Earthquakes, Chemical Spills And UFOs

One of the worst earthquakes seen for many years.

Just an update on a few things that have been happening lately in the news. I’m not entirely sure if there’s any foul play but people think there might have been.

There was an earthquake in Turkey, (some are saying it was caused by HAARP or something), because for one thing multiple countries ordered their consulates to leave days before and Reuters deleted the page about it.

There has been talk about UFOs, some saying it’s Project Bluebeam, or a distraction, and one of the things they didn’t mention much, (and might be trying to distract from), is the other thing.

There was a huge train derailment and chemical spill in Ohio, which just happened to have a Netflix movie made about almost the exact same story the year before called White Noise.

It seems like a pretty toxic substance, it was enough to kill chickens and other animals in the surrounding region, but we’ll just have to see how toxic it actually is.

Some of these things are on purpose, but there’s so many lies it’s hard to tell what’s a real conspiracy, a conspiracy theory, or a planted disinformation psy op to discredit conspiracy theorists.

I’m hearing a lot of stories of controlled opposition in the alternative media, and as usual all of the mainstream media and the government is controlled.

You need one to understand what already happened as well.

It seems like the truth is coming out, but I just saw a state department spokesman denying that the US blew up the Nordstream pipeline, even though everyone knows they did it and they said they were going to do it before they did.

Hard to tell how many people that works on, but they said a third of the population of East Germany was paid informants for the communists, so it might not be that people are stupid, they might actually be working for the scum.

There are so many jobs that people have that require them believing the narrative, or saying that they do, politicians, media people, Hollywood celebrities, big pharma scientists, doctors, etc.

A Muslim woman wouldn’t sign a pledge of loyalty to Israel and she lost her job. These are disgusting totalitarians who already took over the world and this is what their tyranny looks like.

I heard about a law called BDS, (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) they made where you can never get a US government contract if you were found to have ever criticized Israel or Jews.

Kind of tells you who’s running things, and like Max said, it’s not really the Jews, it’s those who play along with their perceived power and special person status.

Shabbos goy they’re called, the servants of the Jews who have some really terrible genocidal ideas about non Jews built into their religion when you look into it.

All goyim have dark evil souls that originate from the dark other side, or so they said in various books of the Talmud, and the Torah.

The brainwashing is on a religious level going back thousands of years, but it’s obviously been ramped up in various ways with the current psy ops they’re running on us.

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Anyway, not much else to report, make sure you have some water stored as well as food and paper money, silver or gold, or whatever you need if the system breaks down, that’s about all I can tell you.

This is world war three, it already started, perhaps not officially stated, but everyone can see what’s going on and it’s just a matter of how much worse it can get.

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