The Pandemic Is Over

Because he said the pandemic is over, these MSM psychopaths called that rarely coherent statement a word salad, even though covid was never worse than the flu for most people, and everything they did in response caused the vast majority of the devastation.

Biden said the pandemic is over, which is something Mike Yeadon and other experts said over a year ago, but you should also realize the WHO changed the definition of a pandemic to claim there was one in the first place.

Just about everything we were saying has been proven true, if not completely, then in large part.

The restrictions never made sense, in fact they were so detrimental it almost seems like they wanted you to know it was an attack.

For example, I think there was a bioweapon that they released, but the vast majority of cases were faulty PCR tests and same with the deaths, they were mostly wrongly diagnosed as covid, if they weren’t murdered with Remdesivir and Midazolam.

The shots killed more people than covid ever did, and if not, then the relative benefit of taking it versus not was clearly worse because it didn’t even work.

I’m not even going to try to prove that with numbers because the numbers mostly come from these people with their faulty tests and fake diagnosis, the same people who attacked the world with biological weapons on purpose.

Many people have moved on from not trusting the mainstream media to also questioning the alternative media, viewing it as part of the divide and conquer narrative and perhaps full of similar lies, it’s hard to say.

There has never been an event which caused so much distrust in our governments and institutions, the corporations and the media, even Hollywood celebrities have been implicated as complicit in the plot, and that seems to be entirely justified, and may have in fact been the whole point.

I think most people understand now that this wasn’t just a bad flu season, in my country not even reaching flu death numbers, it was a communist takeover, or a fascist takeover if you prefer.

I know some people think Hitler was a great guy who was fighting the bankers, while others think he was working for the same agenda and that’s proven by things like he came into power in 1933, which shows he’s a Freemason, or working for the Zionist agenda of forming Israel and all that.

This isn’t at all a conspiracy theory, the bankers are Jewish, the media are Jewish, big tech are Jewish, big pharma are Jewish, and the US politicians on both sides pledge allegiance to Israel, and call anyone who sees a problem with that antisemitic, even if they acknowledge the massive problems being caused by those people in those positions.

I think it’s good to understand history, but I also think we can’t possibly know the secret intentions of these secret society people, especially from that long ago.

We can get a pretty good idea that there’s a centralized plot for a new world order, because they tell us that in their own words openly.

You can get caught up in exposing the covid lies endlessly, because there are so many it could keep you wrapped up for the rest of your life, but I’ll summarize it for you, they’re evil liars who want money, power, and population control.

Let’s see, we were right about masks, the tests, hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, vitamin d, the “lab leak” or actually a biological weapons attack, the pre planning, the great reset, the climate change hoax, ID2020, microchips, the shot not working and actually being worse than covid, I could go on, but you get the idea. They’re liars.

Most people don’t have to worry about the virus, they have to worry about the shot, but more than that, they have to worry about the kind of people who can attack the world in this way and not face justice of any kind.

What I’ve been saying is you have to convince the armed forces, because while the people in the USA in particular have hundreds of millions of guns, they’re not being ordered to do anything specific, and that lack of organization is holding them back.

It’s actually a similar problem in the armed forces because they’re going to have to go against orders from the top if they’re going to fight back against these traitors, and they are traitors to their people and their country, whichever country it is.

This is world war three, the pandemic is simply a small but important part of it, and perhaps they want world war three, maybe they want a dramatic population reduction, they have talked about that.

Maybe they’re complete psychopaths, but I don’t think that’s most people in power, they just wanted more power, and they got it, but at a cost of most people despising them and not trusting a thing they say.

I was on the “left side” before this happened, and I was heavily criticizing politicians and corporations then, and these lies only increased that for me, but many people bought the fear and trusted the science for a while, until it became too obvious for them to do it anymore.

The levels of boosters people are taking are showing that it’s now a majority, and I don’t think they learned all that much, but they learned enough that they decided not to inject poison forever, like they were told to do.

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That’s progress, the mostly psychological attack of covid is wearing off, the insanity people demonstrated will go down in history as the worst ever, but in the end, people weren’t quite as dumb as these psychopaths hoped they were.

They are however very soft and submissive, if they tried to do the same thing in Mexico they’d all be dead by now, but they have a different kind of system, maybe a better one, I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Anyway, keep sharing the truth, keep speaking truth to power, keep the bastards honest and remember the boy scout’s motto, be prepared.

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One thought on “The Pandemic Is Over

  1. Covid was not a bioweapon. It was just a pretext for population control. It started in China because of the need of Chinese Communist Party to control the population in Wuhan and Hong Kong, which in 2019 chalanged the authorities of the Chinese Communist Party.
    It developped in other regions of the world based on the same need of elites to control the population, combined with the stupidity of some rulers, who after they used the covid narrative can not recognized that they made a mistake.

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