I Did Nazi That Coming

This nightmare he’s talking about, that’s happening in my country as well, they got plans to make Victoria a twenty minute city, which means you need a permit to leave your zone, can’t drive a car, it’s insane tyranny, yet again, but this would make it permanent.

To look at the ad, or the website for Plan Melbourne 2017 – 2050, it sounds reasonable at first, put important services within walking distance of everyone, but then you realize they want to be involved in all of it.

They want to plan everything from cafes, restaurants and gyms, to pretty much every other type of business so that it’s in a government activity center in a zone that the government designates for you.

It’s literally communism, or the state seems to be seizing the means of production, probably for their investors who will own everything, while you will own nothing and be happy.

I assume these people would be Blackrock, Vanguard, who were predicted would own almost everything by 2028 in a Financial Post article I read.

That’s basically what’s happening, it’s the bankers, mostly the Rothschilds at the top, implementing communism which will still have enough of the profit making component to make them the winner of the game of Monopoly, forever.

They’re using the government to suck money out of you because they’re all corrupt puppets, but now they’re just doing away with any pretense of there being no corruption, it’s just pure, in your face corruption.

You will own nothing and be happy, with your universal basic income, your programmable CBDC with a time limit on spending it, and a limit on which Rothschilds owned businesses you can spend it at, or whatever they want.

I think they just assume they have the power to do whatever they want, and like mind controlled robots following their programming, their foot soldiers just do their bidding, because they get paid a wage.

This is the actual communists, same people behind the communist revolutions in Russia and China, building regimes that killed well over a hundred million people.

Klaus Schwab says he sees China as a role model for many countries around the world. In my country, the WEF ran the Victorian election, obviously fixed, out in the open, or the fact check said it was fake news, but even if it didn’t happen officially, it obviously did happen, worldwide.

Dan Andrews won, after people had been marching in the streets hundreds of thousands strong, yelling sack Dan Andrews, jail Dan Andrews, hang Dan Andrews.

It’s actually surprising he is still alive, because everyone knows that Klaus Schwab has a bust of Lenin on his shelf, and the reason they made that satirical meme about the WEF partnered with Victorian elections is the same reason a police station was flying a Chinese flag.

They’re communists, like literal communists, or it’s a one world totalitarian one party system where you will own nothing and be happy, or this is what they’re saying themselves. I just need to make that clear.

Given that many people know about China and their social credit scores, their suicide nets outside factories, and the million or so political dissidents who they kill to harvest their organs for sale on demand, it’s fair to say most people don’t want to live in communist China.

In fact, they wanted to avoid it so much in Western countries, they killed millions of people fighting wars against communism last century, in Korea, Vietnam, etc.

The Rothschilds were behind communism but they were also pretty much behind the UK/US empire as well, or were doing their best to improve their death grip, hands around the throat of the ultimate seat of global power.

I can’t really tell you when the bad news will finally hit home for the majority but people will realize one day soon that they’re actually living in a totalitarian regime, ruled with an iron fist, but that’s exactly what they told you they’re doing, and if you’re smart, you’ll find a way to stop them before they get this system in place.

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