friends with Epstein and Jimmy Saville, that they conspired to kill Diana, with King Charles announcing the great reset, even some of those who know all of that are defending them because the Queen died.

This is where they get you, with propaganda that appears hard to argue against because it’s considered anti British to say anything against the Queen, or anti American to not support the troops.

The royals suck a hundred million a year out of the British people to essentially do nothing of value, screw kids and plot to destroy the middle class of the world, but the US military costs trillions and does far worse.

As I’ve explained before, if you look at a chart of the wealth of the top one percent, compared to say the bottom fifty percent of the USA over the last few decades, one goes up dramatically, and the other goes down dramatically.

I thought this bastard was the head of the church of England, so why is he wearing a Jewish hat? They’re Freemasons or something.

Fighting the war on terror is actually fighting a war against your own people at the same time, because the whole thing was a lie, and without missing a beat, the terrorists are now domestic terrorists, such as anyone who questions the covid narrative or the Ukraine war.

That’s not an exaggeration, they released a report that literally labelled people terrorists for questioning the US government, even after all the proven lies and false flags they’ve committed which are increasingly obvious.

I’m not just making it up, the US was founded by Freemasons and the Freemason’s secret doctrine is worshiping Lucifer.

So, as many people have been saying, literally millions of them, this is a war of good against evil, an axis of evil if you will, and it isn’t the few rogue states in the world not controlled by these criminal scum, it’s the majority of governments in the world who are.

Some people think that because Trump supporters are being targeted specifically, that must be evidence that Trump is fighting the deep state, or he wouldn’t be so heavily attacked by the media and the establishment.

I do hope that’s the case, but if I’ve learned anything, it’s that you have to first assume it’s a scam, and then look for evidence to prove or disprove that, because it’s a pretty good bet to make.

They all wear the little hat, they all kiss the wall, they all pledge allegiance to the people who planned 9/11, because it’s the home of the people who killed Jesus.

Yeah, until that brainwashing gets broken, we got no hope, it’s a central theme.


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