Ye Walked Out Of Timcast Interview

I don’t think Ye came off as looking presidential, but it is understandable why he feels the way he does after the way he was treated by the vicious Hollywood music industry.

This post is about Ye’s appearance on Timcast, where he stormed out of the interview because Tim wouldn’t admit it was Jews that were attacking him.

There’s two ways to look at this, and I think Adam said it pretty well later in the episode, you don’t want to conflate the Rothschilds banking empire with Judaism, even though they are Jewish and they do want to conflate attacks on them as attacks on all Jews.

I don’t like religion generally, I think all cults are mind control, and Judaism is definitely not my favorite, but I don’t hate all Jews.

Those are the two separate things, the Jewish people as a whole, with their varying viewpoints and different levels of power and wealth, and the bankers who are multi-trillionaires as a group, who seem to be running the show.

I’ve gone over this before, but the banks who own the Federal Reserve are pretty much exclusively Jewish in ownership, their money invested in Blackrock and Vanguard has some saying they could literally own everything in a few years.

The bankers invest their money in Blackrock and Vanguard, and it’s not just their money but they are controlling it and literally almost everything, or they could be in about six years according to this.

When Ye says it is the Jews, he means that the record companies he works for are owned by Jews, or possibly the mega billionaire Jewish banker money that owns a majority share in the largest corporations in the world.

They brag they lobby every US politician through AIPAC, the WEF has a similar power structure of the most wealthy bankers and corporations getting together to discuss their power, and the Bilderberg group which it came out of was a Rockerfeller creation.

I’m not going to say I’m an expert, but if you read the bible, they sacrificed children to Moloch outside the gates of Jerusalem in the valley of the sons of Hinnom, a Jewish king.

Some people say the Rockerfeller family aren’t Jewish, but they were also involved in the Federal Reserve and they must have had dealings with the Rothschilds from the beginning.

They’re probably Freemasons if they’re not Jews, which many people say they actually are, and they just lied about it.

It’s important to remember that almost everyone has DNA from the cavemen in the bible, it’s not a valid argument that you either are or you aren’t Jewish. It’s a religion, and even that is a dubious claim.

There is clearly a connection between Jews and Freemasonry. The Kabbalah is written about in Freemason books as a major part of it.

The Freemasons have been said to be an entirely Jewish creation from the start, and if it wasn’t to begin with, the illuminati is thought to have infiltrated them, in fact it was mentioned in a letter by George Washington.

So you have these two, (or more), groups who clearly have a disproportionate amount of power, the bankers with their money and the Freemasons with their connections through secret society membership going back hundreds of years.

That doesn’t mean everyone who is “Jewish” has that same power or is involved in running the world or trying to take over the world in a new world order.

What it does mean though is it’s a thing, and when one person says “it’s the Jews” they might have a different idea in their mind of what they mean than another person.

It’s like when you say China is trying to do this or that, they’re talking about the CCP which is a very powerful entity that clearly does work as a single group, but obviously they don’t mean all Chinese people.

It’s intellectually dishonest for people to say they don’t get the difference, but that was the conversation that should have been fleshed out in this interview, but which didn’t happen because Ye got up and left.

I did a post about his experience with getting literally threatened with being turned into a zombie just for mentioning the Jews in a bad way, so to say there isn’t a powerful group of Jews attacking him and trying to control him, and other celebrities would be wrong.

What has six points, six sides and six triangles? The star of Remphan apparently, the 666 mentioned in the bible in Revelations.

If you’re the sort of person who says that means he’s saying all Jewish people are doing it, you’re being ridiculous.

However if you did a poll on Jewish people and got their opinion on whether he should be cancelled or deplatformed for what he said, it might be half of them, or even more.

It’s about half of people generally who think Alex Jones should be banned from Twitter, depending on who you ask, (for a slightly different reason).

I’m not even saying all Freemasons are Satanists, but if you show them the books of Albert PIke, show them the Satanic symbols, show them that the entire organization is a vetting process to find people that are worthy to worship Lucifer with them and they don’t leave, then that makes them complicit. Doesn’t it?

My view is that free speech is vital if you want to have a free and open democracy, those people are literally communists and you should be terrified of them because calling out evil sounds like hate speech.

Having controversial views is one thing, but if you are censored, defamed, debanked, even threatened with death or being turned into a zombie if you express them, that’s enough of an attack to literally go to war on whoever is committing that unconstitutional treason, even if you disagree with what people like Ye are saying.

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