Ye Praises Hitler On Infowars

I think one of the craziest interviews ever is a fair way to describe it, not that I think Ye is crazy. On drugs, almost certainly.

Whatever it is Ye is doing, whether it’s about Christian love or free speech absolutism, whether he’s crazy or if it’s all a psy op, it’s definitely entertaining and it blew up the internet.

I find it hard to know exactly what to say about it, except that I don’t think Hitler was a good guy, he may have been justified in self defense to some degree considering the advance of communism.

Communism was a Jewish plot from the start, although that doesn’t mean it was the Jews as a whole doing it.

Like you can’t blame all white people for the bad stuff America did, but then that was largely “the Jews” doing that as well.

Why would a third of Americans not believe that 6 million Jews died in the holocaust? Maybe because they didn’t and they’ve seen how much the Jewish media lie about everything. It’s pretty simple, they lied, then they doubled down on the lie, and now they will arrest you if you bring it up because it’s more a part of what makes them Jews than Judaism itself.

I think he is right that six million Jews didn’t die in the holocaust, which can be proven by a simple examination of how many Jews were in Europe before and after, along with the numbers who immigrated to places like Israel or the USA.

That was also a prophecy by a Rebbe, it was predicted multiple times in countless newspaper articles, mentioning the number six million going back to before world war one because it was prophesy that they believed needed to be fulfilled before the reformation of Israel.

Is the new world order Jewish? Yeah, pretty much. I think the elite Jews are just using the rest of them but the bankers are Jews.

There are some good things to be said about Hitler, such as how he “made the trains run on time” which is only one aspect of how he brought Germany back from destitution in the great depression.

He really did do a good job with that, and he was much loved to begin with, but things turned pretty dark, and his decisions destroyed Germany in the end, regardless of whether he was completely to blame.

I think that’s what people need to understand, there is nuance to every debate. Like the Yin and Yang symbol there is good in everything bad, and bad in everything good.

Regardless of whether you agree with what Ye said or not, it’s written into the US constitution that he has the right to say it and you literally can’t call it hate speech because he said he loved everyone.

I seen people saying he’s trying to implode his career on purpose, that he’s trying to take down Trump and give weight to the claim that all conservatives are Nazis, but maybe he just doesn’t care.

Maybe he likes making jokes about net and yahoo, or Yoohoo or whatever that drink is, and I thought that was pretty funny.

Comedy is meant to be edgy, it’s meant to break rules and taboos and as many people have said recently, comedy died with cancel culture, the comedians just aren’t funny anymore.

That’s perhaps not the most important argument for why there must always be absolute free speech, the Julian Assange case is a pretty good argument for that, but comedy is enough.

Is the covid vaccine Jewish? They literally take credit for being behind every aspect of it in a Jewish newspaper.

Being able to laugh is important, it’s literally one of the most important aspects of what makes people happy, feeling free, and what they did to Ye should never be done to anyone just for tweeting something.

I saw Jews on Twitter saying he should have his kids taken away from him. What do you think that does when hardcore Kanye fans see that?

There’s literally a hundred million people or more who like Ye, a lot more than like a religion that believes something quite different to theirs, and a quick search on the subject of why people hate the Jews brings up a hell of a lot of good reasons to hate them.

Don’t expect Trump to save you from powerful Jewish bankers, he got bailed out of bankruptcy by the Rothschilds and it goes deeper than that. He offered Bill Gates a job at the white house, he wished Maxwell well, was accused by one of Epstein’s accusers who won the case against Epstein. His position on the shot was what made millions become former supporters but that’s enough.

Therefore if they do take his kids away from him, there’s a pretty good chance that one in a hundred million fans will blow up a synagogue, just because they did that, even though there’s plenty more reasons than that alone.

These people don’t seem to get that censorship of antisemitism creates antisemitism by angering those people, who were already angry, in fact it’s never been worse since the days of Nazi Germany.

Antisemitism increased dramatically over the last few years exactly because all the censored people were finding each other in other places and sharing information they couldn’t find on Facebook, Google or Youtube.

The Jews behind Chinese communism.

They don’t understand the Streisand effect, if something is banned people will search it out, but also those people who are banned will hate you more, not less.

They’re basically starting an information war that may go tit for tat until it’s an actual war, and they seem to think they’ll win it, or the elites do, but regular people won’t if they’re not billionaires with bodyguards.

They’ll get destroyed if they try to act like Klaus Schwab or Yuval Noah Harari. People absolutely despise them and the only reason they get away with it is people assume they can’t be killed because they got too much money.

If it’s an actual war, I don’t know how Jews think they can win that with less than twenty million people worldwide, most of whom don’t even believe in the religion fully, whichever version that might be.

They have money, or the bankers have money, but the bankers are evil and would sacrifice the bulk of the Jewish people in a heartbeat to keep their own wealth and power.

The Rothschilds are evil, like literally openly Satanic. It’s entirely possible it was Jews who funded Hitler in the first place, or he might have been a Freemason like Stalin, which is again, Jewish in much of it’s philosophy, and the secret doctrine is they worship Lucifer or some of them do for sure.

I noticed Ye was wearing a Balenciaga hood, at the same time as even his wife Kim is denouncing them for their child abuse themed ads.

His response to that was even regular porn is a sin against God, which makes some sense maybe, but it’s many levels of magnitude worse and it’s dark and evil as hell, some of the other stuff connected to them.

I can’t really be bothered going into it more. Ye has always been arrogant and slightly insane, he might even be in the illuminati. It’s possible he’s doing something positive for free speech, even if it’s one step forward, two steps back.

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