The Communist One World Government

I’ve never seen such brainwashed cowering obedient slaves in all my life and they don’t seem to be getting much better.

I think most people get by now that these people are evil, here Klaus Schwab is saying China is a role model for many countries, even as they scream out their window “why are you starving us to death?”

I was talking about that Chinese communist system being implemented in my own country Australia in my latest podcast by the dictator Dan Andrews who just got voted back in, in a landslide if you can believe that.

I get that I don’t have the best speaking voice, my friend said my voice makes people want to end it all, which is why I spent most of my time writing instead of making videos, but the videos have some good information if you can stand it.

It was talking about how the excess deaths have risen dramatically, even compared to the peak of covid, particularly in Australia, where the stats show twenty or thirty thousand excess deaths this year which have nothing to do with covid.

That’s not counting the well over a hundred thousand injuries from the shot which the Australian government has had to start compensating, and that’s not counting all the ones that weren’t even reported.

I was already aware that they made the virus in the lab to kill you on purpose, along with the deadly shot before it was even made, although I think they already tested it’s deadly effects many years ago. We’re arguing with people who still think masks work after CNN told you cloth masks were useless face decorations. It’s a sick death cult.

You can times that by about twelve or thirteen or so to get the US injuries, or you can just look at Open VAERS to see the current number of reports which is close to 1.5 million now, not counting the reporting rate of injuries, which is maybe 1-10%.

I get people will say that there were over a million who apparently died of covid in the US, but from what I can tell they could have saved almost ninety percent of them just by giving them vitamin D, let alone all the other treatments they banned.

When you add up the fact they made the virus in the Wuhan lab and released it on purpose with a well laid out plan for how they were going to use the crisis for their benefit, (if covid even exists at all, which is still possible), then they are responsible for all of the deaths. It’s kind of a no brainer once you realize that.

Yes, it is the Jews, not all of them, but you could say the same about the Freemasons, they don’t all know that the people at the top worship Lucifer, but they do, and their underlings follow orders and won’t even quit when they find out.

They’re evil eugenicists, they told you they were, and if people can get that through their head before the one world government implements their totalitarian system based on Chinese communism, then maybe we can wipe them off the face of the earth, before they do it to us.

I hear people like Max Igan saying that would just be going down in a blaze of glory and it probably won’t change anything, so it’s better to keep the awake people alive if they can live through until the end of this.

He’s assuming there will be an end to this if people don’t rise up and kill them all or otherwise defeat them by mass non compliance, arrests, resignations, or some kind of revolution.

WEF young global leaders pushing a one world communist government based on China which was a Jewish plot in the first place. You’d think they’d try to hide it but they don’t need to.

The end looks like China where people have armed guards with guns on the covid test lines that the people have to take every day to get a green pass on their social credit score so they can eat, work or travel.

Even in China they’re rising up in violent riots, at much greater risk to themselves than in the West, although it’s looking pretty much like the same system because that’s what they’re aiming for.

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It’s not just Klaus Schwab who praises China, Trudeau praises China, Jacinda is a communist who attended communist rallies, and Trump has been praising Xi Jinping for swift executions of drug dealers while praising Johnson and Johnson at rallies, who sell pretty much the same drugs.

I feel like I’m putting myself in harm’s way by pointing out that most people don’t want to live in China, and it’s so horrific what they’re trying to do that if people actually knew half of it they would have already started a violent revolution, but the quality of people in society generally is so low, I actually want most of them to die.

It’s suicidal in my view not to do anything, and then it’s suicidal if you do, particularly if nobody joins you, but that’s the situation these Satanic communist scum have put us in.

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One thought on “The Communist One World Government

  1. This is on the Communist One World Government. I had trouble watching the video as I can’t stand the sight of Schwabb or Gates but I held out until the end. If Schwabb thinks he has gained divine powers he is seriously delusional and thoroughly psychotic. As is Gates. He may have gained satanic powers but that’s where it ends. Their interference into the governments of the world will not end well for those involved as people of that sort do not care for anyone else but themselves.

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