Pfizer Is Planning Their Own Gain Of Function

These scientists don’t have a job unless they make money.

To some, this seems like one of the biggest stories happening right now, but it doesn’t seem all that much different to what they were already doing, to me.

The corrupt and completely bought NIH was funding the Wuhan lab doing gain of function which they also said wasn’t gain of function by claiming it was directed evolution or some such nonsense.

What you have to realize is the bankers own the NIH, the FDA, Pfizer, Moderna, the US government, and most governments in the world, so it’s all the same people anyway.

They told you they were going to do all of this years in advance, most recently before the pandemic with event 201, which was funded by the WEF, along with Bill Gates and Johns Hopkins.

The same WEF who is simultaneously pushing a great reset modeled on the great success of China and it’s social credit system.

The same Bill Gates who owns shares in multiple vaccine factories, and the same Johns Hopkins who released another planning scenario, SPARS 2025-2028 in 2017.

They did it five years earlier than it predicted, but almost everything was exactly the same, the vaccines would cause more harm than good for a coronavirus, millions were getting their news exclusively from ZapQ anti vax sites, etc.

I can lay out the rest of the predictive programming, the other planning documents, but at this point you either get it or you are religiously willfully ignorant and probably would never be reading this post.

They planned the whole thing, it’s an attack, and it wasn’t just to make money, although that was a large incentive for a lot of people.

It was to depopulate the world, with Bill Gates saying in his TED talk Innovating to Zero if we do a really good job on health care and new vaccines, we could lower that, (the population) by ten to fifteen percent.

He was talking about ten to fifteen percent of 2.2 billion people, 6.8 billion, headed up to 9 billion, which works out to 220 to 340 million people he would reduce with health care and new vaccines.

Some might say that you can do that with abortion and contraceptive pills, and you can to some degree, but that was already there, and it didn’t reduce the population, it definitely slowed it down in western countries, but they just imported people.

What other health care were they talking about? Sterilizing children by transitioning them to another sex? Pumping them full of opiates?

No, that all plays a role, but the new vaccines he was talking about seem to be the major part of the depopulation agenda, at least in first world countries, and whether you believe in the covid virus or not, if it exists, they made it for this agenda.

I say if it exists because I got sick, it felt like the flu to me, there’s no way of knowing even if I got tested, and no reason to bother either way because it wasn’t that bad, and they knew it wasn’t, for most people.

They won’t accept no as an answer while they’re in control.

The attacking the world with biological weapons sounds like the worst part of it, until you realize that more people are dying now than there was at the height of the pandemic, and whatever is causing it, (which isn’t covid), that is the worst part by far.

So, the planning of the response which immediately stood out to me as the most severely negative part of the whole thing, they are all on record as planning that, even if they didn’t make the virus, which they did, if it even exists.

I’m absolutely certain of that because they told me they did themselves, not once but dozens of times in dozens of different ways.

Always in such a way as the most brainwashed mind controlled NPC robots could dismiss it, if they even watched the videos at all, which they often didn’t.

I’m talking to some of them who still haven’t got it at this stage and one of them is like I’ll never click on any of your stupid videos, and then calls me a terrorist for being an anti vaxxer.

That guy will be the last to know and probably the first to take whatever boosters they send his way, and to be honest I hope they kill him with it.

I did my part in trying to wake these people up, even my own father won’t listen to me, and I’ve just stopped trying to talk him out of it, and he said himself if he dies, he dies.

There’s not much you can do at that point, even though 85% didn’t take the latest booster in the USA. If anyone’s dumb enough to take it, or not quit their job if they require it, then there’s nothing else that can be done.

As I was telling them, when 86% say they don’t want to be ruled by the WEF who openly say they want to turn the world into China, the only way it happens is if those people don’t actively resist.

My view from over a decade ago was you have to kill them, all of these corrupt evil puppets of these banker scum, they’re psychopaths, mass murderers.

These people aren’t hiding their criminality at all and like I keep saying they’re mass murderers of millions and if you think they won’t kill you because of some kind of loyalty to their “own people” you’re a fool.

That probably wouldn’t work if people think that won’t work, simply because not enough people are going to do it if they think nobody else will, but with just a little bit more pressure, it might become the only option.

Either the vast majority refuse completely anything these terrorists push on us, meaning there’s no way it can be done, or a small minority of about one to five percent take the country, (or the world), over by force.

There are various Jewish sects, different affiliations, but they will tell you themselves they are controlling all of this at the top. It’s the bankers and that’s not all of them, but would you trust a Chinese guy not to be loyal to the CCP? Also, a trillion dollars buys a lot, they’re insanely rich.

If you don’t think that could happen, in the bolshevik revolution, only about one percent of the leading revolutionaries were Russian, and 90 percent were Jews.

They took over the country without even being ethnically from that country, changed their names to hide the fact they were Jews, pushed a bunch of propaganda that stopped people from forming a resistance and for all I know, they still run the country today.

They did have the backing of some of the biggest money in the world, the Rothschilds and friends, but if the Russian people had seen it coming in advance, there’s no way it would have worked if they had organized against it.

That’s the thing, most people aren’t trained soldiers, most people don’t even have a gun in most parts of the world, and soldiers usually follow orders, so it all comes down to the people at the top giving the orders.

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If you see a communist or a fascist, or whatever you want to call these people taking over your country for the World Economic Forum, my view is you can’t vote them out, or they would have been voted out, you have to kill them.

You might want to give them notice like having a hundred thousand people or more walking down the street holding nooses and the like, in every major city in every country in the world.

If they don’t get the message, don’t change their policies, knowing full well that a vast majority oppose them and their globalist masters, self defense is justified, and it is self defense.

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