First We Take Manhattan, Then We Take Berlin

I haven’t written a post for almost a week, not sure what I can say that hasn’t already been said, although there is always one thing that hasn’t been said in the mainstream media that needs to be talked about.

Some might say it’s racist or antisemitic to discuss the race or religion of the people who own the banks and the media, and a large part of everything else, and to be fair, I used to think that way myself.

Then I realized I only thought that way because they told me I should think that way, because they wanted a place to hide in people’s brains where they could escape all criticism.

There is a Jewish mafia controlling America in particular, but also virtually every country in the world, starting in the UK, the city of London, Rothschild bankers and friends, using Israel as false religious justification for their power.

It’s really disgusting seeing people like Ben Shapiro support the silencing of someone like Kanye West for talking about the Jewish control of Hollywood and people like George Soros pushing cultural marxism and the destruction of society.

It’s entirely possible Ye is in on it too, and it’s a controlled opposition narrative, more divide and conquer tactics, more psy ops, but that’s what they do, and it’s what they’ve always done, they’re the masters of mind control.

I don’t trust Alex Jones but free speech is the most vital part of a free and open democracy, and the precedent this sets is so horrific, if it sticks then we have to kill them all to take back what they stole by force, we should have done it already.

Power is all about mind control, and the idea of religion itself is one of the easiest ways to scam people or perhaps you could sue them for 2.75 trillion like Alex Jones was for questioning mainstream narratives, it’s on it’s face just insane totalitarianism now.

It’s hard to explain if you don’t get it, but God didn’t pick a special bunch of people and tell them they had to eat locusts, wear beards, and cut off the ends off their pricks while stoning people to death for doing work on a Saturday.

I could metaphorically call the universe God, eternal energy, that’s a thing if you define it like that, but it’s not the thing they’re trying to fool you into believing, where they rub sheep manure in your face if you don’t bring them young tender lambs for sacrifice, just because they said so.

That’s a scam for lamb, they could have just said you have to pay taxes because we got an army to defend our land, but they said it like this: you’re all sinners, you gotta pay to wash the filth out of your filthy souls if you don’t lick our boots and give us everything you have, because we are God.

The Satanical viewpoint is I am God, which you get when you eat the forbidden fruit of knowledge, it’s the whole basis of the religion, mentioned at the start of their book, but to get it you have to see it from the perspective of the con artists pulling the scam.

Censoring antisemitism is like censoring anti vaxxers, you’re on the side of pure evil and you’re starting a war, whether you know it or not, and your statements in support of this evil totalitarianism are enough for me to say you deserve to die as a traitor, and I want you dead, I am uncomfortable every day you spend above ground you utter scum. You don’t get to say you were lied to, even though you were, that’s not a good enough excuse, and you won’t apologize anyway. At this point if you’re still on that side, you’re the enemy of humanity.

They ate some bad fruit that made them trip out, maybe saw some talking snakes or some crap, told some stories to bored desperate cavemen, and then they discovered they could get free lamb and gold, and began to gain power with their insane stories, and so the scam grew, even until today.

It’s like watching a bunch of people say they’re righteous and immune from all criticism for claiming to be surviving members of a Mayan cult of human sacrifice, and saying don’t worry, we don’t cut out virgin children’s hearts anymore, but we’re still the chosen ones, don’t worry about that.

The idea is faulty on a level that cannot be comprehended by the vast majority of people due to lifelong brainwashing, but if they try to debate any particular part of it, the only way they can win the debate is to call you antisemitic because it’s so faulty it doesn’t even fool most Jews completely.

30 Democrats came out and apologized profusely for writing a letter that suggested diplomacy with Russia, because you have to apologize for trying to avoid armageddon with these people. Scum of the earth, literally a Jew leading a Nazi army to kill people for profit, it’s hard to grasp just how much evil there is in this cabal and just how much they deserve to die for their crimes but people are starting to figure it out.

The majority of Jews aren’t even religious at all, they aren’t that significantly genetically different from Europeans that it even counts as a race, and they definitely aren’t all billionaires, but almost all of them swallowed what amounts to a fairy tale for caveman children or they obviously still play along with it to some degree.

I don’t like the perpetuation of philosophies from times when they nailed people to crosses for fun, literally made them fight lions or each other as a sport, burned witches, stoned women and children to death for nothing.

