Don’t Say The J Word

Sometimes I wonder if they’re trying to start the Gog and Magog war by stirring up antisemitism on purpose to fulfill prophecy.

Just got a notification that the Facebook page for this site is being deleted, tried to appeal and they wouldn’t let me, they said I got my own password wrong, which I didn’t obviously, not that it would have helped.

Like the other 30 times or so I’ve been banned on Facebook, they didn’t tell me exactly why I got banned, but it generally boils down to one thing, opposing the Jewish NWO agenda.

A few years ago, when I heard people saying anything racist or antisemitic, I would have a negative reaction, recoil in horror as Harry said, because like everyone else, I was raised by the Jewish media.

I’m not actually a Nazi, but can you imagine the brainwashing it takes to think that Nazis weren’t Christians fighting Atheist communist Jews who were doing exactly this?

Like millions of other people, covid was a real wake up call, and it was due to being banned and, (perhaps even purposefully), herded into alternative social media sites with other banned people, I learned what was actually going on.

The Jews have books like the Talmud, and to a lesser extent the Torah, which basically command them to take over the world and kill everyone who doesn’t become their slave.

It’s quite amazing that they ever had the chutzpah to imagine they could take over the world with such a small group of people, and like they say in the Talmud, if a gentile ever learned of what they were saying, they should kill them.

In the early days of Christianity, around 57 AD, Paul wrote a letter to the Romans and wrote many of the books of the new testament, about 25 years after Jesus supposedly died. He didn’t know him personally, if he even existed.

Less than a decade later, the Romans came to destroy Israel, destroyed the second temple, drove the Jews into exile, and it was in response to the attack of Christianity.

Christianity was a subversion, a deception, designed to take over the minds of the Romans, because they couldn’t take them over with an army.

By deception we shall make war is the motto of Mossad, which comes from a verse in the old testament. I’m pretty sure, although if you google it, you’ll get a different translation.

This is what the church is now, waving gay flags.

Doesn’t matter to me if you still want to believe in fairy tales that were designed as a weapon of war, but be aware that they are using Christianity in exactly that way right now, as just one of many psychological warfare tactics.

Once you hear the top rabbis on Youtube talking about how America, (and the rest of the Western world) is Edom or Amalek and must be destroyed, a few hundred times, it becomes obvious it’s built into the religion.

Virtue signalling cultural marxist propaganda. Even if your church isn’t like this, what part of the whole thing is appealing, seriously?

There’s a reason why the Jews were driven out of almost every country in the world, why they were killed, exiled, tortured, because they were, and are religiously driven to make themselves the enemy of all of the rest of humanity.

That’s a given, but what really bugs me is the shabbos goy who read the bible, which has enough incriminating stuff in it to know what’s going on, who play the role of obedient slaves, or controlled opposition.

Sometimes when I try to talk to Christians, it feels like I’m being mean to a small child, because I imagine their mind must be so fragile to live their lives based on a complete lie that is totally ridiculous, and which was designed to conquer and enslave them, if not kill them all.

It has crossed my mind, they’re the largest part of the problem.

It’s like telling a transsexual who has been told they look like a man by a bunch of weirdos on TikTok that they don’t actually look like a man, they look like a woman, or vice versa.

That’s surely got to be painful, but if it’s necessary to be honest with them, you just have to do it, and in my view it is quite important that we eventually put an end to this sick cult, or group of related Jewish cults.

It’s insanely stupid, and it was apparent to me at five years old. I mean I sometimes call the universe God, in a very metaphorical sense, but it’s such a different mindset it doesn’t really relate to Christianity at all.

God being everything, then anything anyone said is God talking, and if you were going to try to work out which “word of God” was good or bad, true or false, it all comes down to blind faith, or you can choose common sense instead.

I think that if you can see that a group of people wrote very clearly that they want to kill you or enslave you, over and over again, it would be suicidal to hand their genocidal book around to everyone in the world, so that they might succeed in their mission.

It makes no difference to me that there’s a second part of it written for the goyim. If Jesus existed maybe he was a good guy, (there’s no way to tell), but the Jews, and the Romans were complete psychopaths.

They were brutal barbarian cavemen in a war against each other, they fed each other to the lions, (one side more than the other), and the only motive imaginable for someone who was being subjugated like that is to work out a way to turn the tables.

I have no idea how they did it, but they’re doing the same thing today, thousands of years later, and it’s getting old.

I’m sick to death of hearing primitive death cult fairy tales for grown adults who have the intelligence of children. It doesn’t fly where I come from.

Where I am Australia, like in the UK, or most supposedly Christian countries, half the people aren’t Christian at all, and the majority of those don’t go to church. Christians are a minority, they just don’t realize that they are but they have disproportionate power in government because they are groomed for the job.

I don’t really care if it hurts their feelings, it doesn’t matter if I’m in the minority of people with the opinions that I have, I just have to say what I think.

Christianity is white genocide, or if you’re going to be drawn to that like moths to an open flame, then Zionist Christianity is for sure, and the same goes for Islam, except it’s not as bad for them, really.

It’s the mind control that has led to the strongest empire in the world being easily overthrown, being replaced, being poisoned, being destroyed, and not even putting up a fight, at all, because they refuse to see it in large numbers.

Buy a GoPro or check out the product pages.

Maybe my ideas are not going to win a war, but if that’s true, then how did 17 million people, (or less when they began), manage to take over the world, like they have done?

Hopefully the truth can work in the same way a lie does, or better, to achieve a positive result on the scale of billions of people.

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