Is The Trans Thing Just A Distraction?

I recently watched a movie called Wag The Dog for the first time. It’s the story of how a fictional US administration completely fakes a war to distract from the president’s sex scandal with a girl scout before an election.

It seems to be based on a true story, and I’ve talked a lot about how they fake much of the news, like the moon landing, covid, mass shootings, and it’s hard to tell how much of it is real or not.

Some would say there are more important things going on in the world, like central bank digital currencies, digital ID, censorship and surveillance, world war three, but the trans thing is quite a real and serious issue.

About half of all trans people attempt suicide, and about half of those left alive after they have sex change surgeries have trouble having sex or going to the toilet, hence why they actually have a higher suicide rate after surgery.

If you had those kind of odds with a vaccine, and they were trying to force it on your children, the people doing it wouldn’t be alive for very long, regardless of how many people fell for the vaccine propaganda.

It’s only slightly different with the trans propaganda because the numbers of young people who decide to go trans after being bombarded with this evil mind control are anywhere from 5 percent to a third of a whole class, and that isn’t naturally occurring.

I’ve seen multiple stories of families who had two siblings who both decided to mess around with their gender identity, which shows it’s either poison in the food supply, (which it might also be), or a direct result of brainwashing.

Alex Jones has been going on about the endocrine disrupting chemicals in pesticides like Atrazine for many years now, and given the dramatic increase in trans people, you can only assume that must have played a role as well.

There are many other toxic chemicals that mess with hormones, particularly during pregnancy. Pthalates in plastics, dioxins, the modern world is full of poisonous forever chemicals which didn’t exist in nature.

That brings up the question of whether they’re trying to do it on purpose, and of course they are, there’s never been a larger push to brainwash young people into this sick eugenics program, at any other time in history.

It’s actually written out in their plans from the sixties, poison the food, promote homosexuality, push women working and other feminist ideologies, break up the nuclear family, it’s the blueprint for communism, or Fabian socialism.

I don’t really have a problem with trans people as long as they aren’t trying to push their mental illness like a crack addict pushes crack on kids, but if you see them on TV, that’s what they’re doing.

The very appearance of these people on the media right now means that they’re part of the push to normalize brainwashing children into a mental illness with a death rate of almost half of them.

They would say it’s only because transgenders aren’t widely accepted and celebrated by everyone that they feel the need to kill themselves, or possibly other people, but that isn’t it.

They are a man, not a woman, and they can’t be the other, no matter how hard they try, and that’s what all of them will figure out, regardless of how much society endorses their disease.

The vast majority of men will not want to date them or marry them, they will never have children unless they adopt, and children should not be raised by such a person in my view, for exactly the same reasons that trans people should not be brainwashing children in schools.

It’s quite a serious issue, and however large it becomes, most of that number, if not all of it, is pretty much the calculated genocide of those people because trans people didn’t even exist at all fifty years ago, and they don’t exist now either.

What exists are deluded, brainwashed, mutilated and mentally ill cult members, destroyed by society in a much worse way than the same people destroyed traditional marriage between a man and a woman.

Marriage rates halved since the nineties, along with men’s sperm count, and the whole thing, and I mean the whole damn thing, everything they’re doing, is an attempt to kill as many of us as humanly possible.

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One thought on “Is The Trans Thing Just A Distraction?

  1. Yes I think the trans thing going on just now is a distraction to take our minds off whatever else they have going It’s grown so quickly and suddenly that I’ve thought it’s a distraction for something else.

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