It’s January 6th Forever

I’m getting pretty sick of this topic, but it’s all over the news at the moment, so I thought I’d give you my opinion about it.

I don’t like Donald Trump, but at the time of that supposed “insurrection” I was actually glad they were protesting in large numbers, because for one thing the US government are completely evil.

There was a narrative that I fell for briefly, like many people did, that Trump was fighting the deep state and they fixed the election, and there may have been some truth to that, but it seems to have been mostly a psy op, and a false flag.

That’s not to say they don’t fix elections, they almost certainly do, but Trump appears to me to have been playing a scripted role in the plans of the very people he said he was fighting, and it was the entire government, including him, that people should have been angry at.

With the amount of people they had there, they could have taken over the government that day if they had come with weapons, but if their argument is that they would never do that, then they’re on the defensive, from a weaker position, and it’s only because they choose to be weak.

The problem seems to be that there are all these divisions, even among the conservatives like whether you support Trump or DeSantis, whether you’re for fascism or libertarianism, whether you’re a zionist or an antisemite, etc.

Almost all of them can see that the government is corrupt as hell, even on their side of politics, and that something needs to be done about the cultural marxism, communism, Satanism and medical tyranny that is destroying the US and the world.

It’s relatively easy to define their enemy, it’s groups like Antifa who are literally the same communists as were in 1930s Germany, who have openly said their goal is to tear it all down.

Groups like the Weather Underground, who said at meetings that all white children should be killed at birth to prevent the fascist tyranny and genocide that they would bring when they grew up.

I do prefer Nazism to communism, but that’s not an endorsement, it’s like choosing between two boots of the same psychopath to stomp on your face forever.

I can see the reasons why they thought it was necessary in response to what the communists were doing, but it’s still government tyranny, and given the people who exist in the US government in particular, giving them more power would be a death wish.

They already killed a hundred million people in the world, and they have a history of forced sterilization and other eugenics programs and experimentation which does actually justify a lot of the hate, from either side.

For the people on the far left, communism isn’t a solution to fascism, the major part of what those people are trying to do is destroy everything so they can possibly build it back better, which would take a long time, if you could ever recover from it at all, and I don’t think the recovery was something they even thought much about.

To the people on the far right, fascism is an authoritarian regime which takes away freedom, and my preference is to give power to the people, even if you don’t agree with them, as long as they aren’t physically hurting people.

You need a balance of power, the government has to have some power to enforce laws that everyone can agree on like murder, but if the government is the largest murderers in the world, and nobody ever holds them to account, then they have too much power already.

You see, I can totally understand the people who say America needs to be destroyed because they are an evil empire. They have a terrible track record, perhaps the worst ever.

The genocide of 20% of the population of Korea, agent orange in Vietnam, starving half a million children to death in Iraq. If you’re going to stand for actual morality and justice, they should die for their crimes, or for the more recent ones anyway.

Not the whole country, but the government, and that’s what my main problem is with Antifa.

They are attacking the people, society as a whole, when they should be attacking the people in power, which is of course who created the group.

I can see their problem with the police, however the only goal they seem to have is to be allowed to take drugs and commit crimes without getting shot after resisting arrest.

I’m actually in favor of legalizing drugs and letting people take whichever ones they want, because if you just gave them whatever drugs they wanted, at an affordable price, it would be a health problem, and not a crime problem.

Most of the crime is for money for drugs, and not specifically just because they’re on drugs, although I can see why that’s not a popular idea.

The alternative is an endless war on drugs, and if the policies of Trump get implemented, like the death penalty for drug dealers, then drug dealers will have absolutely no reason not to shoot at police on sight, it will only get worse.

The thing is, the big time drug dealers are often politicians, strange as that may sound to some people. They’re businessmen worth millions, or even billions of dollars.

They bought the judges, they bought the police, they are in fact the richest men in the entire world, because in America, I think it’s worth about half a trillion a year, if not more, it’s bigger than vaccines.

The East India trading company used to run the opium trade, the Sassoon family, working for the Rothschilds, which is also who Trump works for, or that’s who bailed him out of bankruptcy.

Skull and bones were formed out of members or business partners of the East India trading company. Dealing opium was their business, and that was three generations of the Bush family, the last Republicans in power.

The CIA, the DEA, the FBI, the whole damn thing is a criminal organization. They are the drug dealers, and they’re the child traffickers as well, or they have been accused of it many times.

So, when Trump says he wants the death penalty for drug dealers, I kind of agree, if it’s the US government, including him, the father of the vaccine.

They have a hypocrisy that cannot be equaled, demonizing Putin for invading Ukraine, while they were responsible for endless invasions that killed many millions more people.

They are not just evil, they are the main evil force in the world, the drug dealers, the murderers, second to none, and you can only look at history to try to find anyone who was ever worse than they are right now.

So, if you could convince Antifa to focus their attacks on the right people, and if you could get the conservatives to join them, then perhaps there could be a positive outcome, which would be the death of the US government, as it is.

If not, then expect the genocide of the people of America and the world, because they’ve pretty much told you they’re trying to kill everyone, and you can’t vote your way out of it, if you can even vote, at all.

If you’re happy with a guy who sells deadly vaccines and UN smart cities as freedom cities, then you’ll get what he’s selling, but the only real alternative is violent revolution.

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One thought on “It’s January 6th Forever

  1. Hmm yes Instead of being the saviour of the free world the US has become a cancer on the world which has become almost impossible to fix

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