The Emerging Global Health Order

You could argue that more elderly people took the shot but any claims that the shot was 95% effective have long since been proven false, it’s more like 0%.

It’s amazing to me that we haven’t moved past the obvious lie that covid vaccines work at all, and aren’t proven to be completely harmful, because they are, and I’ll explain that again now, for anyone who didn’t get the memo.

Bill Gates said what half of us knew from the start, covid actually had a low mortality rate and was a disease mostly affecting the elderly.

Kind of like the flu, but a bit different than that although much of it was actually the flu, which didn’t just disappear like they said.

They said it mutated into omicron over a year ago now, which is effectively a cold, and it was already less deadly than the flu for most people with the original strain.

Personally, I think my grandma would have suffered less dying of the flu or covid three years earlier, it’s not automatically worse, she wanted to die.

Like I said, flu deaths couldn’t have gone down to zero, and if they hadn’t told us anything about covid, it would have just seemed like a regular flu season in 2020.

They said everyone is going to get it, and by now almost everyone has gotten it if there was anything substantially new to get, which I’m still not completely convinced there was but it already played out.

Biden said the pandemic is over, and it is, but it was never a pandemic in the first place because the WHO changed the definition of a pandemic.

They killed people with Remdesivir and boosted the death numbers by including motorcycle accidents, etc. Every single part of it is a fraud.

It’s just incredible, the CEO of Pfizer said it but it’s a conspiracy theory. Obviously it has been proven, I realize people are mind numbingly stupid but when it is killing people, that’s no excuse. That makes them guilty of mass murder.

The CEO of Pfizer said the two shots offered very little protection if any, with the claim people had to take the booster which was not even a new formulation for delta or omicron, so how would that possibly work?

Then Rand Paul had a heated exchange with Fauci where he mentioned the Pfizer study on the booster that showed no benefit for 18 to 49s, meaning that definitely didn’t work either.

That’s the facts, that’s what the science said, it didn’t work at all ever, it’s negative efficacy if anything.

When you add up the horrific side effects, the debate becomes more about whether they’re trying to depopulate the world, if they worship Satan like Mike Yeadon suggested, or if they’re just trying to make money.

In my country Australia, there were 150,000 or so adverse events reported to the TGA which is likely a fraction of the real number, and a highly regarded TV doctor Kerryn Phelps just came out on the Today show and said both her and her partner had serious adverse events.

The excess deaths for 2022 were about thirty thousand for Australia, (more than would have died if they had done nothing except told people to take some vitamins and get some exercise), although I did hear another number given that was less than that, maybe it was from earlier in the year.

Regardless, it’s up by ten to twenty percent here, and in virtually every country where they rolled out these death shots, with more death and injuries the more people took the shots and regardless of age, unlike covid.

I’ve seen hundreds of different studies about it now, there’s no doubt what the data shows, the shot didn’t work and it is worse for everyone’s health to take it than not to take it, it’s that simple.

There’s not even a small group of old people for whom it is beneficial, if studies exist that shows that, they probably gamed the study, and here’s an example of how they do that.

You’re not considered fully vaccinated until two weeks after your second shot, and most of the adverse events happen within two weeks of the first shot, and then they might test them with a faulty test if they die, so it gets put down as an unvaccinated covid death because the vaccine makes the spike protein that causes the problem so it can look quite similar.

Like Dr Phelps said, the so called long covid looks very similar to the vaccine side effects, and this is because you’re literally turning your body into a covid factory, or forcing it to make the thing that causes these problems rather than getting it naturally which causes less problems.

I can’t really be bothered explaining it all over and over again, but what I just said is enough to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the shot doesn’t work, it kills people, and they were lying about everything, period.

It’s not just this vaccine by the way, the same thing was going on the whole time except it was hidden much more effectively. All vaccines are known to be harmful, they know aluminium is toxic, that it causes severe autism, among other things, and they don’t have a replacement for it. The majority of polio is vaccine derived polio, they’re literally knowingly giving people polio with vaccines.

While this has been proven and has been shouted from the rooftops by the leading experts in the world for about two years now, the vicious psychopaths in charge are calling anti vaxxers terrorists and suggesting people report them to the police just for telling the truth.

This seems to ignore the fact that about 90% of people are refusing the latest boosters because almost everyone knows how bad this shot is by now if they haven’t been injured themselves, or had a friend or family member injured which is quite likely.

This is after the horrific lockdowns which devastated businesses, caused one in ten in Victoria to say they seriously considered suicide, and which has cost the taxpayers hundreds of billions only to be completely detrimental in every way to everyone except the large corporations.

Don’t get me wrong, the protests are good, but they haven’t stopped attacking us yet and there has been no justice for these crimes against humanity. If they keep making threats, I’ll keep making threats, and if it comes down to it, we can win a war against these horrific scum, if forced to fight it.

My opinion was always that they’re only getting away with this because people haven’t fought back with deadly force, and there’s nothing else that will make them stop this attack other than the fear that they will die personally.

