No Amnesty For Covid Criminals

I feel like I’m saying the same thing over and over again, but due to the massive power of billions of dollars compared to my small influence, I just have to chip away at it, and hope others like me do the same until everyone gets what they did. There were some who didn’t know, or were fooled, and others who were clearly complicit in the crime of the century and still are, but doubling down on evil lies which have been proven to be lies is not going to save them, I hope anyway.

I thought it had already happened a long time ago, but it seemed like the Pfizer executive revealing they never did any tests on whether the shot stopped transmission in the EU parliament further changed public perception in our favor.

It’s now a definite majority of people who understand that the largest criminals in the world were lying about practically everything the whole time, like you would expect from the largest criminals in the world which it had already been proven they were years ago.

They spent US taxpayer dollars on the gain of function research, the vaccine research, the pro vax propaganda, the government handouts during lockdowns, it was trillions of dollars they stole all up, and Pfizer just raised their prices by over four times because nobody wants their shot anymore.

They are just allowed to do that apparently because they had forecasts of earnings for their scum investors, and if nobody wants the shot, the government will be forced to pay whatever they want to charge, even though it’s our government and a majority of us now know what they did.

These brazen criminals are not being forced to pay back any of that money they stole from us because the government works for Pfizer, or actually the people who own them, which is Blackrock and Vanguard, who are owned at the top mostly by the Jewish banking cartels.

I personally feel it’s important to put the J word into that phrase because I don’t think people who identified as white, as Christians or as members of the human race could purposefully destroy the West in the way they’re obviously trying to do, and the death shot is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to that.

They may actually be Jewish Satanists, like Sabbatean Frankism or Chabad Lubavitch is the suspected religion of these people, or perhaps it’s some kind of Freemason philosophy, but you can’t really look at their ideology from the level of things regular people might believe, they’re elitists.

The flu death numbers are actually pneumonia death numbers, and then they just disappeared when they weren’t trying to sell the flu shot. See how that works?

It’s a big club and you’re not in it, and the vast majority of people who fell for the scam weren’t in the big club, whatever that is, but they swallowed the propaganda, they trusted these mass murdering scum as if they were doctors and experts trying to save lives.

Some say we should forgive these people, and it becomes hard not to forgive people like my father for simply trusting the TV, which told him to trust the experts because he sometimes needs help cracking an egg by himself, not because he can’t do it, he just thinks he can’t.

I knew that a one in ten thousand chance of death, decreased a hundred times by taking vitamins and not being morbidly obese was pretty good for myself, one in a million. If I was going to die, I would have been dead years ago. You could hit me with a hammer and I wouldn’t die. You got that, scum?

His mentality is you have to trust a mechanic if you got a car problem, you have to get a plumber if you got a plumbing problem, even though most problems can be fixed by looking at a how to video and learning how to do it yourself in five minutes these days.

I had many heated discussions with him, to the point I simply don’t bring it up anymore, mostly because he doesn’t want to talk about it, but if we were talking about it, I would press the point that it’s entirely proven he was wrong about everything the whole time, him personally because he didn’t listen to me.

The media are trying to cover up the massive increase in excess deaths by blaming it on everything from climate change to cold showers. They seem to think it’s funny.

It’s entirely proven masks don’t work and they knew they didn’t, it’s entirely proven lockdowns didn’t work or they had far worse consequences than the close to zero benefit they provided because you simply can’t do that for long anyway.

It’s entirely proven that the shot doesn’t stop transmission, that they lied and said it did, and that millions of people were killed or injured by this shot that doesn’t work, at all, for a virus that Bill Gates admits now had a low mortality and was kind of like the flu, if they didn’t lie about covid even existing at all which is entirely possible.

All of this was proven over two years ago, as much as you can prove anything in a world so full of liars, and the leading experts were yelling it from the rooftops that nobody should take the shot, or do anything else they were saying.

The real experts like the guy who invented mRNA vaccines was saying that, but not the experts paid to lie for the cabal.

They were the ones boosted by the complicit corporate media who has not yet admitted how wrong they were except perhaps people like Tucker Carlson, who wasn’t actually lying this whole time.

Yeah, you tell that sick bitch, but do you think she’ll learn her lesson? I don’t think so for some reason. It took me like five minutes to abandon the authoritarian left when I saw what they were doing, and I was left wing my whole life.

There are two different categories, liars and lie believers, however if learning that they were definitely lied to in a way which cost the world trillions of dollars and destroyed society while killing and injuring millions doesn’t fill these dupes with righteous anger, then they still haven’t learned anything.

They somehow identify themselves as part of this group of lying mass murdering scum, and they did become part of it by following “orders” based on the belief they were trying to help people, but if they don’t turn on them now they understand they lied, and were never trying to help people, then they are still complicit.

People are still being forced to take a vaccine to go to school or university or work in some places, even though we know that the CEO of Pfizer said the two shots offer very limited protection if any, and the studies on the boosters that they tried to hide showed the same result.

Like it’s completely proven this shot doesn’t do anything good, it hurts young people specifically, puts them in wheelchairs far more often than it saves them from a cold and how in the hell do you save someone from something that was never a risk to them in the first place?

If I die I’m sure people will have something to say about the things I’ve said over the years, but you know what? I don’t give a damn what those people think.

There is no argument, it’s been proven, and admitted, and the only reason there are people who still won’t accept that is they were foolish enough to believe the proven lies for two years and have some sort of stubborn partisan political mentality as though not injecting your children with poison after cutting their balls off was a right wing talking point.

The media in particular is responsible for spreading these lies, the big tech companies are responsible for censoring the truth, which they’re still doing, so when this Atlantic writer asks for amnesty, we haven’t even got a damn thing in terms of an apology, they’re still doing it.

There are various people trying to hold these people to account legally, and there has been some success but I believe we’re going to have to seek justice outside of the corrupt legal system. We’re in a war, we’re being destroyed, and it’s not until we actually fight back for real that we can win in my opinion.

When every single last one of these scum have been tried and executed for their crimes against humanity, and the people who believed their lies have apologized profusely for their stupidity, then I can forgive the lower level morons for being mind controlled.

I can’t forgive the people on the power end of the lie though. Those people deserve to die, or maybe to wear a sign around their neck for the rest of their life that reads I was complicit in the covid holocaust, like the scarlet letter.

I would try to tell obvious proven truths to the brainwashed during that time like mentioning the massive fine for corporations who said masks worked during SARS and he just said I don’t believe that.

It is possible I put too much of my time into thinking about these evil bastards, but that’s because I had to make up for the vast majority of people who were willfully ignorant to the point it risked the lives of all of us.

It isn’t a religion you don’t need to believe it, it was a government law. If I was talking to them online, I gave them the link to the MSM article and they still called me a conspiracy theorist and that kind of stupidity deserves a reward of death and many got just that.

Anyway, check out episode two of my new podcast, it’s about Tulsi Gabbard and her previous job in the psy ops division of the US Army, and keep putting their feet to the fire, no amnesty for criminals.

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