Bill Gates Bought BioNTech Shares In 2019

Here’s a basic timeline, (leaving many things out), Bill Gates buys 55 million worth of shares in BioNTech in September 2019, a startup working on mrna technology.

The next month, he organizes event 201 along with the WEF and Johns Hopkins, a scenario about a coronavirus that takes over the world, in which they talk about how they could censor “misinformation” with Bill Gates funded fact checkers.

Two months later in December, news of a coronavirus comes out from Wuhan, which just happens to have a lab working on coronaviruses from bats, funded by Fauci’s NIH.

Three years later, after terrorizing the world, costing them tens of trillions of dollars, killing millions of people, exhausting the public’s tolerance for the deadly shots, and making ten times his money, Gates admits they don’t work, especially for elderly people.

Another scenario from Johns Hopkins in 2017 predicted the same thing, with the inclusion of the fact the vaccine for that “fictional” coronavirus didn’t work and caused more harm than good.

I’ve been telling people about this, and tons of other clear evidence of the pre planning of this crime, perhaps the worst crime against humanity ever, since about March of 2020, along with millions of other people.

The amount of people who get what they did is growing all the time, but there’s some sort of fear that prevents them from rising up against this group of mass murdering terrorist criminals, and that’s sort of understandable, but not really.

My last two posts were about how Pfizer are engineering viruses in the lab, how they bought off the regulatory agencies, the media, the governments of the world, and how even the people who work there say it’s a cash cow for them, bad for everyone else.

If these people were anyone else, they would be put in prison, and that would be the end of it. That can still be the end of it, somebody just has to do it.

You don’t need a veterinarian who specialized in animal husbandry to run that company, you don’t need somebody like Bill Gates and all his money, you could just take all his money for being a mass murdering piece of scum.

People haven’t yet woken up to that possibility, that if we all agree that these people cannot be allowed to rule us, we can just take everything they have, give it to charity or whatever, and execute them.

I’m not really sure why there’s anyone left who can’t see how corrupt and evil the whole system is, I don’t know what could possibly convince anyone who is yet to be convinced, and I’m just appalled by the whole thing.

Biden just declared that in May, the emergency powers of covid will be over, so it is basically over, but these horrific scum are still saying you will “need” a covid shot every year, even though the vast majority have learned enough not to take them anymore.

I’m going to take that as a partial win, most people lost faith in these monsters, and they’re not dead or in jail, (yet), but with about a billion people who want them dead, they’ll probably get what’s coming to them at some point, you would hope.

To end this post, here’s an interesting story from two years ago, (I missed it at the time), about the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu from Haaretz:

Have you ever seen such psychotic lunatics in all your life? This isn’t even scratching the surface, but it’s just unbelievable.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has apparently kept and mounted the syringe used to inject him with the COVID-19 vaccine. The premier showed off the artifact in a video on his official Facebook page on Monday.

“Every time someone visits from abroad, I show them this arrowhead,” Netanyahu says in the video, gesturing to a display case in his office featuring a replica of a Roman arrowhead from Yodfat, which he explains is the first Galilee fortress to fall to the Romans.

“I tell them, that’s the Romans, they’re not here anymore.” He presents, in the same display, a model of the Israeli Arrow anti-ballistic missile.

“And now I show them something else, another arrow,” he continues, moving onto a second display case bearing the single syringe.

“This is the syringe that gave me the first vaccine out of the millions of vaccines that we brought to Israel. We’ll be the first country in the world to exit the coronavirus [crisis]. With faith, anything is possible.”

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On the wood base of the syringe’s display, there is a plaque bearing one of Netanyahu’s own quotes from that day: “One small shot for man, one giant step for the health of us all.”

3.2 million extra officially disabled people in the USA alone, a ten percent increase, is what that shot did, and it didn’t work, even according to Bill Gates, and anyone who still says it did in 2023 is in my opinion also guilty, regardless of whether they got paid or not.

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