Israel Plans To Make Christianity Illegal

I don’t really care that much personally about whether Israel passes a law to jail Christians for talking about Jesus to Israelis, even online, it’s not really my thing, and they already have laws that criminalize people trying to convert minors.

The thing I care about however is that the same Jews control the American government, and with the power of that institution, pretty much every country in the world.

I care about free speech, and Jews are attacking free speech not just in Israel, not just in America, but all over the world through their attack on internet freedom.

If they wanted to stir up hatred for Jews, that’s the best and most obvious way to go about it, because you only have to look at what else they’ve been censoring to see what else they are guilty of.

They were guilty of attacking the world with the covid plandemic, whether it’s a real biological weapon, or not. They did it, on purpose, along with their lethal injection.

They wouldn’t have tried so hard to censor it, through the same channels that they’re censoring antisemitism, if it wasn’t an issue that could harm their reputation, and possibly their lives.

They just killed millions of people, on purpose, and as I’ve explained before, they told you they were going to do it, in countless different ways.

I should probably specify that when I say they, I don’t mean all Jews in the world, just the most powerful ones making the decisions, the bankers, most likely.

That’s not all bankers in the world, but you probably don’t need me to explain that either. It’s the mass murdering psychopaths with the money and power to be telling the US presidents what to do.

It’s not specifically the major donors to the campaigns of these political parties, but they represent the general one issue voter flavor of their demands.

What’s the one issue? Israel. They’re so mind controlled by their sick death cult they only have one thing on their mind, all day, every day, and it’s not just Jews by the way.

Bring wealth and power to the chosen people of God, and their holy land, by any means necessary, say the zionist freaks.

That’s all well and good, for a bunch of people to want power for themselves, but they should not be ruling another country’s government. Particularly not one that could wipe them off the face of the earth in a day.

America would not put up with China telling them what to do with their speech laws, or Saudi Arabia, no matter how much money they donated to a campaign, which is by the way far less than America gives back to Israel in foreign aid.

It’s the behavior of a slave, a conquered, subjugated serf who gets down on their knees and worships at the feet of their masters.

That’s what Christianity does to people. That’s the problem with Christianity, and it’s a very serious problem that has destroyed the majority of the whole thing, if it wasn’t already a weapon of mass destruction from the moment it was created, by Jews.

I can agree with the golden rule, do unto others, as you would have them do unto you, but as you can see, the eye for an eye part needs to come into play as well, or you get walked all over.

I don’t even like quoting that much from the bible, because it gives it weight that it shouldn’t have in my opinion.

It contradicts itself in so many ways, in the whole general theme, as compared with the hypocritical reality that filled the whole history of Christianity.

It’s nice to be nice, when it’s warranted, but you have to be mean when that’s warranted, and there’s never been a group of people who warrant more suspicion and anger than Jews.

In my opinion they created Christianity on purpose to mess up the minds of their enemies, the Romans, so they could conquer them, and that’s exactly what happened.

It’s sickening to watch, and there’s no point participating in the farce of voting while both parties and all candidates are completely captured by the Jews.

There’s reason to try to make it known that you see what’s going on with these zionist puppets, but if they won’t even let you tell the truth about their obvious treason, then there’s only one thing left that you can do.

That is to use force to make your political opinion heard, and it’s a last resort, but it’s something they use all the time.

I don’t see how there’s anything else that has any chance to give us the freedom, justice and democracy we were promised.

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