Was Jesus Controlled Opposition?

This might be an unpopular post, but I saw this video by Adam Green, it kind of speaks for itself but I’ll give you my take on it.

I don’t know all that much about him, but he’s probably one of the only people talking about this particular conspiracy theory.

That is, that Jesus, or Christianity was an invention of the Jews, which they used to take over the world or to religiously convert billions of goyim to worship their God, and possibly them as God’s chosen people.

Just based on results, that’s proven to have happened to some degree. They were Jews who created it, no matter which way you look at it, and the religion has taken over the world for the “Judeo-Christians” which is a new phrase, far as I can tell.

Notice how they’re trying to slowly convince people that Christianity and Judaism are almost identical but there’s only one group of the chosen ones, so you have to give all your money to Israel if you’re a subhuman goy.

That’s literally what’s happening in mind control cults in the bible belt of America, they say it exactly like that, we just have to accept that they’re better than us and they need the shirt off our back, even though the Jewish bankers have almost all the money.

That’s what all the US politicians are saying, they got Chabad Lubavitch in every president’s ear, not just in America, but all over the world, and if not them, then one of their other incarnations as banker puppets.

The subject of the video was how Jews seem to be admitting now that the whole idea of Christianity was a Jewish plot to take over the minds of non Jews, to get them to serve the Jews, with the end goal being enslaving the entire world.

I don’t even have to try too hard to prove that’s what their religion says, they say it themselves over and over again, on video, and it’s just obvious, not that every Jew believes in the prophecies.

They had a deal with the Romans where they would make it illegal for any Christian to lend money, and so the Jews and the Italian mafia took over the money lending, which over a long time made them the richest per capita group in the world.

I know it is a “race” but the most important part of it is it’s a cult. It’s a sneaky cult that aims to help them take over the world and subjugate everyone else in the world, if they can’t literally decapitate them for thinking wrong thoughts.

They have secret societies which they also control or work with closely, like the Freemasons, who have kabbalah rituals in their books. It is probably better to think of it as Satanism, the original kind.

My main point, and the point of the video is if you think Judaism is inherently flawed, as Jesus was saying himself, but you’re still a Christian, then you still got sucked into the biggest scam of all time, from the same people who brought you Islam and much later, the covid scam.

Should have been seen as a wake up call that covid cult programming, it infected the minds of a majority of the world for at least a couple of years, and it was all ridiculous lies, just madness.

That’s how religion comes across to me, just absolute insanity, stoning people to death for picking up sticks on a Saturday, the horror of seeing people still stoning women to death for adultery today, it should be enough to turn you off the whole thing.

I don’t deny the fact that many religious people, Christians or whoever might seem to be nicer, happier, than their Atheist counterparts, there seems to be something to believing in a higher power, but the bible or the revised Torah was always quite dangerous and insane.

In the sense that God is the universe, then anything or anyone could be God, but that sort of nullifies the distinction.

My opinion on God is that the universe is the universe, eternal energy, cannot be created or destroyed, it only changes form, it is what it is, and science may never completely determine what it is exactly and how it functions.

That means, at a stretch, “God” may exist, or does exist if you have a different definition of the word, but the bible has been proven to have errors and to contradict itself, and it’s obvious it wasn’t even meant to be taken literally.

In the same way Buddha led to some of the more crazy Hindu beliefs being shelved, so did Jesus with the crazy commandments but it didn’t lead to rationalism, it might have even gotten worse in some cases, but of course to any believers that would be better.

It’s impossible to ignore the good and the bad that came out of Christianity, but realistically it could have been any religion.

I realize that the Christians tend to be on the “right” side of most issues today, but over their history, the conquering Christian armies killed a billion people, and it’s not just that, the reason I can’t support it is it’s a cult.

Sure, it’s a large religion, but does that make it any less of a cult? Are there tons of horrible people milking it for cash, or to hide their pedophile crimes or to mind control people into being submissive slaves for their global agenda?

Yes, there are, and it’s just not true, it’s very obviously not literally true, it’s a story for children, and adults cling to it, just because it’s something to cling to.

As we have seen objectively proven, you can teach a child to believe anything, in fact you can convince an average adult to believe anything, no matter how ridiculous, in a very short period of time, given the right conditions.

I can only tell you the impression I got from Christians when I was five years old which was: that didn’t actually happen, you people are creepy and weird and you make me uncomfortable that you can even believe what you’re saying.

That’s just how I always felt about fundamentalists my whole life, and I realize that it has become more like a battle of good versus evil, but with four out of ten Americans believing we are in the end times right now that seems to me to be evidence of widespread insanity on all sides.

It would of course seem like the pious Christians would be on the good side, because there are real Satanists around, but their mind control keeps them locked up about doing anything to prevent the end times, as opposed to any other threat the government told them about, which could be the whole point.

No he’s not overdosing on MDMA at a Tool concert, it’s a religion, and as bad as one might seem to the other, the same is also true in reverse.

It’s a double edged sword believing that this world, this body, is inconsequential when compared with eternity, because this world is important, for everyone living in it, and it has become a pit of excuses where everything is God’s plan, it’s exactly like trust the plan, Q will save us.

Some of them literally babble nonsense rolling around on the floor, begging for God to rapture them as if the end of the world was the most important thing that could possibly happen, and the best thing ever.

Here’s the thing about religion, by it’s existence it creates it’s opposite, so wherever you get religion, (most of the world), you also get Satanism, in fact the two things were always linked together and are just parts of ourselves.

It’s actually incredibly scary that almost half the people in America think that the world is going to end, it’s God’s plan, there’s no point fighting the communists, or maybe they still think Trump is going to save us.

I just have to repeat it, the Jews, (or some of them), used to burn babies alive for favor in battle, they had a plan to take over the world since BC times, and Christianity was either their invention, or was used by them to weasel their way into power and it’s never been more obvious.

The financial power of the banks actually pales in comparison to the insidious power of religious brainwashing, whether it’s the actual religion(s) themselves, or the general propaganda coming out through their media.

I’m not saying my life has been better without any connection to a church, it’s probably been worse in a lot of ways, but it’s an inherently dangerous cult because all cults are dangerous, and like everything else, they surely infiltrated the whole thing.

I can’t help but feel like it’s pointless to keep arguing within a paradigm I don’t believe in, with a group of people who don’t actually have a legitimately moral society to point to at any time in history, and I don’t really celebrate Christmas so it’s as good a time as any to say it.

I reject and condemn all organized religion, it didn’t do much to stop anything bad in history, and sexual immorality and degeneracy doesn’t even rate against the inquisition, slavery and endless wars.

I think we need to live in reality and seek to learn what that is every day as though we couldn’t even trust ourselves, let alone somebody who wrote a book thousands of years ago, which may or may not have been a scam to take over the world, and it probably was.

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2 thoughts on “Was Jesus Controlled Opposition?

  1. Judaism is flawed, most modern Christianity follows a fake Jesus, but the bible itself is true. As far as an eternal universe…. if it had been here forever, the law of entropy says it would have run down by now, therefore, it had a beginning. And since matter and energy can’t be created by any natural process, it had to have been created supernaturally, therefore, it has a Creator.


    1. The second law of thermodynamics ends in a black hole, then the black holes are drawn back together through gravity, causing the next big bang. Whatever the pushing force is that causes the expansion, that isn’t guaranteed to continue once the stars burn out and turn into black holes which would suck up whatever that propulsion is. I’ve had that debate with astrophysicists and they operate in much the same way, it’s like a religion as well. The assumptions create the math that says their assumption was right, and the fact that it can do that in various different contradicting theories proves you can’t just do math to work it out, and without the math it’s even less logical.


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