The Speed Of Science

When these scum were saying over and over again that the covid vaccine stops transmission, you get it for your grandma, you would think that would have been based on at least one study on eight mice, wouldn’t you?

No, they did no studies whatsoever to find out if it stops transmission, and they just now admitted that, through a replacement to Albert Bourla who didn’t even get the word right, along with a completely redacted contract to the European Parliament.

In the world this psychopath lives in, we don’t have to answer for our crimes because we silenced all evidence of them even though we didn’t manage to cover it up at all.

“Did we know about stopping immunization before it entered the market? No..” “We had to move at the speed of science.”

The death rate of the original covid strain was 0.0027% for children 0-19, it’s about a hundred times lower than that now that it’s omicron, a cold, and these psychopath scum, exposed in their evil plan are doubling down and mandating the death shot for school.

It’s called the death shot because there’s an increase in excess deaths all around the world, to a higher degree than there was from covid itself, very obvious in places like Australia and New Zealand, and very obvious when they drop like flies on the football field.

These people are clearly all reading off a script, it’s been claimed by the WEF, the bankers who own all the corporations, and the script basically tells them to destroy everything on purpose. Food, energy supplies, destroy.

They’re seven times sicker, it was on mainstream media news show The Project there, they admit they’re seven times sicker, a 40% increase in emergency calls in Australia, and they can’t hide the number one leading cause of death being unknown in many places.

It’s not unknown, it’s the death shot. It’s about as vicious an attack on the human race as has ever been carried out in all of history, unless you want to count actual war or the tobacco industry or people dealing krocodil.

They already got fined billions for that as well by the way, Bextra was a dangerous pain killer made by Pfizer and they knew it was going to kill thousands of people and released it anyway, they probably killed more than krocodil dealers.

People are sort of expecting it to happen any minute.

That’s a dangerous street drug that aims to replace heroin in Russia mostly, they take that if they’re real suicidal and don’t mind their limbs falling off after their skin starts to look like a reptile.

Not much difference it seems to the quality control protocols of the FDA, now that it’s been captured by these corrupt psychopaths.

My dream of death for these people for today is flying remote control helicopters equipped with sarin nerve gas into the buildings of these child killing scum and seeing if that gets approved, which it probably will.

I took a few days off because I have nothing much to say except kill them all. I have no alternative theory that could work, this move again splits society down the middle and continues to torture people into harming their own children.

This is proven by the way, all the data shows the risk of myocarditis by itself makes it more dangerous to take this shot which doesn’t work anyway, the original one not even claiming to work, while the boosters have no studies that show any benefit for children.

The situation we’re in is we have thoroughly proven they tried to hide the studies on the first booster for 18 to 64 before it had even been tested on children because those showed no benefit whatsoever for the booster.

This after the Pfizer CEO had come out and said very little benefit if any for the two shots on omicron which didn’t need a shot anyway because it’s a cold, like they actually admit it’s not even as bad as the flu now but the psychosis continues.

Every single aspect of this is a lie and a crime and it was entirely planned, and if you wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, you’d have to say they were running war games on biological weapons and psy ops to test people’s reactions in war.

That’s based on the possibility that these lies and crimes had a purpose other than just reducing the population by slow painful deaths, picking people off a few thousand at a time.

It’s a little bit more obvious when you see the whole picture, forcing ESG scores that break farmers, social credit scores, central bank digital currencies, smart cities, it’s a nightmare plan that will literally kill half the world.

For me, it’s clear these people are psychopaths, they aren’t trying to do anything good, unless the good in their mind is due to less people in the world using less of their resources.

It’s a war, you have to kill them, or arrest them if that’s possible, but everywhere you run into roadblocks of cognitive dissonance caused by propaganda.

It is true that many of these people are Jewish, the CEO of Pfizer, the director of the CDC, the heads of all the media and social media companies, the bankers at the top, and that could be coincidence except when you say it you lose your bank account, which just confirms it.

What definitely isn’t coincidence is that they’re committing these obvious crimes, having committed crimes like these in the recent past, being fined billions for killing thousands of people knowingly with other drugs, four different drugs mentioned in that one settlement, and yet they continue.

This cannot be allowed to stand, you cannot commit murder, get caught, pay a fine less than what was made by selling the poison and be in a position to not just do it again but force it on all school children through mandates.

If you ever see any of these murdering criminals, it has always been my position you should kill them, kill them like your life depended on it, or your children’s lives, because it does, it’s literally self defense of all of humanity, totally justifiable based on things like the Nuremberg code, the constitution, etc.

It’s possible this vaccine mandate for schools won’t stand with almost everyone not taking the boosters, but I’m pretty sure I’m right about the need for violence anyway, because the whole thing is coming down, one way or another.

The attacks on freedom of speech by themselves are a deal breaker issue, if you can’t report your skin peeling off completely while they force you take poison.

That’s pretty much when you have to take it back, and I hope it won’t mean war, but it already is. Endless war, if you hadn’t noticed.

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