Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

The words of a classic poem came to mind, when thinking of this situation we find ourselves in for the title of this post.

My last post was well received by some, not so well by others, and you’re never going to please everyone, but that’s just life, you win some, you lose some.

I got my 25th Facebook ban, so I must be doing something right, it got put back up when I appealed it, at least one of them did, but I’m still banned for another 30 days.

I’ll try to explain what I was thinking, if you need a clarification. They killed about half a billion people last century, in wars, and direct government democide.

Who did? The governments of the world, like Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot, among others, and there was a direct connection with those governments and a certain group of people, the bankers.

If they weren’t controlled by them, then they were in opposition to them and yes the bankers are largely Jewish, or actually Zionist, and that’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s just a fact.

I was content to watch Hollywood pop culture and be blissfully ignorant most of my life, and then they basically forced my eyes open and I didn’t wake up halfway, you can’t unring a bell.

I have a problem with selective morality, like the kind of people who support the war in Ukraine with pretend Nazis waving swastika flags because they’re fighting Russia, while demonizing Germans from generations ago, for fighting communism, when Russia was much worse than they are now.

They killed some Jews? They wiped out all the full blood natives on my island. My ancestors, (I’m 1/32nd Tasmanian Aboriginal), there are none left.

Am I calling for anyone questioning whether that happened to be arrested? No, I’m not, and it’s not being questioned because there’s no reason to, but if there was reason, it should be questioned.

These people have been conditioned to think there are not just two classes of people, but classes that are so protected you can’t even think a wrong thought about them, or you’re a criminal, and it is that which is most of the reason why I don’t like those kind of people.

Like I didn’t have a problem with trans people, until they tried to brainwash the children to be trans to earn over a million dollars from hormones over their lifetimes while increasing their risk of suicide and silencing anyone who objected, even arresting parents who “misgender” their own children.

This is how their religion works, you can’t report sex crimes against children to the police, it’s an official part of Judaism, they call it mesira, look it up if you don’t believe me. They try to do this same thing in many cults like the Vatican protect the pedophile priests. All organized religion is basically a pedophile ring and I wouldn’t be singling out Judaism if it wasn’t for the rest of it, but you can talk about the Vatican without getting censored, and you can’t talk about Judaism.

You can’t blame that on trans people who were that way before, however if they aren’t speaking out against what they’re doing to children, but pushing this manipulative propaganda and insane laws, they’re starting a war, and I hope they lose it.

It’s like that with the “Jews”. There’s good Jews and bad Jews, but if they stick together as one unit rather than call out the worst among them, then they deserve to go down together.

I’m not saying random everyday people deserve to be killed in wars between evil governments who are mostly controlled by the same banking cartels, but they are, and it was hundreds of millions who were, and that’s the real number, and six million is the fake number.

If you’re like Avi Yemeni who has the opinion that you should shoot pregnant women and laugh and say you shot two birds with one stone simply based on their race in a country you invaded, then since Jewish bankers killed half a billion people last century and are doing the same now, infiltrating our governments, media, institutions and destroying them, then your people are at war with us and you are a legitimate enemy combatant, but you actually deserve it you Zionist scum.

It doesn’t matter if it was six million, the question is why you think those people are any different to say the people being killed in Palestine right now with automated machine guns at checkpoints, to the point you think you have a right to silence and even arrest people for questioning it.

I’ve had it up to here with any silencing of free speech, because like I explained to the scum at Facebook, we already thought you were scum, but you just highlighted yourself with a big flashing neon light over your head saying we are the worst scum in the world, kill us if you can, because we are attacking your free speech as we conspire to genocide you all.

This evil witch just won’t shut up, she increased the numbers of dead in her country with the poison shots, they said they’re seven times sicker, and she won’t shut up about being the single source of truth. She’s a murdering totalitarian psychopath, if you ever see her kill her, it’s self defense.

It doesn’t really matter to me if Mark Zuckerberg is a Jew, and it doesn’t make me hate all Jews because he is one, but I want to strangle that bitch Jacinda Ardern, and I don’t care what she is, a woman, a trannie, a Jew or whatever. She’s evil, and so is anyone who supports her, period.

The ideology coming out of these people is psychopathic totalitarian garbage, and anyone coming down on the side of censoring the truth, even if it’s not palatable or even if it’s wrong, is an enemy of humanity the likes of which we have rarely seen in the world’s history, or at least in the West.

Is he a Jew, is he a Nazi, or is he actually a Satanist? He’s a eugenicist, they believe there are too many people and they have to kill them all by any means necessary, it’s a religion in itself like climate change.

I don’t want to get stuck on the Jew issue, it’s not even one religion, it’s various different sects, different factions, but they’re either with the new world order or they’re not and they have to put loyalty to their fellow Jews to one side in the face of this evil attack on freedom.

If they can’t do that, then they’re an enemy of humanity. I don’t like religion generally, because it’s always twisted to serve the agenda of these ruthless psychopathic monsters as they try to take over the world.

You don’t actually need nukes to kill these people, poison would do the job, you just have to be in the right place at the right time or have a large enough group of people who are sick to death of being forced to eat the bugs and take poison death shots.

It actually seems like they’re trying to provoke people, like Klaus Schwab said “we must prepare for a more angry world” as he acts like a Bond villain plotting cyber attacks and biological weapons attacks.

Talking about putting computer chips in people’s brains to control their thoughts and making kids eat bugs, it’s insane, but they’re doing it, and some people just go along with it.

They’re trying to piss off eight billion people to the point they lose it, and my prediction is that they will, and whichever of these psychopathic lunatics they manage to get their hands on first will wish they had never been born, and I wish I could be there to see that arrogant, smug grin wiped off their face as they die screaming.

It will happen, it’s just a matter of when, and not only are they provoking it, it’s almost as though they can’t wait for the once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the exquisite pleasure of having their eyes ripped out or having the flesh melted off their bones in a nuclear blast.

These people are insane, and just describing how insane they actually are, the level of treasonous psychopathy they exhibit makes me sound insane as well, but I’m always inclined to tell it how it is, as opposed to how it isn’t.

The psychology of resistance is complicated, but we’re in world war three, you can’t predict how this will go, you can’t control it, there’s too many working parts and nobody can understand the big picture completely.

I can’t see how it will remain an information war if they manage to silence all so called “misinformation” and there has never been a more deserving group of people than these, of whatever they get.

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This Is Not Good!

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