How To Fight The Attack On The World

This post isn’t about anything specific, it’s about the whole damn thing, the covid lies, the woke idiocy, the anti white agenda, the mass immigration, the digital IDs, smart cities, the new world order.

It’s an attack, it was designed to kill us, sterilize us, enslave us, rob us, and give money and power to the people in power, which appears to be the Jewish banking cartels and their Zionist puppets, the Freemasons or whoever it is.

The way they use power is from an institutional level, like they just made laws in Florida to jail anyone for five years if they did anything at all with “hate” as the motivation.

They said they would jail people for littering if hate was behind their litter, as if you could determine that it was, and as if there aren’t people in the media and government actively stirring up hate against white people constantly without any repercussions.

They’re making laws specifically for a protected class of people, which is first and foremost the Jews, and anyone who qualifies as a Jewish ally.

Can you imagine a Klan member being so racist?

Black people, (the marxist BLM blacks), the LGBTQIA+ community, drug addicts, Satanists, or that’s the “left” side of it.

You might well say but that was a Republican lawmaker who made those anti free speech laws to protect the Jews, and that’s true, but that’s the controlled opposition side, their job is to do exactly the same things for the same people but pretend they’re not.

My view has always been that they aren’t going to stop until you stop them physically, and it will require winning an actual war with an actual army, which could be soldiers from the army.

I can see why people want to avoid a war, but they never stop the actual wars, with the actual army, or with proxy armies like the Nazis of Ukraine.

My last post was about how bad the race relations are in the US, and how the murder rate and crime rate is increasing to the worst levels for many decades.

They aren’t stopping the propaganda, they plan to teach children toxic critical race theory in schools which has the end result of making blacks and whites hate each other, which they already know, and that’s why they’re doing it.

It’s like how they know that providing “gender affirming care” increases the suicide rate in those who get it, or how they know that the covid shot increased the excess deaths around the world.

It’s like how they knew the masks didn’t work and caused terrible psychological damage to children and massive stress among those who knew they were lying and had to resist it.

It’s like how they knew the lockdowns didn’t work, how putting covid cases in nursing homes and then killing them with Remdesivir, midazolam and morphine caused them to die.

Who knew killing people would kill them? They did. That’s the whole point. This is a genocidal attack designed as Bill Gates said to reduce the population by 220 to 340 million people by 2050, give or take.

You can argue whether that’s a reasonable goal or not, but let’s assume that it is a reasonable goal, given some known issues with pollution and resource use.

The people who need to go are the people pushing these evil policies, the world would be better off without them, and if you don’t kill them, they will do their best to kill you.

It’s about that simple, although actually doing it is something most people might have a serious problem with, and I’m not saying it’s going to be easy.

What I am saying is you can either aim to break away from the system which is being set up to kill you and enslave you, and try to live off grid and grow vegetables, or you can take the fight to them.

I think people are too soft, too forgiving, too docile, too compliant, too slow to act against a clear and present danger and if they continue in that way they will be lambs to the slaughter.

Perhaps deadly force isn’t the best idea at this stage, maybe it would be counter productive if too few people decided to take action, but in an ideal world they would already be dead and the problem would be solved, or mostly solved.

When you look at everything they’re doing as a whole, I don’t see any other way to fix the problem, and it’s only going to get worse if we don’t force it to get better with force, if nothing else works.

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It is possible, at least it’s still possible until they get their army of killer robots up and running, in which case we will definitely need some better weapons, but even then it’s not totally impossible, just a lot harder than it is now.

Bare in mind guns aren’t the only way to kill people, just look at all the ways they thought up to kill us, that might give you some inspiration.

Seriously, this is the same people who killed up to half a billion people last century with communism and all that mess.

It’s no joke, although they seem to think it’s funny, goddamn psychopaths that they are.

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