The Deception Of The Ukraine War

I mostly avoided this topic because it seemed sort of like a distraction from the more pressing issues we’re facing in the West, but it could become a very serious problem for the whole world if they keep pushing this war.

I figure most people who been paying any attention already know that America started the war, provoked Russia, planned the coup in 2014, but if they paid even closer attention, they might realize that there’s a very good chance the whole thing is a complete fraud.

Bit hard to miss all the small hats they wear.

What I mean by that is you have the same Jews running the governments on all sides. In Russia where Putin is a long time KGB member which came out of soviet communist Russia which was always run by Jews.

Then you have Zelensky the Jew, and every US president who wears the little hat, kisses the wall, and pledges total allegiance to Israel. Who has Chabad Lubavitch standing over them like they own them, all of them.

Seems to me like a total scam, but I might be mistaken, maybe Russia has it’s own interests that they’re trying to secure, but they were nevertheless forced into the conflict by NATO aggression.

The whole point of NATO is to try to get as many countries as possible to give 2% of their GDP to weapons manufacturers, while being such a powerful alliance, there’s never any valid justification to use those weapons in self defense, not ever.

Nobody would dare attack such a large and powerful alliance, unless they were forced into it, or unless that alliance was shaky because of something like the USA attacking one of the main members in a terrorist attack on their infrastructure.

America has caused 80% of all the wars in the world since world war two, and always in wars of attack, where they’re just robbing people blind, and massacring them, and they’re the only ones who are allowed to do it.

They are trying to hold onto their hegemony, or maybe they’re trying to destroy it, it’s hard to tell. Traitors are in control of the US government, and they don’t care about America.

They are at the same time flooding the borders of America with illegal immigrants from countries they’ve destroyed with war and sanctions, with the aim of breeding them with white people, and to make them a minority in their own countries.

This was the Kalergi plan, and when I say “they” I mean the Jews who control everything that happens in the US government, and almost every country in the world.

They say stuff like this all the time, but not on TV.

It’s an attack, they’re the enemy, we know they are, and they admit they are. They openly say that according to their religion six billion people in the world deserve the death penalty for being idol worshipers.

They say that America is Amalek, and that they are commanded to wipe out all memory of the descendants of that ancient enemy who they somehow transferred to their modern enemies, or that’s what I’ve heard many popular rabbis say.

They had another prophecy about six million Jews.

According to US politicians, Israel is America’s greatest ally, but that’s of course not true, they just bought the political parties, blackmailed, bribed and threatened anyone who stood in their way.

They even shot presidents in the head, and anyone who knows the truth isn’t allowed to say it, they’re even trying to silence people like me and they’re succeeding.

I was just banned from sharing in groups on Facebook again and the Google search results have been cleansed of all but the most sanitized media, unless you have a very specific title.

They plan to make Ukraine into the new Israel, after first killing everyone who lives there, like they did in that same region last century, with holodomor, the bolshevik revolution and world war two.

It’s not worth trying to “debate” anyone who thinks they’re helping the people of Ukraine, they openly say they’re using them as cannon fodder to bleed Russia dry, with a further hidden objective of stealing all Ukraine’s resources like they do with every other country.

It’s the standard operating procedure of the Jewish bankers, kill everyone and steal everything, and lie through your teeth and pretend you’re bringing them democracy.

While you argue over whether Russia or Ukraine is at fault, you miss the fact that the Nazis are a creation of the Jews, like the communists. All wars are banker’s wars. It’s a scam.

The lies are so blatant, their evil so obvious, it’s amazing there’s anyone who can’t see it, but even if they do, they often pretend they can’t, so they don’t get cancelled.

They must think people are blithering idiots who they can lie to endlessly and they’ll still fight and die in wars for them, and even praise and worship them as the chosen ones.

It was only a few years ago that I never heard anyone say a negative word about Jews except in world war two movies. The reason it’s such a taboo is because it’s such a massive problem and once you see it, you can’t unsee it

Thing is, that’s true. People are blithering idiots who they have religiously brainwashed to literally worship their worst enemies.

Worshiping traitors from another country, who openly hate them, and as they kill them and destroy their country with cultural marxism, ideological and political poison.

I’ve been giving Christians a hard time lately, (not just lately), because half of them are Zionists, and the other half only think they’re not because the doctrine of their book is still very similar, it’s the same book.

God helps those who help themselves.

I never actually read the whole bible, but I did read three different books of Enoch, written by three very different men, none of whom were Enoch, but pretended they were.

I found it interesting because it was kind of trippy, six toed giants and the Nephelim, fallen angels mating with the human females, it was kind of like a psychedelic fiction novel by three different schizophrenics.

Entertaining enough, but if you actually took the bible seriously and literally from the start and just did what it said, they’d put you in a mental ward for the criminally insane, or just regular jail with the other murderers.

That is, unless you had so much power you could get away with murder, like they did after that Clinton aide was found tied to a tree with a gunshot wound to the stomach and ruled a suicide, even there was no gun at the scene.

Unless you had so much power you could murder a hundred million people, or even more over time, and had people brainwashed that it wasn’t even called murder but was instead morally virtuous.

Buy a t shirt on eBay or check out the product pages.

Yeah, that’s the kind of mind control they got most people under.

Everything they were ever told is a lie from the day they were born, and most will never wake up from the brainwashing, at least not all the way.

It people are stupid enough to go fight in this war, that’s one thing, it’s like the deadly shots, freedom extends to suicide, but if they force us to fight it, then we have another much more important war to fight.

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