Depleted Uranium Weapons In Ukraine

Putin has said that the use of depleted uranium weapons in Ukraine already meets the threshold for a nuclear attack, which could result in a response from Russia, with an actual nuke.

When researching this topic, I started out thinking I would find that after massive use of depleted uranium missiles in Iraq, there would be more birth defects there, than in the West.

You can definitely see that something is causing horrific deformations, similar to the effects of agent orange in Vietnam, and it’s bad enough that they can’t deny it’s happening, no matter how much they try to cover it up.

However, it actually turns out that the West already has more birth defects at about 30 in every 1000 births on average, compared to about 10 in every 1000 in Iraq as a whole, although there are more in specific places like Fallujah.

When the chemical attack happened in Ohio, I found out that we already have birth defect causing dioxins well above safe levels, pretty much everywhere, and that’s just one factor in the steadily increasing amount of health problems.

Cancer, autism, immune disorders, birth defects, allergies, and so on. Anti vaxxers have pointed to the fact they started increasing at about the same time as vaccines started being given, but it could be a whole range of things causing these problems.

The male sperm count has gone down to less than half of what it was fifty years ago, on average, and if the trend in all of these serious medical problems continues, we could go extinct as a species in less than a hundred years.

That brings up the question of whether they are trying to wipe us out on purpose, but with such a large scale attack on the environment, they will end up killing themselves and their grandchildren, at the same time.

It’s very obvious that they are unrepentant about their use of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, usually hidden with a very thin veil of plausible deniability, but we can see it, very clearly.

The farmland of Ukraine grows the wheat that makes the bread that feeds much of the world, and it’s about to be poisoned with radioactive dust.

They will of course try to tell you that there are safe levels of these poisons they keep bombarding us with, but the truth is, they don’t even know how it might affect the human race long term.

I think they’ve just about killed the entire Ukrainian army at this point, and they’ve begun using Western troops, without telling the public that our soldiers are being sent to die.

They will soon run out of any young Ukrainian men that they can drag off the street, and it will become necessary to tell the truth about who is really fighting this war, if they want to continue it, and they have been putting out propaganda like America should show it can win a nuclear war.

For me, the war is about population control and weapons sales more than it is the power of America and NATO, but if there’s anyone left who thinks that they’re helping the people of Ukraine, they should see a doctor to check if they were born without a brain.

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