The WEF Promotes Age Gap Love? Fact Check

I couldn’t find the WEF tweet or even a screenshot of it apart from this thumbnail, there was no link to the WEF site, and many of the links in the NewsPunch article were from over a decade ago. Not that it isn’t still relevant, but there are large holes in this story.

The World Economic Forum was falsely claimed to have come out in favor of “age gap love” saying it could reduce the population growth rate, at least according to the fact check, which could be a lie itself, but probably not in this case.

I starting writing this post thinking it was true, because why wouldn’t I assume that it was true? Just bare that in mind.

I don’t trust fact checks but I can’t find any evidence the story was true and it isn’t the first time I’ve seen fake stories from these sources.

Nigeria has the largest age gap and the average woman there has over five children, and so the claim that it would depopulate the world is quite clearly false and not something they would push to the general world public if they were actually trying to depopulate.

In fact, they’re spending millions on gender programs in Pakistan and Afghanistan to achieve the opposite result and as far as I can tell that was the eugenics program, feminism and raising the age of consent and marriage.

There are two sides to this story in my opinion, and it should be obvious but I’ll explain what I think in easy to understand terms.

Teens who have gone through puberty have powerful urges to have sex, and not just boys.

They want to have sex, they do it all the time, or at least some of them do, and more often the girls than the boys, half of whom are still virgins in their twenties, but not by choice for them, or rarely.

They raised the age of consent from 13 about a hundred years ago but people still got married in their early teens until the fifties or so in the west.

Most people would make the case that a 14 year old isn’t an adult, but the point I’m making is that’s the claim with less historical basis.

I just got told a story of a woman’s aunt who stayed with them until she turned 14 so she could get married and that was in the 1980s in America, so it was actually a recent change in that direction.

The age of becoming a man or woman is 14 in Judaism and that was what our laws used to be based around whether you trust the Jews or not because it goes back a long time and was very influential on Christian and Muslim laws.

The fifties are iconic as the perfect American age in many people’s mind and they generally got married young and stayed married.

People are saying they’re normalizing pedophilia, but they only recently normalized girls who definitely went through puberty not having sex with guys a couple of years older than them, simply because they said so.

If you can make an argument for why you should allow your 14 year old daughter to see her 14 year old boyfriend but would grind up her 20 year old boyfriend into compost in a wood chipper, go ahead, but that’s quite insane in my opinion and it needs to be said.

The average age gap in the West is 2 years with the man older.

These teen girls are like I want to be with Johnny, he’s got a car and a job, he can take me places, he’s a real man, why do you have to be such a bitch and then they get real upset and sometimes run away with him.

It’s a very common story and in my view that is clearly not pedophilia or rape and that is the vast majority of these “crimes” as they’re called, not to say there aren’t real crimes going on.

The issue is what they want for themselves, you can clearly tell when something is being pushed on them or if they seek it out, although grown women can also be moody and choosy and emotional.

Then there’s the other side of it, pre teens and younger, which is hard to defend, it does seem to cause suffering, but there’s no specific age which determines there will be a negative result.

I think it’s important to define rape as a violent or coercive act, and I don’t really accept the claim by that older guy in New Zealand that the 12 year old girl pressured him for sex, but it is consistent with a girl who has gone through puberty to want a man, and vice versa.

It’s obviously a prerequisite for getting married that the two people want to get married but it’s also disregarding their feelings if you forcibly stop them from being with the person they love which may have consequences of it’s own. What happened to our society? Most people won’t ever get married. Marriage rates halved since the nineties and porn, prostitution and drugs took over.

Obviously you can see why it would make parents very angry with such a large age gap but each case is different and saying they should all be violently murdered for doing what they always did and still do in many cultures around the world is a crime in itself if it’s just a blanket statement.

I’ve said this before and invariably somebody will threaten me with painful death, it’s the go to response from conservatives if you question any part of this, but actually being conservative of old traditions should include allowing teens to get married like they always did, at least with a parent’s agreement, and especially their agreement.

