Is Ye Controlled Opposition?

The way Brendon O’Connell has been telling it, the alternative media is almost completely infiltrated by traitorous deviants, blackmailed or bribed by the same intelligence organizations blackmailing the politicians.

I am quite heavily leaning towards the same idea, although I’m sure it isn’t black and white, however they got it set up.

The amount of intelligence it takes to understand all the secrets and lies in the new world order is unlimited or impossible.

The problem with accepting this premise, is it makes almost everyone a suspect in a global conspiracy, the same one many of them are talking about themselves.

The problem is, I’ve been posting their videos on my blog, assuming it was good information, or it seemed more reliable than the mainstream media, and it was, for the most part.

Max Igan reckons it’s counter productive to do hit pieces on other freedom activists, it’s more important to keep the resistance looking strong and united, but it’s hard not to notice the shills.

He could be one of them, and I’m not saying he is, but there’s an undeniable trend that the more popular a video maker is, the more likely it is they’re working for the enemy.

I do accept that interactive internet activities, (IIA), that was discussed in some detail in the Shadowgate documentary, (ironically brought to light through Infowars), is a real thing, or here’s an official DOD document about it.

You can’t necessarily prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt for any of these people individually, but when viewed as a network of connected stars like Alex Jones, Joe Rogan, and now Ye wearing a Balenciaga gimp mask, it definitely looks suspect.

The thing is, as I’ve explained before, somebody has to get you your news, and so long as it’s not proven to be fake news over and over again, that’s the best you can hope for.

I still have to rely on the establishment media’s network to bring news from around the world to some degree, and it’s almost impossible to prove a negative.

What I mean is, it’s a reasonable assumption to make that the vast majority of all media and alternative media is bought by the cabal to some degree, but it’s also a reasonable assumption that they couldn’t possibly buy everyone, it’s too large a job to bribe each individual video maker.

I think it’s important to keep this in mind, to keep one eye open, especially with your heroes, because they’re the most likely to fool you, whatever it is they’re supposed to fool you into thinking.

With Ye, I think it’s an over the top example of antisemitism to stir up racial tension, they like doing that, and they like having Nazis and white supremacists as their scapegoat to justify censorship to the masses.

What I think they might not have counted on is about half the people have learned enough to know the Jews are not innocent, particularly the ones at the top, and they aren’t really writing off Ye for what he said, even if it was said in a dumb way.

That won’t stop them from trying to force anti free speech laws about antisemitism, even though that very thing is a leading cause of antisemitism.

There’s at least one comforting thought, these people are so selfish, evil, stupid, arrogant, and incompetent, whatever communist nightmare they try to create will fail, and people will see their failure and turn against them, at some point.

It’s such a ridiculously impossible task to manage all aspects of people talking with each other online, while also setting up smart cities where every single thing that can be controlled will be, it will fail, sure as the sun sets in the West.

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The problem with that is, the communists failed at farming, pretty much every time, and those failures cost well over a hundred million lives.

I’ve been saying you need to kill them all for over a decade, it’s just my go to answer for mass murdering totalitarians, and it’s never made more sense than right now, with the communist smart city program and everything else.

The only question is, how many people exactly are included in the term they? It’s not going to matter if they take over the means of production and screw up the food supply, which they’ve been trying to do already, so we definitely got a war to fight, whether we like it or not.

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