Multiple Cities Ban Eating Meat

It begins. This is a real story, they banned meat in schools, hospitals and nursing homes in Edinburgh, which was the second city in the UK and the twentieth in the world including Los Angeles, apparently.

This is according to the Daily Mail which says they’re taking part in the plant based treaty as part of a push to slow climate change.

A council report said: ‘Overall, the science is clear: Meat and dairy consumption must reduce to achieve climate targets.’

Hmm, where have I heard trust the science recently? A bunch of evil lying mass murdering weasels trying to kill us all?

It’s quite obvious these people didn’t consult the public first, and they’re forcing it on the weakest people in society who need a good diet rich in protein the most: kids, sick people and old people.

If you talk to a vegan they will tell you it often takes years to figure out how to replace the vital nutrients they got from animal proteins and often they just couldn’t do it and had to go back to meat.

Hospital food and school lunches are known for being crappy as hell, and I can’t imagine them creating top of the line vegan food that puts together the rare or expensive food items necessary to make a balanced vegan diet.

That’s the first thing to consider, and then is the fact that climate change is a hoax, or they lied about it so much you couldn’t blame anyone for thinking it was.

Every country in the world is warming up at twice the rate of the rest of the world even though the average temperature of the world went down for the last eight years.

This is what the Plant Based Treaty website has to say about it:

How about no, you psychotic woke idiots? If you want to eat lentils that’s fine with me, but if you force that crap on me in a nursing home I’ll take my chances with prison food. Everyone knows you’re lying about just about every part of this whole thing.

Fossil fuels and animal agriculture are the driving force behind runaway global warming as well as extensive biodiversity loss, large-scale deforestation, species extinction, water depletion, soil degradation and ocean dead zones.

Addressing fossil fuels alone isn’t enough – we need action on food systems too; that’s where the Plant Based Treaty comes in. The three main greenhouse gases – carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide are at devastatingly high levels and rapidly accelerating.

Animal agriculture is driving Indigenous land theft in the Amazon; subjecting racially and ethnically marginalized communities to disproportionate amounts of toxic waste from factory farms and slaughterhouses as well as exposing workers to toxic chemicals, hazardous working conditions and severe trauma.

Sounds a bit like racism causes climate change, the kind of garbage a woke idiot like AOC talks about, and she thinks the world is going to end in less than ten years now.

I’m not saying there’s nothing to these problems, however it’s more an issue of the way they run the farms than it is the farms themselves.

Sustainability is a real thing, you have to cycle the nutrients, not buy nitrogen fertilizer and forget about where it goes.

The earth managed to get along just fine forever in a sustainable ecosystem with countless animals and plants living together in harmony, it just takes things like the sewerage from humans being composted and put back on the land.

There’s no shortage of fertilizer to grow the grain or vegetable scraps for the chickens and pigs to eat, (or the grass for cows and sheep), it just has to be managed more efficiently.

Polyface farms is a truly sustainable system where they farm animals and plants together like they were meant to exist.

I’m sure it all comes down to money, and perhaps capitalism is the major problem for any sort of sustainable system but I seen people doing it, it can be done.

For example, I put my recycling in the recycling bin, and it gets taken to the dump because it’s not financially viable for anyone to recycle most of it, not even in China, where they used to do it.

If they were really serious about a sustainable system they could recycle most of it, but it might take a motivation other than profit to make it happen.

This is why a socialist system is required to some degree, it’s just a matter of who decides what programs get funded and by how much and whether we have to give up eating meat, our main source of protein.

It was eating meat that allowed humans to develop large brains and is possibly the reason why I’m writing this, and that you can read it, and aren’t eating a banana in a tree.

I’ve seen so much corruption and greed from these globalist billionaires it’s clear that they’re not planning on giving up their massive wealth, and I don’t see them giving up meat either.

There is a problem with the way the whole system works, but most of it could be solved by things like letting cows eat grass fertilized with manure rather than synthetic fertilizers. A bit more work maybe, but all the ingredients are there.

I’m struggling to see how cows on grass are a danger to the world, how it is impossible to make it sustainable, and I’m not giving up meat, milk, eggs or anything.

Buy a book on eBay to support the site.

Try to take them from me, I’ll start depopulating the world for you.

Every one of me there is will kill every one of you woke idiotic morons pushing this crap, and that will be problem solved.

The problem with that is the so called “conservatives” don’t seem ready or willing to do what needs to be done to fix this problem, regardless of how obvious it is something needs to be done.

It’s not us that needs to change, or it’s not just us. We need at least some meat, and eating bugs just isn’t going to cut it when there’s clearly alternatives that are sustainable.

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One thought on “Multiple Cities Ban Eating Meat

  1. The ones destroying the Amazon and putting natives off their land are the corporations clearing it for their own needs and profit. I’m sure farming practices can be made better especially if farmers didn’t have so many hoops to jump through just to keep going. I don’t like the word sustainable, made up Agenda 21 speak , and we all know where that took us Nothing is sustainable as things always change no matter how hard you try.

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