The Big Reveal Of Covid Vaccine Deaths

The reason I don’t bother giving “trusted sources” anymore.

For those of us who were warning of the problems with covid vaccines and mrna technology even before it came out, this doesn’t seem like revealing anything, but the brainwashed masses still haven’t figured it out completely yet.

The shot didn’t work, like not at all, or some studies say it improves your chances for a few weeks then goes into negative territory, and even pro vaxxers like Dr John Campbell are revealing those studies on YouTube and calling for a pause or an end to covid vaccines.

He basically said the risk/benefit ratio has changed because the virus evolved and is less deadly but more transmissible, but the study he showed put him at a larger risk for getting the virus than an unvaccinated person at the time from injection.

Millions of side effects, he said one in 800 had serious adverse events but that all depends on how you define serious and who is actually telling you those are the right numbers.

Are they relying on VAERS, which was proven to only report 1% of the real number of adverse events?

People are proven to follow orders and to believe the propaganda pushed by the government no matter how stupid it is. This was the proof, everything they did over the last few years.

There’s many other sources, but the real evidence is the non covid excess deaths which far exceed the covid deaths, even though we know not all of those were actually covid.

When you add up the numbers, no matter how you do it, it shows the response to the pandemic, (and remember they changed the definition of a pandemic to make it one in the first place), caused more death and injuries by far, especially in young people.

The numbers of people taking the latest bivalent boosters show that a majority do understand this to some degree now, that even if you could improve your chances by taking a booster every three months, that’s not sustainable, and it may kill you with the side effects.

I never seen anything so pathetic as regular people defending the deaths of possibly millions of people by pretending it was something else causing it. They all know what’s happening.

There are two things stopping that narrative from coming out in a big way, the financing of the government and the media by big pharma, and people feeling stupid that they believed the lies.

Perhaps the claims of mass genocide were slightly exaggerated by some, but the fact that the entire covid response was a net loss financially, mentally, and in people’s health generally, that’s proven for sure, and it’s not over yet.

The actual claims made by well respected experts such as Dr Robert Malone who invented the mrna technology was that it could take five years or more before you see all the deaths from heart problems.

It’s real easy to fix the system so it serves the people and not the elites, but do I expect the masses to make that happen? Not really.

Myocarditis is a degenerative disease and so are some of the other side effects like guillan barre or transverse myelitis so it isn’t over yet. Half those diagnosed with myocarditis will be dead in a decade or so.

The problem is bad enough with anyone who took the first two shots, even though most aren’t taking them anymore, but they still have mandates for boosters in some places, or at some companies.

If people want to be a lab rat, that’s one thing, but people have been forced to take this shot or they would be fired, and in my opinion that’s criminal, a violation of the Nuremberg code, often being carried out by people who know nothing about medicine.

My belief is this was all planned out years in advance, the shot and apparently the virus was made by the same people.

The WEF represents the big banker money and the plans of those at the top. It seems like it’s Klaus leading it, but he doesn’t really have that much money himself so it goes higher than that.

It was actually DARPA, the US military, pretending to be the NIH, or it’s the same people at the top anyway.

It was a test on how a biological weapons attack would play out, or that’s the cover story to the cover story. A simulation of a deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen.

They spelled out what they were going to do in scenarios for the future of technology and international development from the Rockerfeller Foundation, in SPARS 2025 – 2028 from Johns Hopkins, in event 201 and other places.

It’s hard to fake a 10-15% increase in excess deaths worldwide which isn’t to say they couldn’t do it, I just don’t see why they would fake that.

What it actually looks like is they planned for the growing citizen pushback, they planned for the “misinformation” and the millions who would be getting their news exclusively from “ZapQ” anti vax sites.

They mentioned the fact checkers owned by Bill Gates at event 201 who would be censoring so called misinformation about a coronavirus that took over the world two months later.

It seems like it was part of their plan to push both narratives, anti vax and pro vax at the same time, to test their capabilities of controlling what people could see and therefore think online.

