The Bankers Run

A lot of people in the alternative media are telling you to get all your money out of the banks, and while that does seem like a fairly reasonable idea, I’m kind of in two minds about it.

For one thing, you need a bank account to do business in society, and if there’s a bank run it will cause major problems. The government will probably bail out the banks, (or bail in from people’s accounts), and the top bankers will not go broke regardless.

I can tell you what I did, not that I have any sort of financial expertise, it’s just what I happened to do with the small amount of money I have.

I have money in my house, with a small amount left to pay off on my home loan. If I had a larger debt I might want to pay that off sooner rather than later, just in case the interest rates go up, which they might do.

Then I have a little bit of physical silver, a few different cryptos, and I just placed a buy order for shares of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, if it goes down by another one percent.

Why would I buy shares in a bank at a time like this? Well, I’m just gambling really, but they pay dividends, and it is relatively stable historically, and down at the moment.

It will likely go down just based on the market confidence, and go back up again when people realize they didn’t do the same things as those American banks.

At least, I hope they didn’t. Truth is, I just had a couple of thousand left in my bank account and I thought it might pay off more than keeping it sitting in my account at the same bank, which would just lose money due to inflation if I left it there.

I’m not saying this is something you should do. I have a fairly bad track record with investments, as my house is the only thing that paid off long term so far, and only because of luck.

The one thing I don’t have enough of is food, water and guns, but I honestly don’t think that is going to be an issue where I am, and if it was, well maybe somebody else deserves to live more than me anyway.

Like a family with kids or something. I have a vegetable garden, about a month’s worth of food, and there are lakes and streams around not too far away, I don’t think it’s going to be a problem where I am.

I’m saying this because I was watching a Timcast episode where they were talking about the looting and marauders who might be out to kill you so they could drink your blood if the power goes out in New York.

I don’t really see that happening because if things got that bad, there’s nowhere these wealthy psychopaths could go to escape what people would do to them, knowing that they were responsible for the collapse.

This is a planned demolition, as they have made very clear at World Government Summits or whatever, but it’s also something that was probably going to happen anyway, at some point.

There are bubbles that they created for one reason or another, issues with resource use, creating money out of thin air, but they’re mostly making it happen on purpose, it’s definitely not a natural chain of events.

Like I said, where I am, I’m kind of betting on things going fairly well, but there’s already places in the world that are in dire straits, so I’m expecting some kind of recession or government tyranny or a war or something.

America is an empire in decline, but if they ran out of anything, they still have the ability to steal it from anyone else in the world, so we’ll see.

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