The Widest Medical Experiments On Humans

It’s hard to tell you anything you haven’t heard before about the covid vaccines, you either understand that it’s a failure, (or actually an attack), or you don’t.

When Israel said it was running some of the widest medical experiments on humans by injecting their population with untested poison, which has since been proven to kill more people than it saves, I have to wonder if they even did the experiment for real.

I mean, they used that Israel data to publish medical journal entries which seemed to suggest it was a beneficial medicine, when almost all of the independent studies in other countries showed it didn’t even do anything, except kill more people.

You gotta understand how it works. Israel is owned by the Rothschilds, maybe not entirely by them, but they think them and their banker friends own all the money in the world, enough to try to tell you how you can use it.

They think it’s their money, and they’re just letting you use it, which isn’t actually wrong, it’s just not the agreement that anyone thought they made when they agreed, (or were forced), to use their useless pieces of paper, which they’re now trying to change to zeroes and ones that can be programmed.

They also didn’t realize that the bankers think they own all the people as well, and there’s a theory that they trade their entire lives as commodities on the stock exchange, worth maybe a couple of million dollars depending who it is.

If you look it up on Wikipedia, it says the strawman theory is a scam, but the same people who own Pfizer, Israel, America, (and just about everything else), teach thousands of Jews how to edit Wikipedia entries all day long, so it’s kind of hard to tell.

As you can probably imagine, people are worth more money when they’re productive citizens, making money as tax cattle, producing products and services, and worth a negative amount when they are old or sick, but then sick people are valuable to big pharma, so it depends who is making the assessment.

That’s not how a human being with a conscience would look at their fellow humans, nor would it be something they would say out loud, unless they wanted to die, but they’re becoming more brazen in their totalitarian eugenicist evil.

You see, they actually killed most of the people who “died of covid” on purpose, by giving them large doses of Remdesivir, morphine and Midazolam, and putting the ventilators on the wrong setting so it blew out their lungs.

They aren’t hiding a lot of what they’re doing, and it’s obvious to most people, but they don’t fully understand that these are psychopaths on the same level as Hitler, Stalin or Mao, and basically the same people as were behind them.

I’m sure many people will say that Hitler was a good guy, he had to kill all those Jews, but in the same breath they will say he didn’t actually kill them and it was a hoax, and half of the evidence points to the fact he was funded by the same bankers, and had the same eugenicist ideas.

Whatever you think about him personally, he was probably right in much of what he was saying, that it is necessary to fight these people, but the actual people involved aren’t really regular Jews, and the rich Jews got out of Germany almost immediately.

Jews are mostly the ones getting experimented on as well, while the bankers and high level Freemasons hide away in their mansions in London, or wherever they are, and they could be anywhere.

There are a lot of people who fall into the category of just following orders, just doing their job, but getting rid of them won’t really achieve anything, at least not unless you get rid of millions of them, and not even then.

They can probably be replaced with a robot. I’m not even kidding, they have AI doing the job of journalists, artists and musicians already.

That could put me out of a job on all three fronts, but it’s not like I was getting paid much anyway, if anything.

I know I’m getting off topic, the vaccine genocide could still kill many people, if they allow themselves to get injected with poison, or even if they don’t, but we got an even more serious problem coming at us with the central bank digital currencies.

That’s the control mechanism that could give them ultimate power, or so they think, but if we agree to use something like physical silver or maybe crypto instead, that basically solves the problem, so long as enough people use it.

Many of the people who took the death shot were forced into it by threats of them losing their jobs, not being able to travel, and so on, and they’re trying to get that kind of power over everyone on earth, which we have to stop.

It isn’t all that hard to do, so long as we stick together, but they are trying to divide people along every line so they don’t stand as one group against this tyranny which is why I try to show that it isn’t right versus left, it’s up versus down.

To the people who keep telling me it’s a communist new world order, that’s kind of true, but they can only attempt to do this because they already took over the world more than a hundred years ago, and they control both sides at the top, just not as much as they would like.

There was a recent Rasmussen poll which showed that more than ten percent of Americans said they had a covid death in their household, and about the same amount said they had a covid vaccine death in their household, so they may actually be killing far more people than we realize.

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