I think there’s about one or two good things in there like get married and raise a family, invest your money wisely, and that’s about it, like the vast majority of the whole thing can be safely thrown out as a bad mistake and a terrible part of human history if they weren’t brainwashed stubborn fools.

From what I heard, Klaus Schwab came from a Nazi family, but his mentor was Kissinger, a Jew. George Soros was a Jew taken in by a Nazi soldier who let him help by taking the possessions of his “fellow Jews”. There’s something real dodgy going on there, just the fact Zelensky can be a Jew leading a Nazi army shows you how easily manipulated people can be and I’d say it’s about fifty fifty Hitler was just another Jew puppet helping with the formation of the state of Israel. These are sick people.

But now there’s a general trend towards censorship and enslavement in a digital control grid, and when it is called out as being the Jewish banking cartels, and Jews immediately step forward to debank and deplatform the person that said it, it does confirm that it is in fact definitely Jews doing it.

You name the Jew as an international Jewish globalist, somebody like George Soros who pays for pallets of bricks to be laid out for his literal communist mercenaries pushing violent revolution, literally burning cities down, destroying whole countries one after another, and they cancel you.

I don’t tolerate anyone who thinks that way. I don’t tolerate being subservient to a bunch of scum whose only defense for why they get away with endless genocide is you’re not allowed to hate us because everyone always hated us for our supremacist death cult, and that’s bad, for us.

Their defense for trying yet again to take over the world with a genocidal communist revolution, not even changing the flag they were waving almost a hundred years ago is to say we’re allowed to kill half the world because we’re the chosen ones and you have to agree that we are or else.

You can try to play games and separate the powerful criminal gang from the average people but if you ignore the fact it is Jews, it misses a very important part of the story which doesn’t explain it otherwise. They look white, they are white, except they’re not because they got acquired schizophrenia.

Look at all the Jews who aren’t genocidal maniacs, look at the children they say, that’s gotta make you feel guilty that they killed all those innocent people for being Jews when they weren’t actually the ones doing the worst Jewish mafia crimes which were so bad it justified killing the lot of them in many people’s minds.

That is where the holocaust failed, they failed to start at the top, with the Rothschild family. From the top down is how it should have gone, and I think you’d find it would work a lot better if you killed the right six million people, or even the right six thousand and there’s no question they deserve to die.

If you look at the top of that bunch of billionaire Jews and what they’re doing, the positions of power they have, the best you could say about them is they’re trying to kill everyone and steal everything they have.

That’s on the surface with the endless wars, millions of civilians killed, out in the open, but the worst you could say about them is they are the synagogue of Satan, with the Satanical viewpoint I am God.

They drink the blood of children, literally or metaphorically, mutilating children’s genitals for profit as they run child sex blackmail rings and organ harvesting facilities around the world.

Dealing drugs, poisoning the wells, breaking the supply chains, cutting off the energy production, provoking nuclear war, flooding the borders, destroying the family, etc.

The one thing they definitely didn’t manage to do was cover up their corruption and evil, and I’d say it’s only a matter of time, but almost everyone is trying to find the solution that doesn’t involve killing every last one of these scum, and that would be nice..

Whatever it takes to steal it all for themselves or to watch the world burn if they can’t have it because they’re evil, and they seem to take great pride in being evil, whatever it is they actually believe.

I’m tired of explaining it’s not all the Jews I’m talking about, but it is the Jews, and if the rest of the Jews want to get included in the same category, they can take part in silencing free speech about the most evil bunch of scum in the world, because just that by itself is enough to include them as one of the enemy.

Again, the argument Jews make is: we’re the most hated group in history next to pedophiles, so you’re not allowed to even question why people always hated us because that would be antisemitic.

This is no longer a working Jedi mind trick, most people never had reason to think about it much in the past, but it doesn’t stand scrutiny at all.

If you are a Jew, my suggestion is just stop being a Jew, it’s a stupid, primitive, racist death cult, and you don’t have to be one if you don’t want to be, and the idea that you could be forever trapped in a sick caveman’s scam with all your descendants is a lie and a crime.

Some say they’re stirring up antisemitism on purpose to gain more immigrants to Israel, and maybe that was even the plan with Hitler, but it’s a problem that reveals itself the moment you even mention the word Jew, and it really can’t be ignored, but they will of course try to make sure that it is.

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