Is Christianity The Same As Communism?

I have a hard time explaining to some people why my site is called The Fascist New World Order as opposed to the communist or Jewish new world order.

The distinction I make is that in a communist society, (which has never truly existed), the means of production are owned by the state and all workers get paid about the same, including the government employees.

If the top government employees are billionaires, it means there’s still a capitalist or fascist element to it, or they are the pigs from Animal Farm who make up the rules to suit themselves.

We can already see the various ways they limit the success of the average person, how they put taxes and regulations in place so they can make a fortune, while the peasants struggle to pay off their house.

The elites are behind both entities, and I’ll explain it again. The Jewish banking cartels were behind the bolshevik revolution, and the exact same people were also controlling the USA through the Federal Reserve, for over a hundred years now.

While it seems like a foreign threat that is trying to take over America, it’s the same people who already took over America, they’re just trying to further lower the standard of living for the people there, and have a smaller ruling class.

They’re trying to consolidate the number of banks into eventually one global central bank that has ultimate power over the money of everyone in the world.

They want universal basic income for everyone, (except them), and a central bank digital currency so they can turn off your money whenever they want, or limit it’s use, give it an expiration date, etc.

These are incredibly evil people. It’s hard enough to explain to most people that they’re trying to kill as many of us as possible, and they fund both sides of every war, but it’s even harder to explain that it’s the same people who were behind Christianity.

That really activates the cognitive dissonance for a lot of people. They were behind communism, fascism, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, and all of those things were not something they thought would benefit humanity, but benefit them personally.

They hated the Romans, they were trying to destroy them, and the Romans knew this. They waged war on the Jews because of their leaders, they drove them into exile across the world.

It took hundreds of years for them to infiltrate Rome, probably using the same methods they’re using today, and it ultimately caused the fall of the Roman empire, but not before they conquered all of Europe under new management.

You see, if these people didn’t think of themselves as the chosen ones, completely superior to the goyim, they might have just integrated themselves into the societies of the countries they lived in.

Like Italians, Greeks, Irish, English, Germans, and many other cultures seemed to be able to do in Western countries. Nobody notices those differences.

Instead, they have a mission to rule the world and turn the goyim into Noahide slaves, and if they can’t do that, then they are commanded to kill them, according to their barbaric religion.

Christianity was the largest and most successful part of that end game, and for millions of people, it already pretty much did what they wanted it to do.

They are mind slaves, they worship the God of Israel and believe the Jews are the chosen ones, and the only reason why that isn’t working so well, is not that many people who claim to be Christians even know that’s what they are claiming to be.

They don’t go to church, they don’t read the bible, they’re Christians in name only, they don’t plead the blood, the blood, oh the blood, like Kenneth Copeland.

I don’t mind people who are just moderate Christians who don’t obsess about it, but when you see the people who do, and the things they’re saying, it should freak out anyone with a brain.

Christianity was a color revolution of the subjugated slaves, a theological attack on Rome, thoughtfully designed for exactly that purpose.

There’s obviously a big difference in the ideology of Christianity and Satanism or the woke Marxists in Antifa, but in it’s day, it was pretty much the same thing.

I’m not going to try too hard to convince any fundamentalists who can’t grasp the concept, I’ll just ask that you watch the videos I post with an open mind.

There’s an argument that can be made for any ideology and if there wasn’t, it wouldn’t exist.

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