CDC Changed Vinyl Chloride Page Weeks Before Ohio Disaster

They released the new version two weeks before the attack.

This Highwire video goes into the dangers of this toxic chemical spill in fairly great detail, but it doesn’t mention that the CDC updated it’s page on vinyl chloride weeks before the accident, which was also predicted with a Netflix movie the year before.

It’s not that hard to prove, you can see the photo of the updated version of the toxicological profile from the Federal Register that came out in January 2023 and I got the archive version of the CDC page which shows they changed it.

The bit that they took out was a question called how can vinyl chloride affect children?

The archive version was from October 2022, that was the latest save before the crash, I don’t know when they changed it exactly, but it was probably January, when they released the new PDF of the toxicological profile.

Here’s what the archived CDC page said:

It has not been proven that vinyl chloride causes birth defects in humans, but studies in animals suggest that vinyl chloride might affect growth and development.

Animal studies also suggest that infants and young children might be more susceptible than adults to vinyl chloride-induced cancer.

Apparently the update also changed the lethal exposure rate from 100 parts per million to 100,000 parts per million. I have no idea how they measure that, or if it exceeded that level in East Palestine Ohio, but it looks very suspicious.

It looks like a terrorist attack, from the people who own Blackrock and Vanguard, who own the train company, Norfolk Southern and almost everything else.

I’m at the point where I have to say yes I am antisemitic.

Far as I can tell, there’s only a very small amount of people who have that kind of money in the first place, although the shareholders of Blackrock and Vanguard aren’t publicly listed, they’re shareholders of each other.

It’s the Jewish banking cartels, the Rothschilds, maybe the Warburgs or whoever, the old banking families, that’s the only people who could own almost everything, or who are predicted could own almost everything in five years.

I’m not jealous of the fact they have money, the problem is that they aren’t satisfied with being the richest bunch of cunts in the world, they have to have more, while mass murdering millions, billions even. Perhaps I should say it isn’t all Jews, but it kind of is, like imagine an American who doesn’t want America to dominate the world.

Grandma Rothschild, (Gutle Schnaper, Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife), once said if my sons did not want wars, there would be none, or that’s what the Wikipedia page says.

There’s not a lot of proof about whether they do have 500 trillion in gold stored in underground vaults, but there’s plenty of suspicion, because people know they were the richest family in the world last century.

They were the owners of the East India Trading Company, they were accused of starting and funding both sides of almost every war, funding the bolshevik revolution, even the French revolution.

Like I said, it’s hard to prove because they’re mass murdering drug dealing liars who own the media and most of the governments of the world, but people are pretty certain about it.

If it isn’t all their money then they pooled a whole bunch of money from other people, and it is definitely Jews controlling it, and they can print money through the Federal Reserve corporation.

How do I know it’s Jews? Because you can’t even get a job working for the US government as a street sweeper in most states, if you oppose Israel or the Jews, thanks to the boycott, divestment and sanctions law they passed to counter the movement with the same name.

They’re trying to make it illegal to criticize any Jews or Israel, and so I might need to call them the bankers instead or end up in jail, but then they’ll probably call bankers an antisemitic trope like globalists.

These people killed half a billion people last century with wars and through direct government democide of their “own” people, mostly the communists, and it was definitely Jews behind it.

Through the US government, they have killed tens of millions already this century by starving civilians to death with sanctions, with their bioweapon and the vaccine, and various other attacks that flew under the radar.

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Thing is, it’s not flying under the radar, people can see what they’re doing. They’re killing us on purpose, in the West now, but everywhere else in the world as usual.

This was a deliberate attack, the movie White Noise was enough for me, (after everything else), but the fact they changed the CDC page is just confirmation, and they aren’t going to stop the endless genocide until we kill them, but most people are too scared to try.

Just to be clear, I’m not saying you should go out and try to kill your local Jewish banker, unless he’s worth a trillion dollars, because that’s a pretty sure sign of guilt.

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