Is It Fascism Versus Communism?

Is Mark Zuckerberg a proud Nazi Jew like Avi Yemeni said he was? That makes as much sense as anything else, seriously.

When I came up with the name for this site, it was meant to be calling out the globalists as exactly what they said their enemies were, totalitarians, which I had mostly associated with fascism.

They were perhaps pretending to be left wing, but ruthless capitalists in an unholy alliance with governments around the world to crush their opposition, silence them, threaten them, vilify them, etc.

Many have said I should have called it the communist new world order, but even China isn’t purely communist, they have private corporations, there’s aspects from both communism and fascism, but to me they’re very similar things.

It was the Jewish bankers who were behind the communist revolutions in Russia and China, they wanted cheap slave labor, and it was that which changed China from a starving third world country to the richest country in the world, in market share.

This is what is crucial to understand, the same Jewish bankers who basically own American politicians to the point none of them can even utter the word Israel in a negative way were behind their enemy in the cold war.

What makes a Jew say I know what I’m going to do, I’m going to start a Nazi army in another country? That makes total sense.

They were backing the communists even before the days of the Korean war, the Vietnam war, the wars in Nicaragua, Chile, and so on which had the stated goal of fighting communism, by any means necessary.

Their enemy was within, the whole time, and all those people died for nothing, or specifically to serve the interests of the bankers, which was population control, weapons sales, and divide and conquer power for them.

The Rothschilds clearly ruled the world through the British empire going back hundreds of years, and officially they don’t anymore, but millions don’t buy it. They think they pulled back from the spotlight to avoid being held responsible for their crimes.

It was always for their interests, not any particular country, (although Israel did get billions in aid every year), but for the elite billionaires, some might even say trillionaires who run the world, the Rothschilds.

I’m sure it’s not just the Rothschilds, and I could even be wrong that they are in charge, maybe it’s the Rockerfellers, maybe it’s Bill Gates, but it’s a fairly well recognized center of power, and we can see how it operates quite clearly.

As I’ve been saying, the American troops and all their allies have been fighting wars that they were told were morally righteous, even though they clearly killed millions of innocent people in attack, not defense.

They were then told if they figured that out, (that they weren’t winning hearts and minds by killing half a million children), that they need to maintain the current order and the absolute power of America because of China and Russia, bad guys.

God told him to go to war in Iraq he said, this third generation member of skull and bones, brotherhood of death, headquarters called the tomb, and you still haven’t killed him as a traitor, because you thought he was being evil for America’s interests. He wasn’t.

America has ten times the military spending of China, and all those countries have nukes, which they would never use, because it would be near suicide to do that, or even to do a full military campaign without nukes.

However, as we’ve seen from the Ukraine war, they actively refuse totally reasonable peace deals, even if both the countries involved wanted them, because obviously it’s not about morality at all.

You might say the government gave us this, they gave us that, even the Romans built roads, but saying the Egyptians built the pyramids with slaves isn’t really a good argument for slavery.

The power thing is a ridiculous argument, they have it already, mostly based on alliances and public support, which they’re only harming by being so ruthless because people don’t like bullies and if they didn’t see it before, which many already did, they see it now.

Then they might try to tell you it’s about resources, and how they need to steal resources from those countries in order to maintain the quality of life for Americans, which has seen it’s average wage cut by three times since the fifties relative to inflation, which has just gotten worse again with higher energy prices due to Russian sanctions.

Nothing they said about the reasons for war were true, and like I said, the Jewish bankers own both sides, and they are the real enemy who control governments around the world, penetrating the cabinets through the WEF to make things better for the elites, and only the elites, at the expense of everyone else.

You could say it’s the Jews, but that doesn’t take into account it isn’t all Jewish people, there’s various different races involved, it’s the Freemasons as well, and various other factions like the Chinese communists, the Saudis, all having their own elite mafia who mostly collude because they have to.

It can be very complicated, or it can be simple, and a simple way to look at it is to ask the question are they all parroting phrases like build back better, inclusive, resilient, equity, carbon neutral, and so on as they destroy the food supply with ESG scores?

