The Dangerous Anti White Agenda

For the average normie brainwashed with Jewish media it sounds like white supremacy to call out the anti white agenda, and most of them won’t even look at a video like this to see how bad it actually is.

I just got banned on Facebook for about the 27th time for another 30 days for sharing this video, and I sort of expected I would, but the only way we can even survive is to not back down in the face of this threat, and it is a serious threat.

They’re trying to make laws in the US and other places to criminalize white people who talk about the replacement migration agenda, or who talk about the power of the Jews, which shows very clearly who’s running the world.

I don’t like Christianity either, but this sounds like Satanism to me, they’re absolutely impossible to coexist with if they take this death cult literally.

Brendon O’Connell just did a video calling this guy a white supremacist and a shill connected to the Infowars network, which he reckons is the Kissinger network, but it seems to me he’s not saying the same things as they are, and I can’t see how anyone can tell if he’s controlled opposition.

He tried to imply that Whitney Webb not exposing the connection between Israel and Iran, or Israel and Russia might lead to all of us ending up in smart city gulags but it seemed like a bit of a stretch.

I have explored the idea of many of the people in alternative media being controlled opposition, I just wouldn’t say it’s proven in most cases, and the best argument he has against them is that they don’t push people to take action or don’t tell the full truth which is very hard to prove.

At the same time, he doesn’t push people to take action or says we’re only at a one or two out of ten in terms of being justified in responding with deadly force to this attack which if you haven’t noticed, has already killed millions and looks exactly like communism.

It isn’t really taking action to hand out flyers compared with sharing on social media, (although that might be worth trying), and it isn’t going to change things much to try to get involved in politics, (though it needs to be tried as well), and here’s why.

They shot JFK in the head for trying to take on the power of the CIA, the bankers, and the secret societies and things have gotten worse since then.

They arrested Julian Assange for releasing leaked videos that showed war crimes of the US army in the middle east and Brendon himself said he had his arm broken and is hiding in another country as a refugee just for making videos.

If people actually want to fight a war and win it, it makes no sense at all not to fight the war with guns, in the same way they fight wars on their enemies. Anything less than matching them with force is destined to fail, no matter what people say.

It’s simply the wrong mindset people have, they think they’ve already lost, when we outnumber them by a huge number, a hundred to one, a thousand to one, a million to one, depending on who you’re talking about.

The idea that they can arrest you for hate speech requires that there isn’t a large percentage of the population saying the same things because they can’t arrest millions of people.

The same is true if millions of people were to fight a war for real, and in fact it only took one guy with a gun to shoot the president, which actually happened multiple times to multiple US presidents.

It doesn’t take a CIA agent, it doesn’t take a military man, the guy who shot Reagan was apparently just some mentally ill guy like the guy who shot John Lennon, although there is suspicion that both were actually working for the CIA as well or some other intelligence agency.

I don’t really blame people for not wanting to be the guy who hands out antisemitic flyers, I definitely don’t blame people for not wanting to try to assassinate a president or a Rothschild.

The thing is, if nobody does it, it doesn’t get done, and they think they’re untouchable, and will continue with their out in the open campaign of white genocide which also destroys the other races at the same time.

I’m not overstating that, it couldn’t be more obvious that’s what they’re doing, and it also couldn’t be more obvious who is doing it, the Jews.

Obviously you can’t say it’s all Jews, any group of people will have those who agree with an opinion and those who don’t, but it’s not a hidden thing.

They admit it, and I can’t remember them having a reason for all this hate in recent times, but historically they have a hell of a lot of reasons to hold a grudge.

There was the holocaust, (much as the numbers were exaggerated), and the pogroms and expulsion of Jews from almost every country in the world over the last thousand years or more.

If you haven’t worked out 9/11 was done by the Jews yet, and that even if it wasn’t directly the Jews it was still definitely the Jews, then you aren’t awake.

There was a reason they killed them or expelled them from almost every country, it’s systemically built into their religion to become so intolerable they have to be removed from a non Jewish society and the more you find out about them, the more you will realize that.

I don’t want to be fighting this war and I’m sure nobody does, but as I’ve said before, I don’t think we have any choice.

If we manage to wake up people to the seriousness of the threat we can take the power back and if we don’t, it’s not just a matter of losing power and being enslaved, they seriously want us all dead or to blot out all memory of Amalek as they say.

I used to find Christianity annoying, these people are intolerable unless you can beat them into submission so they don’t try to do the same to you, because they will, they’re commanded to by their insane and primitive books. You basically have to dominate them like a dog, or more like a wolf and then you have to realize they will try to get revenge until the end of time

I didn’t personally do anything to provoke this, the last time anyone really attacked the Jews was eighty years ago and so the kind of Jewish people who have a vendetta on white people for that are vindictive and racist as hell.

It automatically gets turned around as me attacking the Jews for pointing out how badly they’re attacking us, but it speaks for itself, it’s proven beyond a shadow of a doubt and it requires a serious response.

If people don’t understand how the Nazis felt in Germany in world war two, why they did what they did, and why that was a fairly common story over history, then they just aren’t paying attention.

Communism was entirely Jewish, most people still don’t realize that it is, or was, and when you put the pieces together, there’s no group of people who did more damage to humanity ever. I can only say we should have learned our lesson enough not to let the same thing happen again, and so should they, but history keeps repeating and it’s a nightmare scenario.

It’s fairly simple, if we grow enough balls to take the power back in a large movement all taking action at the same time we can win the war with our larger numbers while we still have the numbers and it’s not necessarily just white people although that’s what they’re trying to make it.

If the Jews, their Marxist black allies and the Zionist Christians selling out their own people exert more force than we do in response, are more vicious and dominating than we are, then they will win, it’s as simple as that.

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I don’t like to promote being a cold blooded killer, but attack is the best defense if you need to defend yourself, and they aren’t going to stop this crap until we stop them and that’s what always had to happen with these people, every single time.

If you don’t get what I’m saying and why I feel the need to say it, whatever.

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