Calling Out The Real Terrorists

Politicians like Dan Crenshaw, and actually most Republicans need to be called out as much as the Democrats for being traitors.

I don’t know all that much about Dan Crenshaw specifically, except he’s a typical corrupt politician, but I do know a fair bit about the military industrial complex and what they do.

It isn’t just an endless attack on innocent people in foreign countries to steal their wealth through mass murder, it’s an endless attack on America at the same time and people need to wake up to this evil.

You have to be watching the news not to understand that Al Qaeda were armed and trained by America to protect the heroin from the Russians, they used them as a false flag to start a twenty year war that also took rights away from citizens at home, and then halfway through the “war on terror” they switched sides again and backed Al Qaeda to use them to fight their other enemies. Not saying they’re not bad, I’m saying they are a CIA creation like Asov.

First of all, 9/11 was an inside job, they caught the dancing Israelis sent there to watch, the Bin Laden family was among those who had shares in the military industrial complex, along with the Bush family.

They lied about weapons of mass destruction, they lied about the connection between Saddam and Al Qaeda, with the actual connection being both of them were trained and armed by the US in the first place, and the same scam just repeats over and over again.

What they did was suck trillions out of US taxpayers, basically bankrupting the country to give it to bankers and their investors, many of whom aren’t even in America, mostly the old Jewish banking families like the Rothschilds.

Was this one of the half a million children killed by the USA in Iraq? Somehow, most people didn’t even know that happened, most people still don’t know, and that’s how the evil propaganda works, they just lie and claim righteousness based on total ignorance.

They killed half a million children in Iraq alone for no good reason whatsoever, and when asked, Madeleine Albright said she thought it was worth it.

Why, because it stole as much money from Americans as it stole oil from Iraq, probably more, while killing millions, including American soldiers, all of it entirely based on lies?

The entire thing is one huge scam and it was already obvious, but now it’s absolutely undeniable.

The US government does not work for the American people, they work for an evil global mafia of absolute scum, and these are the same people who are attacking the whole world, but especially America with every trick in the book.

Cultural Marxism, attacks on the food supply, attacks on energy, attacks on freedom of speech, toxic death shots and biological weapons, drugs, crime, flooding the country with illegal immigrants, etc.

Marx did the hidden hand, Stalin did the hidden hand, it’s a symbol of Freemasonry, the same people who founded America, and this is what people don’t get, it’s all the same people.

It’s a wide ranging attack from the worst criminals of all time who now call half the country domestic terrorists just for trying to oppose the attack, and maybe now they might get a clue as to how Afghanistan felt.

Yeah, not only was the service of these soldiers wasted, they were used to attack everyone, but especially America, which now looks as bad as a war zone, because they’re attacking the US openly now, or as openly as they can possibly get away with.

Attacking America and the Western world, with everything but tanks and bombs, and these military men should be ashamed for ever following orders from these monsters.

Not just ashamed, they should not be forgiven for their crimes against humanity until they take down the real enemy, the elites.

If they’re dumb enough to believe that if they just stay loyal to the system they will be spared, they’re probably going to make up a large percentage of homeless on the streets.

Or, they’ll be told they should take hard drugs or even get euthanized for PTSD and be living on food stamps even while still “serving”.

These scum have gone way too far for anyone to be thinking they aren’t the enemy of virtually everyone on the planet.

Not saying all Jews are involved in the various plots, that would be crazy, but they are all forced to join the IDF in Israel, and that isn’t a small thing, they’re heavily brainwashed and mind controlled.

I’ve been saying it for over a decade, there is going to be no alternative but war in self defense, and if you aren’t fighting against them, then you’re the enemy as well.

I can see from the response of the capitol police veteran who lied and said we did find weapons of mass destruction that there’s a mentality among these people to lie to protect the narrative because it seems disrespectful to their fellow veterans to tell the truth.

Yeah, it does seem disrespectful to say you are in fact the enemy of humanity and especially your own people, by killing millions of children so the bankers can steal trillions from Americans, even more so than they steal from those poverty stricken foreign countries.

The one thing I was absolutely certain of from the start was they planned the whole covid thing, it’s an attack, and I would say it was worse than 9/11, if you didn’t count the millions killed in the wars that followed and unless you’re evil scum, you count them.

That is however the truth, the elites are legitimately evil, they use the mainstream media to spin lies about what’s actually happening, and if you continue to lie to protect the feelings of war criminals because they don’t like admitting they have been used, then you deserve whatever you get.

To veterans, I don’t really care that you think you were serving your country, that you think you risked your life for a noble cause, because that just simply isn’t true.

It never was, you were always a hired murdering thief, and you were lied to, it didn’t even serve your country, it served the enemy of your country and the world, the bankers.

People make arguments to defend it like if it wasn’t for the US army, we’d be living in a Nazi regime, or living under Chinese communism.

Hitler was fighting against the bankers who were behind communism as well. I don’t really like Hitler either, but the communists and the bankers were worse.

Even General Patton admitted we probably backed the wrong side in world war two, and every other war the US fought before or since then was even less moral than that, and it’s time to wake up.

If we can’t break the brainwashing of a lifetime, it won’t just be more of the same, which is bad enough, it will be the end of abundance.

You will own nothing and be happy, eating bugs, like they did in the killing fields of Cambodia which was once again, basically perpetrated by the same people at the top.

It’s gotten to the point where if you aren’t at least saying something about this evil, by your silence, it makes you complicit, and like I said, you’re not being loyal to your country, you’re a traitor to all of humanity.

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