The Twitter Censorship Hearings

There’s Hunter the crack smoking pedophile traitor and his senile pedophile traitor father. He probably does Adderall at his age. That’s what we’re dealing with with these criminals.

The Twitter hearings don’t really interest me all that much because I don’t expect there will be any justice delivered but at least the narrative shifted a little to these people being on the defense over their illegal censorship.

They were censoring the truth, I did a post two years ago about how Facebook admitted in their internal documents that they were censoring the truth if it might cause vaccine hesitancy.

I’m still trying to talk to a handful of people who refuse to admit that the shots caused more harm than good, and I honestly don’t know if they’re real people or paid shills for big pharma.

I can explain to them that the deaths increased all around the world, with excess deaths as high as 44% more than the historical average in Germany.

In most countries it’s at least 9% higher than normal, and that was more than at the peak of covid which in most places wasn’t much higher than flu deaths every year, if higher at all, which it wasn’t in Australia.

I tell these people Bill Gates had a father who was on the board of Planned Parenthood which came out of the American Eugenics society.

He was family friends with the Rockerfellers, and he created his foundation for the stated purpose of population control.

He said he was going to reduce the population growth rate by ten to fifteen percent with health care and new vaccines, and we told people before it was made that the shot was going to do that, and it did, it’s proven that it did at this point.

If the deaths were starting to go down, if there wasn’t literally millions of reports of adverse events, I could admit I was wrong, but some of these people just can’t admit they were wrong no matter what.

Perhaps it’s not important that all of them admit it, however if they’re in a position of power and they continue to push this poison, people are going to have to remove them by force if necessary.

I don’t really expect it will be necessary because nobody is going to accept any sort of mandate to take this stuff anymore, we’ve reached the tipping point of a majority who has figured it out.

It’s starting to come out on the mainstream media that was only recently pushing the shot that it didn’t work and that there were side effects, but it’s not really enough.

The corruption that was exposed is so extensive, the crimes against humanity so egregious, the entire system has to be purged of evil, and if it isn’t, everyone in the world is at risk.

It isn’t just one shot that had a problem and is killing people. Pfizer has gone to court for deceptive and criminal marketing practices and paid billions in fines more than once.

They aren’t the only company that has, and if there isn’t a trustworthy regulatory system in the FDA in particular, we could be killed in large numbers by any numbers of products, not just medical.

As I was saying, my view is they’re trying to sterilize and exterminate us on purpose, and they’re halfway there in terms of damaging male fertility, halfway towards wiping out the human race altogether.

Even if they didn’t mean to wipe out the whole human race, if they put something in a product that has widespread use, and then another toxic chemical in something else, it might succeed too well, and our whole species might be done for.

My view is these aren’t very intelligent people, they’re coke sniffing pedophiles who probably literally worship Satan.

Marina Abramovic had a connection to Bill Gates and Jacob Rothschild, and she’s a total Satanist and there’s no other reason they would promote her publicly except they are literally Satanists.

Trump also requested some tweets be removed, something about him being a pussy ass bitch, quite pathetic of him really.

I tend to assume the globalists have a calculated plan for managing the numbers of people in the world, but if they’re only following orders from some psychopath at the top, it might be completely devastating.

I realize when I talk about the end of the human race, I sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist, but that’s what could possibly happen if there isn’t a trustworthy regulatory system set up to protect us.

Billionaires have a lot of power, there is a pyramid power structure, and if order followers blindly follow orders from these scum and the top level psychopathic pedophile has a bad day on fifty million dollars worth of cocaine, we’re all screwed.

So the system has to change, and these Twitter hearings are a first important step. The government can’t be allowed to collude with big tech to censor free speech, particularly not about something like vaccine injuries.

When thalidomide started causing problems, it didn’t get pulled off the shelves overnight, it took many years, however it’s actually still being used today as a treatment for leprosy, cancer and AIDS related illnesses.

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I wouldn’t deny that dangerous drugs can be good for some things, and there might be some beneficial use to the MRNA platform once they figure some things out, but right now, it looks to me like they decided to use it because it kills and injures people.

I just published a video to my Odysee channel about how Pfizer have a best selling blood thinner now, because so many people got blood clots from their covid vaccine.

I’m kind of sick of talking about it by now, but until the horrific corruption gets better, it needs to be talked about, and if it gets any worse than it is right now, talking won’t be enough, and violent action will be required.

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