Do you notice the signs are in English? Just saying. If there’s anything that looks like an obvious depopulation agenda it’s this photo.

That’s the other thing, they used to get married first, the guy would ask the father for a girl’s hand in marriage, they would offer a dowry or show they could provide for her for the rest of her life. It was a very different time from today and many would argue much better.

I don’t see how you could argue that things are working in our society today and not just because of the more recent changes being made by the elites.

I don’t think people shouldn’t be free to be gay or trans or whatever, but if you think they ended pedophilia by ending traditional marriage, you got another thing coming.

We’re messed up beyond belief in every way and it’s been that way for many decades. That’s how I see it and we would do well to take a look back in time to see how they did things because they didn’t think their society was completely screwed.

I can see both sides of the story but you do have to accept there are clearly two sides. It’s not black and white and just because the law says something does not make it morally righteous.

They are simultaneously saying traditional marriage is wrong and pushing this LGBTQIA+ propaganda on children. It’s an obvious eugenics program, the whole thing, for a hundred years. You can say child marriage is wrong but have you noticed things getting better since a majority of adults aren’t married?

I don’t want people to think I’m in favor of actual pedophilia, I just think that like feminism, the propaganda has gone too far in one direction without any pushback and if you don’t have any pushback, it can get out of control and stray far away from reality and tradition.

Obviously there is a very dark side to “age gap love” which deserves a serious fight against it, if locking them up in jail for life isn’t enough, and there are already many of the more serious criminals in jail for life.

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I agree there needs to be justice for serious crimes, but if I can’t even express an opinion like this about turning back the clock to the fifties without getting death threats then these people obviously can’t distinguish between a real problem and a manufactured one.

The WEF are evil for a whole range of reasons and if this claim was true it would only add to the list but my opinion on age of consent laws and general public opinion on this issue is they do need to tone it down a little with the murderous rage and have a more proportionate response based on the actual harm done.

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2 thoughts on “The WEF Promotes Age Gap Love? Fact Check

  1. Putting forth the statement that things were better, more perfect, etc. in the United States back in the 50’s is simplistic; Pollyanna; unrealistic, and does not recall history very well.

    Racism against non-whites was still very much the cultural norm, not to mention stifling gender and sexuality definitions imposed by society in general.

    Children were probably being sexually assaulted back then as well; it just wasn’t as obvious.

    Although you make a few salient points here & there in your various articles, your white supremacist and anti-Hebrew views are disturbing, to put it mildly.

    Don’t misunderstand me. It is completely and utterly wrong for the Israeli army to wage war against the unarmed Palestinian people.

    It is also completely and utterly wrong for an American woman who happens to have Eurasian ancestry but appears Asian because her mother’s genes were dominant, to be brought to a jail; not have her Miranda rights read; not have her told what the charges were, and then attack her in the shower room, breaking over 95% of her teeth, unable to defend herself, with her so traumatized that she blacked out during the entire experience. That woman was me, and it happened in the “great American State” of Kentucky.

    Race is simply ancestry. One’s personality; soul; heart; how one treats others, and ethics should matter much more than whether a person is white; Hebrew; Asian; green; purple; mauve, or whatever.

    Think about that for a while.


    1. I have thought about it, I basically said I think Jews are white people, but their religion is the problem. I can’t tell you how many rabbis I’ve heard smiling as they wipe their hands together saying Europe is done, America is done, finished. Blotting out all memory of Amalek. You know what I mean? It’s the religion I have a problem with. Importing immigrants until white people are a minority in their own countries is a problem too and you have the same kind of violence you’re talking about being perpetrated in Europe to people just because they’re white by immigrants, usually fundamentalist Muslims. They have reason to be upset but they’re taking it out on the wrong people. I never suggested you target anyone because of their race, or even their religion, unless it’s in self defense and as I explained in my latest post about the anti white agenda, there is definitely call for self defense with the way we’re being attacked right now.


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