Trump Praises Xi Jinping For Swift Executions

The people Trump works for gave China the nickname the sick man of the East. They have the same religion his daughter converted to, by coincidence of course.

In case anyone missed it in Trump’s announcement of his 2024 run for president, he praised Xi Jinping yet again for China’s policy of swift executions for drug dealers.

He didn’t specify which drugs, or how complicit in selling them you need to be, and that’s good, that means he will be among those executed, obviously.

The Rothschilds will be executed, the CIA will be executed, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, all dead as a door nail, to the gallows or the electric chair in less than 24 hours.

What’s that you say? He wasn’t talking about the legal opiates which killed a lot of people but not nearly as many as when fentanyl took over as more heavily used than oxycodone, precisely because they cracked down on it?

It was because they tried to stop people taking the safer prescription drugs, and not making them more affordable and accessible that they are dying at almost ten times the rate from the more dangerous street drug fentanyl which is now being mixed into everything else as well.

I have seen people making arguments that Trump is letting children die because he has to act like he’s going along with them or he couldn’t get back in power.

It’s their fault this is happening in the first place or his fault for putting Jared Kushner, his son in law, (a guy who paid double the value of a property because it had the address 666), in charge of the opiate crisis.

Don’t look at a country like Switzerland who cut their crime rate in half and also dramatically reduced ODs by providing legal heroin programs, which was the only solution anyone did anywhere that actually worked without vicious hypocritical authoritarianism.

No don’t look at Switzerland, look at China, who kills political dissidents and can plant drugs on anyone they don’t like at any time and use that as an excuse to kill them the same day and harvest their organs for sale.

They would of course say they don’t have a drug problem, but that’s a load of crap, they have millions, they have mafia gangs on drugs, the triads, like any other country in the world, and Trump knows that and he’s lying.

He knows the covid shot is killing kids, increasing the death rate of children by 36 times for 0 to 14s as reported on the Ask Dr Drew show, (a fairly mainstream show), which is just one of the problems I have with Trump, but that’s a big one, it makes him a monster.

He still hasn’t corrected his blatant lie that the shot saved 100 million people when it’s actually negative results and people like Alex Jones have been loudly calling him out on that issue specifically for over a year.

I’m still being censored on Facebook and YouTube for telling the truth about that, and he’s still in on this conspiracy that is literally still killing and injuring millions around the world as we speak.

Candace Owens said he was very rude to her just for bringing up how more people died after the shot was rolled out and how she doesn’t see him the same way anymore.

Trump takes credit for being the father of the vaccine, and at this point having not removed the selfish credit he wants for himself, he can take it. He deserves to die like the rest of them.

An0maly called him a total scumbag, and I’ve been doing videos on how he’s blackmailed by Mossad, he was bailed out of bankruptcy by Rothschilds money, and his daughter converted to Chabad Lubavitch, a Jewish supremacist cult which the Rothschilds are members of.

I wouldn’t say it’s the majority of conservatives who are against Trump because he still looks better than Biden, (like anybody does), but I’d say almost half can now see he’s a liar, a weasel and heavily compromised.

One of the elites of the new world order, from the start, and he’s just a cheesy liar, and the media are all reading off the script they were given, it’s like the Ukraine war, all sides are controlled by the same Jews, it’s fake.

In my view that means he deserves execution, like I said. If he’s going to threaten some street junkie with execution while the CIA ran most of the worldwide drug trade, he totally deserves it himself, and I would have said that even if he hadn’t praised Xi Jinping on his totalitarian execution methods because he’s still a total scumbag.

This isn’t like a minor issue that you can tolerate to get him elected, if he goes with that policy, drug dealers will be shooting at police as a matter of course, trying to wipe out the population of police in their town by any means necessary because it will be war, as if it wasn’t already an endless war.

They don’t let people have guns in China, they don’t even let them have long knives. The population of drug dealers have showed that in certain tough neighborhoods they can drive police out of their area by force, and I don’t think people understand just how many people are actually on drugs in America.

Even his supporters saw him say that and were blown away at the idiocy and I can’t even believe people are still thinking he’s playing 4D chess by saying one thing and planning to do another, like any day now he’s going to arrest Hillary.

What was that you said about Epstein Bill ? The evidence is in? Yeah, it’s in on Trump too. He’s one of them, he was always one of them, and it’s very, very obvious.

My God you idiots, he had her at his wedding, you’re victims of operation trust 2.0. which is to make you think you don’t need to do anything about the communist takeover yourself. It doesn’t even nearly look believable, the Qanon psy op.

You should go with DeSantis and just hope he’s not as much of an obvious puppet as Trump has been proven to be, that’s the only option in my view, apart from revolution.

Dying To Live

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