They Planned The Ukraine War Years Ago

A Rand corporation report from 2019 lays out how the US could weaken Russia by overextending them in a war in Ukraine, while also saying it would be at the expense of the Ukrainian people, and everyone else in the world.

It lays out how the benefits are moderate, the risks and costs are high, and it had a low to moderate chance of success, and they did it anyway.

What kind of Nazis follow the orders of a Jew working for the globalist bankers? Fake Nazis, I don’t even think they have the first clue what world war two was about, not that anyone has a crystal clear idea of what happened in any war.

When I say they did it anyway, Biden gave the go ahead to Putin for a minor incursion, it’s entirely possible Putin is working for the exact same people, or if he isn’t, they pushed him into war and refused a peace settlement.

When they say the costs are high, they’re talking about the cost of energy in Europe, the costs of gas in America, the cost of food, the potential of nuclear war if Putin isn’t a total WEF puppet like Zelensky and practically everyone else, and it’s already world war three, regardless.

While the mainstream propaganda still hasn’t stopped demonizing Hitler, as soon as the war started, they downplayed the swastikas because Putin is worse, for no apparent reason except they said so.

The CIA trained the Asov battalion, like they trained Al Qaeda, for pretty much the same reason, to fight a proxy war on Russia, which is justified by saying they’re weakening one of their enemies, but if Putin’s just a puppet, the actual purpose is money.

Not just money, they’re destroying the whole world so they can build back better, better for them, because you will own nothing and be happy, except you won’t be happy either, probably.

When I say these people are worse than the Nazis, I mean it, because the actual Nazis wouldn’t have had a Jewish World Economic Forum puppet as their leader, unless you believe Hitler was actually a Freemason like Stalin and Churchill as well.

These days, that’s the worst accusation you can make against Hitler, is that he was actually funded by the same people he was fighting against, which was a totally legitimate fight, if he wasn’t a puppet.

It doesn’t really matter if you call it fascism or communism, it doesn’t really matter if Hitler was on the same side or fighting against them because he had no choice, there’s definitely a central power behind all of it and they’re undeniably evil beyond measure.

People have woken up to the fact that the communists were worse, and the Jewish bankers like the Rothschilds were even worse than that, because they were behind communism, while also funding the other side.

I say these things to normies, and half the time they think I’m nuts, I used to be the same way, but the evidence is extensive, you might need to look for it on alternative search engines, but it’s all verifiable facts.

You can spin it, like you can say Putin invaded Ukraine and killed thousands of people, but you’d have to be blind or willfully ignorant if you don’t accept the US and the bankers planned it all years in advance.

They aren’t real Nazis, they aren’t even real Jews, it’s more like they’re legit Satanists, the people from the bible who sacrificed children to Moloch, it’s an evil cult that never went away.

It sounds less crazy to say they’re corrupt and just trying to make money, than they’re sacrificing children to appease their dark lord, and maybe they’re just eugenicists because there’s limited resources, but they are killing people on purpose, all the time, it’s what they do.

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