Is It Really The Jews Behind The NWO?

Some people, (but not that many), have been trying to tell me that it isn’t really the Jews behind the new world order, but a separate group, with a different ideology.

Some say it’s the Khazarians, some say it’s the Freemasons, some say it’s the Illuminati, and some say it’s the Satanists, or a combination of them all.

That’s probably closer to the truth, it’s more than one organization who are part of the new world order, and it is almost a religion of it’s own, like Marxism.

The Jews do have a religious basis for trying to take over the world, and their religion is being used to control them, like Christianity is being used to manipulate Christians, so it isn’t just one thing.

The Jews are particularly well suited to a one world government as they have been living in exile since the first century.

They only just returned to their homeland last century, if Israel is even the homeland of these people, and some say it’s more likely to be Khazaria, which was in the Ukraine region.

There’s various different Jewish sects like Chabad Lubavitch, and mystical practices like the kabbalah, and it’s quite clear that Jews are heavily involved in the whole new world order thing, but there’s definitely more to it than that.

I’m not going to try too hard to get the facts right about secret societies, because it’s largely based on hearsay and speculation, but I’ll tell you what I heard about it.

They don’t actually believe in God, but believe that humans are gods, or can possibly become gods, given the right conditions.

“Don’t worry, you won’t die, and will know all, like God” said the talking snake, or so the story goes.

Some say they worship Lucifer, but there are at least two kinds of Satanism.

The one that worships the actual devil, and the one that worships yourself, and like with the other religions, people believe whatever they believe, and it’s hard to tell who believes what, unless they tell you themselves.

The Satanical viewpoint is I am God, and I don’t even know where I heard that, but it’s something I found myself saying when explaining my own beliefs, which were at the time quite heavily influenced by Hollywood and modern music.

The idea is the universe is God, if anything, because energy cannot be created or destroyed, it only changes form, that’s the first law of thermodynamics.

It’s eternal, it “created” everything, out of itself, and it is everything, and also everyone, so with a bit of a stretch of the imagination, you can claim to be a god, or that you are one with the universe, and this is actually the basis of ten thousand Hindu gods, or more.

I have heard that they have a god called Baphomet, a transgender horned deity, and that’s the reason why they’re pushing the trans stuff so hard, but if that’s what Freemasons actually believe, it’s definitely not what all of them believe.

I was talking to a guy on Facebook who was trying to tell me I was going to hell because I wasn’t part of his cult.

He said Judaism wasn’t the true religion, and neither was Christianity, but instead it was his freshly minted, made in America cult, which I didn’t really bother to find out too much about, but it sounded kind of stupid.

I’m sure he thought the same about my beliefs, and to be fair, all religions are stupid, but it doesn’t seem that way to any particular person who believes whatever they believe.

What I also told him was that if Christians just focused on the golden rule and doing good things in the real world, instead of all this ridiculous end of days mumbo jumbo, maybe they wouldn’t be losing popularity in the way they are.

With four out of ten Americans believing we are living in the final days of existence, the literal end times of Revelations, there is apparently no motivation for them to try to fix the mess that America is in.

No point doing something about the new world order because they literally think the world is about to be destroyed.

I find the whole Christian thing to be mind numbing stupidity, which just gets worse the more seriously and literally you take it.

I mean, I can’t believe I have to explain this, but if you just did exactly what the bible said from the start, they would probably lock you up in a mental institution, if they still did that with the criminally insane.

Like it tells you to stone people to death for picking up sticks on a Saturday. Most Christians and Jews know that they’re not expected to do that today, but it still says that in the old testament.

I wouldn’t call myself a Satanist, I’m probably more Buddhist if anything, but I wouldn’t call myself that either, because I don’t practice the precepts or anything, it’s just more similar to what I found myself believing than Christianity.

I’m explaining what I believe because I think that I’ve been somewhat subconsciously influenced through the popular culture that I was exposed to, which also led me to live a life based around worldly pleasures.

Sex, drugs, and rock n roll, that kind of thing, and I’m not really advocating for that kind of lifestyle, or suggesting people become Buddhists or Satanists, it’s just I can’t say that wasn’t the way I lived, and still do, and I’m not likely to change all that much.

I’m obviously completely opposed to the new world order and almost everything else they’re pushing, it’s thoroughly disgusting and evil beyond belief.

I’m just explaining what I still can’t help but believe to some extent, because I was on the left wing, democratic socialist and perhaps even Satanist side, just a few years ago.

I have nothing to do with any sort of power structure, and I’m not in any sort of organized group. I’m more like a hermit, but it’s possible that these people think more like I do, than a traditional religious Jew, if that makes sense.

What I’ve seen in the last few years was enough to turn me off everything they’re pushing, and to be thoroughly opposed to the new world order, communism, Satanism, woke ideology and the rest.

However, I’m not a Christian, I’m never going to be a Christian, and it isn’t an either or thing for me. I can’t believe something at the drop of a hat if it doesn’t make sense.

What I’m saying is that you could brainwash someone to think the moon was made of cheese, but it isn’t, and it wouldn’t really matter if it was.

It isn’t left wing to support mandatory vaccines, the Ukraine war, and the silencing of free speech, and left is just a single direction, it isn’t enough to explain what individuals might think, if they had the ability to think for themselves.

In an argument between people who think men can get pregnant and people who think that Jesus is about to return riding a white horse to cast the unbelievers into a lake of fire, my argument is you’re all completely insane, and maybe I am too.

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One thought on “Is It Really The Jews Behind The NWO?

  1. Well I think it is too simplistic to think it’s all down to the Jews but they obviously have something to do with it. I am just getting through the book called ‘The Naked Bible” which is opening a whole other can of worms about religion which my little brain is strugging with. Maybe some sort of aliens genetically engineered us, starting with Adam and Eve who were not together initially. I’m still dealing with that! Maybe it was all meant to be a mystery!

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