Christians Aren’t Terrorists And That’s A Problem

Usually I like the videos by Hugo Talks, but he has some bad takes, and maybe most people would disagree, particularly if they’re Christians, but I’ll just try to explain what I’m thinking.

The Christians are the most popular Jewish mind control death cult because they killed a billion people in the imperialist conquest of the world by the Romans, the British, and the American empires.

Were it not for them killing a billion people and taking the land from various different native people, they would not be what they are, in fact they might not even exist at all, and you can argue that’s a good thing, or a bad thing.

Guys like this might not know that by hiding the truth they are complicit in mass murder but at the top they definitely know because they planned the genocide themselves and the cover up. The only time censorship is necessary is when they look really bad, and they look really bad right now.

The argument Christians tend to make is that Christianity is good, therefore if you do something bad, that’s not Christian, it’s like brainwashed child logic, but I do sort of understand it.

Thing is, the same people who say they would never kill their local police or politicians, even in self defense, will go to war with bible verses written on their guns, planes, and tanks in attack, a brutal attack of innocent people.

The problem I have with what this guy is saying is the US government, and the UK government, the Australian government, or any of those affiliated crime gangs are the worst people in the world.

They are the largest threat to us, the people of those countries, and they blow the limbs off children with land mines, starve them to death, poison them with uranium tipped missiles, agent orange, napalm and worse, in other countries.

Everyone on these mainstream media networks are guilty of crimes against humanity, not just reading fake news.

They are the largest threat to everyone in the world regardless of what kind of justification you try to make, and the only reason we should put up with their vicious brutality is if it’s in our interest to do so.

At the same time as they’re trying to tell us how big of a threat Putin is, they’re literally killing millions of us and millions of them while lying through their teeth in a blatantly obvious way.

I’m not going to go over the covid lies and crimes again, I’ll just say that if every single part of what they said wasn’t proven as a lie, then almost all of it was, and covid was just one of many murderous lies on a never ending list.

Their lies are as blatant as blowing up the Nordstream 2 and saying Russia did it, after saying they were going to do it, and being exposed to have done it by whistleblowers within their own administration.

It’s like that with almost every war, and every single issue of any relevance.

They’re evil, they’re liars, they’re mass murderers, and we already knew that, but now they’re really starting to kill their “own” people in large numbers as well.

With that in mind, the answer, and the only real answer is to kill them all.

The thing standing in the way of that happening is the Christian mindset of soldiers who can’t recognize the hypocrisy and idiocy of killing people who aren’t a threat while not killing people who are.

It’s mind control and it’s like the covid cult. I only use that as an example because it shows you how quickly people can be hypnotized into irrational idiocy in a few months with a bit of fear propaganda, but the same thing can be done in reverse.

It’s a monumental task trying to do cult deprogramming on the largest portion of the supposedly “awake” people who oppose this totalitarian evil, but who can’t bring themselves to actually do anything about it.

This war is going to happen, and it’s going to happen between Russia and the West, China and the West, blacks against whites, conservatives versus liberals, or the government, (or preferably the elites above them), versus the people.

That last one is the only one that matters, and the only war worth fighting, because so long as the same bankers and evil criminal scum control us, they will have us fighting pointless wars forever for their benefit and not ours.

Replace negro with white people, Christians or goyim and you have the situation we now find ourselves in. These are Malthusian eugenicists, they believe they have to kill vast sums of people to save resources or whatever. There are millions of morons excited about the end of days because they were told it’s a good thing.

Perhaps even once you get rid of them some other bunch of psychopaths will take over and do the same thing, but if you don’t thin the herd of actual psychopaths, they might kill every last living creature on earth, just for fun.

You have to kill psychopaths, it’s not a rash move, it’s not an insane overreaction, it’s what you simply have to do, or they will make our lives a living hell and kill us, as much as they can possibly get away with.

These are psychopaths, they’ve said quite clearly they’re trying to kill us, and like I said, if we don’t make this the war we want, they will make it the war they want, which is the one where none of them ever die, but we do.

They need to die for what they’ve done, it’s the only solution, it only works if we get a significant amount of the population behind it, and without the church or some other large organized group fighting a real war on these evil Satanic monsters, it has little chance of success.

Buy a 150 piece survival kit on eBay for under $50.

It is of course Jews at the top of the pyramid, and just by mentioning them by name I might have lost more than half the people who might have been willing to fight that war, but at this point, I’m assuming that number is still very close to zero.

There are more people who oppose these traitorous lying criminals than support them, it’s just going to be hard to convince those people that it’s actually good to be what they call a terrorist, because it means you’re on the right side.

Don’t ever forget what they did, and don’t forgive, regardless of what your local sheep herder tells you.

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