Are People Just Stupid Or What?

I reached this conclusion a long time ago, most people feel the need to believe in something ridiculous, some sort of cult belief, as a vast majority, and they have to turn off all logic to do it.

I’m guilty myself, drugs was my thing. They generally make you feel bad or worse than you would otherwise, at least over the long term.

They take all your money, cause health problems, it’s a net negative but almost like a religious belief, I turn to that.

That in itself is used as a justification for why people need religion because they will always turn to something.

Food, gambling, sex, some sort of cult or addiction, and it’s better that it be Christianity, or so many people say.

I could never believe in that myself, and it is being used to exploit people and take their money as much as any other addiction, it’s just socially acceptable in places where it is, which isn’t everywhere.

It’s possible a lot of the millions of people into flat earth take it as a joke, it’s possible it’s a psy op, but I get the sense many people actually believe it. It’s the stereotype of a crazy conspiracy theory.

I had a conversation with four or five flat earthers on an Adam Green video the other day, and I had to explain to them why the earth isn’t flat, which is just incredible.

These people are so common now they turn up in numbers in places where you wouldn’t expect them, like a video about Atheism and how Christianity is the Trojan horse for Jewish power.

I would expect to find rational people there, but I had to explain how you can fly from Australia to Hawaii, which wouldn’t be possible on the flat earth map and that you could obviously find the edge of the flat earth if it was there.

I had to explain the lunar eclipse and how it happens in different parts of the world at different times, the shadow caused by the sun on the round moon, the tides, etc, and it took multiple explanations.

It blows my mind the stupidity, but then religion is almost as crazy, or perhaps even more so, just less easy to observably prove false which most people agree happened with flat earth hundreds of years ago.

People can die from measles, about the same as die of the flu, give or take, and vaccines did work to stop this obvious rash, but do you know what they didn’t have back then? 3% of the population with autism. It’s either the vaccines or chemicals in the food but saying viruses don’t exist won’t convince doctors to stop giving the shots.

This is perhaps less obvious but I also had to explain why viruses haven’t been proven not to exist.

People got measles, mumps, smallpox, etc, and you could see that they had it, and then when they took the vaccine, they didn’t get the spots anymore.

Not that I support taking all vaccines, they cause serious problems of their own but they did work on those diseases most of the time.

As Stanley Plotkin admitted on the stand, they did not prove that autism is not caused by vaccines, but they did lie and say they proved it, which tells you about all you need to know about vaccines in my opinion. That’s an obvious no brainer, pardon the pun.

It wasn’t like a small number of people observed that, almost everyone used to get measles and mumps, they even had measles parties, like chicken pox parties and you don’t need to be a doctor to observe it, even if nobody can actually see the tiny organisms.

I did look at videos by Dr Sam Bailey and Dr Andrew Kaufman. I saw how they mixed up blood and liver cells and poison and said they isolated a virus, when it was just a jumble of who knows what.

This is important to understand, they could have wiped out polio with the more expensive injections which still have problems, but which could have eradicated polio if they were trying to do that, which they’re not, because they’re evil. Saying polio doesn’t exist does nothing but make anti vaxxers look misinformed, in my opinion.

As we’re finding out now, they had multiple other viruses in the polio shot which caused serious problems of their own, but they also accidentally gave people polio, and still do to this day with the oral polio vaccine.

If viruses don’t exist, then how could you observably stop people getting spots with vaccines, and how could you give people polio with a vaccine if there wasn’t live polio in it?

What was the cutter incident, what causes cold or flu symptoms if it isn’t a virus and are you just saying that because it attacks the Rockerfeller run medical industry even though there is no alternative theory that stands up to scrutiny?

You see the problem here? The reasonable rational truth is mixed with insane nonsense perhaps on purpose to discredit the truth.

I have met Atheists who oppose the theory of evolution because they saw a video about it, somehow not realizing that the only alternative theory is God made humans out of clay with his hands in one day.

There is reason to question everything, but the most important thing to question is people’s ability to logically interpret the big picture because almost all of them get it wrong on multiple issues in an incredible way, which would be even more true if viruses don’t exist.

Many people have called me an insane conspiracy theorist, and I don’t doubt I’ve been wrong many times, but I have a very rational approach compared to many.

I can think outside the box, or I think I can, it’s just not all these theories are true or even close to it. Some of them might even be psy ops purely designed to make people look crazy.

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Once an insane belief gets rooted in the minds of people, like with covid, whether you believe it’s one side or the other who is correct, it’s almost impossible to get rid of that belief.

The fallibility of the intelligence of people generally, even at the supposed highest levels is the most important takeaway from what we’ve seen in the last few years.

People are stupid, you should question everything no matter what they’re saying because you’d be right at least half the time and much as I hate to admit it, I have to include myself in that.

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