What Does It Need To Master The Future?

I sort of wish I could laugh at the insanity of the world, the moronic woke cultural marxism, the covid cult, the globalists and their plans to make us eat bugs, but it just isn’t that funny.

I have an empathetic nature, when I see someone getting bullied or hurt, even an animal, I get angry and I want to see justice done and everyone has a different idea of justice, but it isn’t rocket science.

If there’s a psycho killer on the loose, you need to get the police to arrest them, or you need to kill them yourself and if either isn’t done then everyone is in serious danger.

That’s well understood as the morally righteous thing to do, at least if it’s just a regular psycho killer and not a high level criminal, an elite mass murderer.

For some reason, that idea of justice just gets thrown out the window and the law or even the notion of self defense doesn’t seem to apply in most people’s minds.

Is it the Jews? It’s not all of them but there’s not a single US politician who isn’t a zionist, and if they suddenly became antisemitic, they wouldn’t be a US politician anymore.

The confusion on the issue seems to be with pinpointing who exactly is responsible for this global campaign of genocide, fraud, robbery and treason.

The covid thing is the prime example, the fear based mind control pushed by the media, the lies coming from the highest levels all over the world, all at once, made it hard to tell where to draw the line on who was complicit, and who was just misled.

Being such a large and complicated situation with so many moving parts, it’s not easy to calculate exact numbers for a risk/benefit calculation, but any way you slice it, it was obvious from the start it was going to be negative.

The way I see things, it’s proven it was entirely negative, and it’s so thoroughly proven I can’t be bothered trying to prove it anymore, I’ll just tell you what I have going through my mind every day about what should be done with the people at the top.

They should be killed if they can’t be arrested, because they’re psycho killers, and a serious danger to everyone in the world.

In Australia alone, a jumbo jet full of people dying every week and if it was from delayed medical treatments that was also them.

That was always my opinion, and it was my opinion before this covid thing even happened because they were already evil beyond measure, ruthless beyond comprehension.

If you can’t comprehend their evil, I can list things like the millions of children killed in endless wars for banker profits, the big pharma corporations who knowingly sold blood tainted with HIV, cancer causing chemicals on the crops and all that.

It’s a very long list and it mostly leads to the same people at the top, the bankers who own everything and if they don’t know what’s going on with their money then that in itself is criminal.

What they did in the last few years was such a large attack, it’s basically every crime you could think of, and even some you couldn’t think of, unspeakable and unthinkable for good people.

I realize that I’m conflating things like being an individual member of the World Economic Forum with some of the things they did, like the pre planning exercise event 201, which to me shows they planned the pandemic in advance, very clearly.

If you want to see them telling you they were going to do all this in advance, check out Poppy telling you about the scary mask coming. It’s not like Fauci telling you there will be a surprise outbreak from the lab I funded, but it shows who they really are.

That wasn’t the only pre planning they did, and I’ve given multiple examples before, but suffice to say in my mind I have proven they attacked the world with biological weapons, (if there is even a new virus), and caused even more death and suffering with the response.

This was in addition to everything else they had already done, which was already worse than that, so it’s basically about the equivalent of nuking every country in the world, that’s the magnitude of their crimes and I’m not even joking.

That’s the kind of terrorism that makes people freeze in fear, and I don’t really blame them, it is of course dangerous to fight a war with someone who has biological weapons that they’re not afraid to use without any provocation at all, let alone if you started killing them back.

The thing is, I can’t see how it is even a choice not to fight a war on such a group of people if you believe like I do that they just attacked us in that way.

Unlike the agents in the Matrix, there is no supernatural power these people have that we can’t also obtain. It’s all in the mind.

Like millions are probably thinking, I don’t have an army, I don’t even have a gun, it’s not like I could actually fight a war by myself, it’s not like I could even find one of these scum in some unknown location in another country.

What surprises me is that the general sentiment isn’t kill, kill, kill them all, every last one of these psychopathic terrorists, these communists guilty of these horrific crimes against humanity.

It’s obviously a different mindset if you aren’t aware that their crimes aren’t just those of greed and corruption but premeditated mass murder of millions, but they were already guilty of premeditated mass murder of millions, out in the open.

The fact they can do this while telling you they’re trying to save your grandma shows you that they’re lying, and in fact they’re actively killing grandma with midazolam and morphine.

They never stop, they are doing it right now, starving children to death with sanctions in Yemen and other places, not that anyone really hears much about that and all their other mass murder sprees which never end.

In the past, most people in the west were able to write that off as somebody else’s problem because they weren’t killing millions of us, but it seems that even when they know that they are killing millions of us, they still somehow manage not to care.

I would say I’m stuck at four or five on this chart.

The whole covid thing is like 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq, but worse, and on the whole world, while they’re also flooding the borders with immigrants, brainwashing children with trans propaganda, attacking the food and energy supply, attacking our freedom of speech, etc.

It’s very clear we are at war, but we aren’t, because we aren’t killing them, we’re only getting killed, and not in small numbers but millions of people a year right now.

In almost every other country the evil empire invaded, they managed to blow up a few of them with roadside bombs, even if they lived in mud huts, but most people still haven’t even realized that they are killing us at all.

When I say the evil empire, I mean they’re objectively evil, child killing monsters, psychopaths, or at least sociopaths, and there’s no debating that from a neutral perspective.

I wouldn’t trust this guy as far as I could throw him because his religion teaches him to kill children who might one day grow up to kill them, and that all goyim try to kill Jews at least once every generation. Ironically though, they might be right in thinking that, simply because it’s a self fulfilling prophecy.

If you’re a vicious zionist you might brag about killing two birds with one stone as you hit a pregnant Palestinian woman with a sniper bullet because you been brainwashed with hate and bred to be a psychopathic killer.

The people who justify those kind of actions from their army on a helpless so called “enemy” will do nothing and even advocate that nothing be done to the most real threat we have ever faced, perhaps in the entire history of the west whether it’s in America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, even in Europe.

If you think we can vote these people out, you’re crazy.

These people are the worst threat we have ever faced, and if there was ever a threat that was worse, it was likely caused by the exact same people, the bankers, the Jews.

It was the same bankers behind communism, it was them who trained and funded Al Qaeda, Saddam, ISIS and Asov, even the Nazis, mostly through America, which they have also controlled for a long time now.

This speaks for itself, but make sure you get it.

If people do wake up to the real and present danger we are actually in and see who is responsible at the top as a majority, they are only a bunch of rich old men who bleed red like anyone else.

If the people who know where they are and who have the ability took action on the worst threat humanity has ever faced, it could be over in one day, even without bloodshed, but this is a war of mind control and these are the all time masters of mind control so it might never happen.

Buy an emergency kit on eBay or check out the prepping page.

If it doesn’t, and nothing changes, the least we can expect is for the same endless genocide to continue, and most likely to get much worse.

On the flipside, if it does get much worse, if people are made too uncomfortable, if they anger them more than they already have, I can only imagine their luck will run out.

Perhaps it needs to get worse before it can get better, but I think they know they’re walking on thin ice now and public opinion is only turning against them.

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