If they are you should consider them the enemy, because they’re part of this communist/fascist threat to all of humanity, which at this point is entirely evident has an agenda of bankrupting us or killing us, and they have been killing us by the millions already.

They called the land terrae nullius, latin for nobody’s land, and if that kind of sociopathy gets applied to you, you’ll probably be dead as a door nail unless you can fight back and win. From what we can see, it already has been, you will own nothing and be happy, you will be irrelevant, useless eaters, they won’t even need you as a serf or a slave, three generations of imbeciles are enough, they already did it in America, and other countries all through history, even to white people, and white people are now being demonized and dehumanized by the Jewish owned media, get the picture?

I include all the millions killed in all wars on any side. I have no allegiance to America or even my own country Australia, but if I do at all, it’s not in our interest to tolerate this crap either.

I’m 1/32nd Tasmanian Aborigine, and there are no full bloods left because the English killed them all and that could be you, because the globalists have no allegiance either.

I can appreciate that there are limited resources, we have to learn how to live more sustainably, but there’s a way to do that which isn’t evil, ruthless, deceptive, and against the interests of 99% of people on the planet, and the way they’re doing it, just isn’t that.

Jesus was killed by the Jewish leadership who Trump says he supports 100%. He wears the little hat, he kisses the wall, he was bailed out by Wilbur Ross, Rothschild banker, his daughter converted to Chabad Lubavitch, a Jewish supremacist cult who many say are the enemy of America and the world. I don’t think Biden is better, I’m just trying to wake you up to the simple truth, that voting for Trump doesn’t even nearly fix all these problems, if at all.

I avoid references to God and country, because it was patriotism and religion which were major tools used in brainwashing people to kill millions to steal their resources while not even questioning why they were getting dramatically poorer as a result.

We need to break all of the brainwashing and wake up to reality, and you might view God as a reality, however in no possible universe could you equate war crimes on a massive scale which bankrupted your own people with religious morality, but people still do.

I never really had a problem with police because I was just kind of scared enough of them that I didn’t talk back, however as soon as you do, for a good reason, you’ll see the problem with them., and if they don’t resist what they’re going to be told to do in the new world order, but follow orders like robots, then they will be the enemy.

They were told we have to fight the enemy to retain control of the world because we’re the good guys because we’re Christians, even though it’s actually Jewish bankers you’re fighting for, or perhaps even Satanists, and they trained and armed the opposing side in almost every case.

It’s laughable the propaganda people fell for, and still fall for, but it’s not funny at all, and anyone who promotes that ideology of supporting the troops and being loyal to “your country” at the expense of all others as a virtue is complicit in genocide, and destroying their own country, not just those in this new wave of globalism.

If you don’t get what I’m talking about with the Jews yet, this guy, Yuval Noah Harari, top WEF advisor says AI will create a useless class of humans, and then takes photos smiling with a skull. You might say you don’t need to be from Israel to do that, however you have to have some sort of global power, along with a sense of psychopathic ruthless elitism, or you’re putting yourself and your people on the chopping block, aren’t you? I’ve seen this attitude too often from Jews, and there’s a reason why they were persecuted, expelled and killed in pogroms in dozens of countries, many reasons in fact. With a history like that, you would think they would have learned enough not to provoke another attack, but no.

This is the same people who backed both sides of almost every war for money, power and population control coming out of the shadows in a way that few could possibly deny, showing their true colors because they believe you’re too weak, brainwashed and stupid to stop them, and to be honest, most people are.

I’m at the stage where I think Hitler was probably the good guy in world war two, simply because he appeared to be on the other side to the communists and the bankers, however he obviously wasn’t all that good either.

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I think we need a strong opposing army to fight these criminals, however waving swastikas around and threatening them with violence would obviously be counter productive at this stage, unless they actually had the means by which to destroy this enemy decisively.

I think the people support opposition to these ruthless elites, it’s a majority that do already, however I think it’s going to take a few more years at least before the masses learn the whole truth, experience the full devastation of their constant attacks, and are ready to do what needs to be done.

What needs to be done? Well at the very least we need to band together in a powerful wall of resistance to tyranny, but it really has to be backed up by force, or it means nothing.

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