The Collapse Of The Banks?

I’m not going to pretend to be a financial expert, but I’ve learned a few things from watching all these videos every day, and I’ll try to explain what I think is going on.

There’s a bubble in the markets, created by money being printed like crazy, and because of fractional reserve banking practices that create money out of thin air, which is not based on any real assets.

For example, there is hundreds of times less silver and gold than paper trades, so if everyone went to get their physical precious metals all at once, it simply wouldn’t even exist.

That’s a summary of the problem, many of these resources are finite, but they tried to sell them even though they didn’t exist, just because they could.

It should be illegal, and it probably was when they started it, but as they gained more and more power, they took control of governments, and changed the laws so they could do whatever they wanted.

Most of these banks are too big to fail, they got bailed out trillions of dollars when they made bad choices, (so that society as a whole wouldn’t crumble), but their bad choices may be too bad for even the US government to save them.

The US government is in debt for about a tenth of all the money in the world, although as I just explained, that money is just paper, and it doesn’t really mean anything by itself.

They will try to reduce their debt by printing more money and causing inflation, but the rest of the world is starting to turn away from the petrodollar, because they just don’t trust it anymore.

Saudi Arabia for example is doing business with Russia and China in the BRICS alliance, which seems to be gaining more members as they see the US collapsing, and that’s a very important part of what allows the US to play these tricks with money.

If you’re the reserve currency of the world, you can print money forever and a lot of other countries base their economies on it, but it gets very complicated, and a lot of experts disagree.

I’m hearing many stories of banks being essentially bankrupt, or they don’t have people’s money on hand, and then they’re taking it from their investors with bail in policies, which means they just steal it.

Multiple customers around the world have reported missing money in their accounts, and if there are runs on the banks as people try to get their money out, it could cause a chain reaction and a global financial meltdown.

The perfect time for a great reset, and central bank digital currencies, which they’ve tried to implement in Nigeria, but the people were not happy with it.

Everything these people do is something that annoyed people or destroyed their lives, and they have the arrogance to try to force total submission to their tyrannical evil with centrally planned cities, CBDCs, digital IDs, pandemic responses, all at the same time.

As I’ve been saying for many years, you basically have to kill them and take the power back, but like with the war on drugs, it’s probably not a war that anyone’s likely to win any time soon, unless they get real serious about it.

If millions of people find they have no money in the bank, while the same people try to enslave them, I predict they’ll get serious alright.

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