If nobody kills them, (the people at the top), they will keep attacking the world, forcing poison on people, scamming the system for trillions, taking away all our rights and freedoms, and screwing our children because they’re psychopaths.

The counter argument to that is that they will only crack down harder if people fight back and they got the armed forces, a formidable enemy that we have no chance against.

For a start, the people outnumber the armed forces by over a hundred to one, and they have far more guns on paper, even in a supposedly disarmed country like Australia.

Rescue vehicle. Get fucked and die Dan Andrews you horrific communist terrorist piece of crap. You’re a marked man and your time is coming. That’s not really me saying that, it’s more like everyone saying it, but nothing is guaranteed.

Also, the armed forces are also people, as unlikely as that sounds, many of whom realize what is going on, and who don’t want to be turned against their community for the likes of these globalist communist child killing scum.

Given a bit of real pressure, it would only take a handful of the police to remove the corrupt psychopathic traitors from our government, even if the majority of them were against that idea, and I don’t think they are.

The devastation of these lies is incalculable, it’s a communist takeover of the world, and it actually has nothing to do with a virus. They want to limit travel and resource use because they want the resources, it’s not even about climate change, but that’s the next globalist scam they’re going to hit us with.

The feeling I get is they’re just doing their job, none of them want to be the one to take action like that, but if they were forced to make the choice of taking out a handful of corrupt politicians or taking on millions of pissed off citizens, it would make much more sense to take out the politicians.

The reason that’s not likely to happen is because people think it’s not likely to happen, and that’s the only reason. In Mexico, all these scum would be dead by now, they would have been dragged behind a truck until a bloody stump remained.

I do sometimes think it would be a good thing if anyone stupid enough to take this thing dies but while there’s still any sort of mandates, world war three is still underway. It’s strange that the families of the millions of victims of this shot aren’t killing their attackers now that they know, but that’s not to say they still won’t do that when they find out the details. I would be laying low if I was them rather than continuing to antagonize so called anti vaxxers, they’re asking for it.

It’s only mind control that prevents people from realizing the people have the power, and the amount of people who see what these monsters did has only grown over time, and it’s now a clear majority.

People somehow got convinced it’s totally acceptable for our young men to be sent overseas to attack a foreign country and kill millions of them to steal their resources while it’s not moral to kill the traitorous monsters killing our children at home in self defense and by now there’s no way they don’t know that’s what they’re doing.

This is what men used to be like, not that I’m the best example myself.

It’s a statist mentality, it makes no sense whatsoever in objective morality. If one percent of the population started killing the worst of them three years ago, I reckon all of this would be over by now and they would have tried something else if there were any of them left to try anything.

You can’t escape this logic, if a majority of people know these are evil, corrupt, mass murdering psychopaths at the top, (and they do now), then we can’t lose because that also includes a majority of the armed forces and these aren’t normal times.

It’s hard to say why some people who took the shot ended up with amaloid blood clots ten feet long and others didn’t, except maybe they had different batches designed to do that. The whole thing is a DARPA project, it was planned at least a decade in advance, and they told you they were going to do it, but only people like me heard what they said because it was too horrific for most people to process.

People are starting to realize we have that majority now, the mainstream media gaslighting isn’t working and I’m actually looking forward to the next attack by these criminals because the harder they push people, the more likely they are to die when the revolution begins, and those people doing all of this need to die.

I can’t see them being arrested, I can’t see them backing off and letting the world go back to normal, I see them trying to force a communist dystopia based on China but worse, and either we grow a pair and do what needs to be done to prevent it, or that’s the future for all of humanity.

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It’s far more serious than just a terrible experimental product being rammed down people’s throats, although that’s right up there on the list.

They want to take everything from us, they’re literally trying to kill us, and people will realize I’m right eventually, the question is how much will they have taken when people finally decide enough is enough and will it be too late?

I’m hopeful that this can be turned around, and maybe it won’t require a violent revolution, maybe mass non compliance is enough, but these people have to be stopped.

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2 thoughts on “The Emerging Global Health Order

  1. It does need to be stopped and I’m sure more people see that but many still talk about covid and testing as if it was 3 years ago. There are many fighting back but it seems the attack is continuing unabated. Look at that magistrate in the UK sacked for trying to take the handling of the lockdowns by the establishment to the European court of justice. They used some flimsy excuse for obvious reasons. If they can do that how do you fight these criminals legally.

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  2. This is spot on for me. And yes it needs to be stopped but people don’t want to get out of their comfort zone or are just following the gagged media. As soon as the government said no responsibility for injury or deaths I knew in my gut and I thought this is it the beginning of the NWO. We all need to stand up or we lose everything and it will be existing not living. I dispare of trying to get people to take off the blinkers. The powers who impliment this are evil, greedy, dispicable and pathetic. Everything is a lie we must hope freedom and peace with prevail.

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