It’s very hard to tell what is real in that context, and it seems very similar to the operation trust program the bolsheviks were running while communism was being implemented in Russia.

Money is a factor in all corporations, but when you look at who owns them, they can just print their own money so they don’t care that much or they may have many other motivations.

They ran the opposition, which had a similar idea about a secret group of top military insiders who were working against the communist takeover, and they pushed so much disinformation, nobody knew what was real anymore.

It’s like the guy from the CIA said, we will know our campaign of disinformation is complete when everything the American public believes is a lie.

At this point, I’m even questioning whether the vaccine reactions are real, although that was the most likely scenario, a depopulation operation, to add to all the others, and there are tons of other eugenics or dysgenics programs going on at the same time.

Eugenics is where they try to promote the survival of the fittest or the best genes which is most clearly evident in feminism because they have more ability to decide for themselves who they have kids with.

Yep, an mrna injection to fix the problems caused by mrna. I heard one guy say he was in an mrna trial for a different drug many years ago and almost everyone in that trial died.

Dysgenics is where they exterminate the lower quality people, push euthanasia for the disabled, which is happening in Canada right now, but it’s not very well targeted with the covid vaccines, it’s just anyone dumb enough to trust the government.

It doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense for them to destroy that trust in the government, which most people had up until this point, at least to some degree.

The only thing they have left after the trust is gone is brute force, the methods of a totalitarian dictatorship, which is what they openly say the new system will be if they get their way, something like China.

I assume that Facebook has been captured by the government or actually the bankers much like Twitter was, they probably blackmailed them with children, threatened them with death, who knows, but that doesn’t excuse their crimes against humanity.

Honestly, I think these people are insane and not as smart as they think they are, although you do have to give them credit for the amount of planning that went into this terrible idea.

As other people have mentioned many times, these people seem to be total psychopaths, perhaps literal Satan worshipers, so when you look for motivation, their motivation might just be pure hate and evil.

When you get further up the power pyramid to the people who make their money from starting wars for weapons profits, who sell drugs and women and children, their motivation is no longer money and power because they already got it.

Obviously I wouldn’t suggest people who took five shots taking a sixth one but it was of course a repeat customer business model.

Honestly, I’m sick of the whole thing, I just want to go back to not caring about all this crap, but to get to that point, I need to make sure a majority of people realize the evil of these scum.

There’s basically one group of people in control, the further you get to the top the more ruthless and evil they are, and it’s been proven that they are completely evil so many times it should not be a question in anyone’s minds.

They are proven to be liars so you can’t tell for sure on any particular issue, but the general theme is they want power, money, sex, particularly with children, and they’re trying to depopulate the world.

Buy a hoodie on eBay or check out the clothing page.

None of these things are in question, they say them openly, it’s not a conspiracy theory, in fact 90% of the time if you hear somebody use that phrase on TV that means it’s true.

The fact you are now hearing doctors and experts discussing the covid vaccine injuries on TV and in mainstream places is perhaps cause for doubt simply because those places usually lie for big pharma and it may be part of a larger agenda.

Still, I can’t see it as being a bad thing because there’s no way I was ever going to be forced to take that crap and if nothing else it proves to the MSM watchers they should have been more careful.

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One thought on “The Big Reveal Of Covid Vaccine Deaths

  1. I just can’t believe this is still going on and doctors are only now supposedly openly discussing vax injuries on msm. I can’t believe that doctors are that stupid that they couldn’t see the connection earlier considering these injections were part of an experiment. Basically experimental. Who injects that into people and doesn’t question any side effects before giving it or being curious after the patient comes back with adverse effects. The whole thing has been constructed and the whole system needs to be overhauled. The medical system, doctors, pharmaceuticals, drug companies, science, eductation, etc. The whole lot. The fact that this is still going on shows the power of those running the media and the brainwashed population still going along with it.

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