The Insidious Power Of Israel

There still aren’t that many people who know just how much power Israel has in America and the world, or how large a problem that actually is, but it’s a growing number, much as they try to stop it.

It’s hard to summarize all the things I’ve learned in the last few years, which I never would have found out, if Facebook hadn’t banned me thirty times in a row.

They just sent me another email threatening to take my Meta account. This is what they said:

We regret to inform you that your Meta account has been identified as engaging in inauthentic behavior, which is a clear violation of our terms of use.

Inauthentic behavior refers to the use of platform assets (accounts, Pages, Groups, or Events) to mislead people about the identity, purpose, or origin of the entity they represent.

We take this matter very seriously, and we must take appropriate action to ensure that our platform remains a safe and trustworthy space for all users. As a result of your account’s behavior, it may be at risk of deletion.

We understand that mistakes can happen, and we want to give you the opportunity to appeal this decision.

Who could argue with that? Sounds perfectly reasonable.

Then I tried to appeal, and they said I got my password wrong, so it looks like I won’t be seen on Facebook pretty soon, although after 30 thirty day bans in a row, it’s not like I was there much anyway.

The nerve of these people, to say I’m being inauthentic for telling the truth, and exposing them as evil liars participating in an attack on the world.

An attack on freedom of speech, covering up the massive death count from a whole range of attacks, of which the covid shot, (and probably the covid virus as well), was just one.

I started doing The Fascist New World Order podcast again, this time with a robot voice. I thought it sounded better than my voice, but let me know what you think.

There’s no way I can be silent about the crimes of these people, the horrific treatment of the Palestinians is their plan for the entire world, just endless genocide and tyranny.

The debate among those who know their evil plans for the world, is whether to try to be as vicious as they are or not.

Whether to counter their violence with violence, and I’m sure that could work if there were enough people to actually do it, which all depends on how motivated they are.

Maybe there aren’t enough people willing to fight fire with fire at this point, but it’s just a circular argument that requires somebody else to do it first, which is what everyone is waiting for.

The Qanon psy op had people waiting for Donald Trump to fight the evil cabal who controls the world, with a secret group of top military insiders, but that cabal is Israel and the Rothschilds who own Israel.

That’s the people he pledges 100% support for, including his daughter, who converted to Chabad Lubavitch, a religion who had a rebbe who said gentiles were completely evil with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

The people who bailed him out of bankruptcy and who got the charges dropped from the 13 year old Epstein victim who accused him as well as his long time friend.

The people who own Blackrock and Vanguard which owns Pfizer who donated millions of dollars to his election campaign. They got him bought, blackmailed and threatened with death, but he was always one of them or he wouldn’t be there.

It’s the same story with Ron DeSantis, and pretty much every politician in America, and around the world.

If they’re not owned by Israel first lobbyists, then they’re owned by the WEF, who is owned by the same Jewish mafia as well.

I can see the argument that if you march with Nazis waving swastika flags it only gives them more support to silence the truth, but the truth is that Hitler may have had a point, and more people can see that now, than any time since then.

It’s not like anything I say is going to change it much anyway, but I call on anyone reading this to get the truth out there, and realize that if US politicians go against the constitution, (like they have done), you have the legal right to remove them by force.

It’s probable that many of the resistance groups are infiltrated, especially the Nazis and white nationalists, and it’s even possible that the original Nazis were controlled opposition, but without serious opposition, you can imagine what our future looks like, if we have a future at all.

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One thought on “The Insidious Power Of Israel

  1. I don’t know if they are Jews in the strict meaning of the religion but it’s my understanding they are KM. Khazarian Mafia. Name stealers. Evil people. They are the ones need to be stopped and I believe that will happen

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